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  3. Frank Hoeschen

    New Tramp NACRA 6.0

    Hi, I'm selling a new Tramp for Nacra 6.0. I coulsn't use it becauese my NACRA was dammaged during Wintertime. It's handmade by Kangaroo Sails. negotiable 380 € msg. frankhoeschen@gmail.com or 00(49)776168649
  4. weedyant

    Nacra 5.8 for sale

  5. weedyant

    NACRA 5.8 for sale

  6. madboutcats

    Nacra National's 2018-2019

    We have worked out a terrific arrangement with the Meningie caravan park. If you book an unpowered site you have a choice between the caravan park or camping on the Meningie school oval directly across the road from the sailing club, this will be fully administered by the caravan park but the sailing club will want confirmation that you have paid the caravan park so there is no drama, only downside is being a school it is a dry zone see you there
  7. Boatsie

    Mast lifting torque

    I just bought a Hobie 18.. Haven't used vessel yet love this idea I saw on YouTube.. The mast raises from pivot forward hence the forestay tensions the lift. On YouTube a brilliant guy placed a tube perpendicular to mast at mast pivot and fed the lift via the radius of tube thus torquing the lift from lay. I intend to build a righting pole which cups the mast pivot and slots a feed line on other end.. As mast nears vertical, the pole can drop out having done job yet during job pressure will hold system together. Much like a torque pole leading tension of Guy pole clew. (Still an idiot but an idiot with a surf boat. Lol) Boatsie
  8. Anthony

    Boat history

    Hello I just recently bought a maricat. I was polishing the hulls the other day and noticed that it used to have decals with the unfortunate name of "Skid Marks". Wondering if anyone out there knows the history of this boat as the bloke I bought it off had no idea. Cheers.
  9. Anthony

    Sail age

    Thanks Darcy. I will definitely give you a call when the wife gives me the green light. Cheers Anthony
  10. I ordered a new jib to be made for my W14. I found the dimensions on the WR website as: Luff 4.29m, Leech 4.00m, Centre 4.21m, Foot 1.435m, Head 0.06m. I sent these to the local sail maker with my old forestay, but he noted that the forestay was 300mm shorter that the luff quoted. It seems that the dimensions quoted on https://windrushassociation.weebly.com/uploads/9/9/3/1/99310448/windrush_class_rules.pdf is larger than the original jib from my W14. Can anyone help with the dimensions of the original jib with a luff of 3.900m? The attached image is a drawing that the sailmaker sent to me to show the difference Thanks Pete
  11. darcy1945

    Sail age

    Anthony, I have several good second hand sails for sale. 02 43591729
  12. Pete

    Sail age

    I bought sail number 1369 (a white Flower and Adams race main) in November 1979. If your sail number is the original for that boat then it is older than that.
  13. Anthony

    Sail age

    Thanks for that. I'm from Brisbane
  14. Pointed Reply

    Sail age

    The sail number, assuming it is the original sail for the boat, indicates a Mark 1 boat and likely to be about 1980. If the boat has been well looked after then the boat could be fine. But sails do wear out. Good second hand sails are hard to find. Where are you located ?
  15. Anthony

    Sail age

    Hello my name is Anthony and I just purchased a maricat. The sail number is 1286. I'm guessing that means it's pretty old. Just wondering if anyone can give my an accurate age as the bloke I bought it off had no idea. I will most likely require a better main sail in the future as 1286 is looking a little tired. Can anyone help direct me with this. Cheers
  16. Catcovers

    NACRA 15 AUS 056

    This boat was first sailed in 2017 and has only been sailed a couple of times over the past 12 months. The boat has been in dry storage for the past 6 months and is in excellent conditionSails are in great condition with no repairs and minimal wearThe hulls have been has been recently stripped and polished. There are no marks or repairs evident on either hull.The mast has been used for one regatta and is in as new condition and supplied with a mast bag to protect the mast when not being sailed.This boat is in great condition and is ready to go racing.It is supplied with stern supports , euro cat rollers, a full catcovers boat cover, mast cover, nose travel covers and rigging bag.It has a near new mast (used for one regatta ) and the new style spinnaker pole.The NACRA 15 is the official catamaran class for the youth worlds. This boat could be a great opportunity for some young sailors to have the chance to represent their country at the youth worlds in 2020The NACRA 15 can also be sailed one up or converted to full foiling boat with and upgrade kit available from NACRA in 2019.New price for these boats is over $30k More photos are avaliable upon request.Price is pick up only. can help with local or international transport.Card Payments can also be accepted.
  17. Catcovers

    Nacra 5.8 1637

    Nacra 5.8 sail number 1637.Complete and ready to race. . 9 month old main two jibs . Rigging replace dec 2018. Tramp new 2018.Comes with full catcover boat cover, rudder covers centerboard bag. Rigging bag. Soft travel nose covers, mast stand, beach rollers and stern supports and Carbon tiller extension.5th in 2017-18 nationals and 4th 2018-19 nationals.Platform has been aligned and beams set- very stiff and fast boat.Comes on registered cathauler trailer with sail box and spare tyre.Always stored under cover in dry storage. Ph Craig 0438 723 079
  18. Catcovers

    NACRA 4.5 - 518

    Nacra 4.5 sports sail number 518 Comes with two mains ( one near new) and two yellow jibs. Boat regularly serviced by brisbane catamarans and in immaculate condition. Rigging replaced at start of 2018 season. Supplied with full catcover boat cover, padded catcover rudder covers, carbon tiller extension, rigging bag, soft nose travel covers, nose supports (to protect the hull when in the beach ), Comes with registered cathauler trailer with one sail box and spare tyre. $8900 ph Craig 0438 723 079
  19. Googong

    nacra 5.8 for sale

    Thanks Ramy. I think we found one.
  20. ramy

    nacra 5.8 for sale

    hey Gogong, there is an older model 5.8 for sale at our club wallerwang. not to sure of the number. it could do with some love but it still sails. regards ramy
  21. Matthew Dawson

    Arafura Cadet for sale

    Frida (Arafura Cadet catamaran) is for sale! The Arafura Cadet is a 11' catamaran designed as a training boat for teenagers. It was designed in the 1950's in Darwin by Neil Fowler (Mosquito, Arrow). I bought the boat about five years ago and took a couple of years to completely rebuild it. The only things left from the boat as I bought it are the hulls, centreboard, rudders, rudder boxes and trampoline. I stripped the hulls back to bare timber, repaired and repainted them. The trampoline is in excellent condition. The timber rudders and centreboard are in very good condition. The aluminium rudder boxes are in excellent condition. New beams, rigging, ropes, hardware and sails. New Goodall square top sail and jib are basically in as new condition. The rebuilt boat has only sailed about 10 races. All in light conditions. There are heaps of photos of Frida on the AC Facebook Page (https://www.facebook.com/ArafuraCadet) - look for the ‘Frida January 2018’ and ‘Arafura Cadet 738’ albums. Comes with lightweight beach trolley. No trailer - but the AC fits easily on a 6x4 box trailer or roof racks. Sailing gear to suit teenager (used) also available by negotiation: Zhik T3 trapeze harness, Zhik HiVis PFD, Ronstan wetsuit pants, Ronstan Smock, Ronstan Wetsuit top, Mid layer, gloves, boots, hat, safety knife, waterproof gear bag. Located in Geelong, Victoria. Can help with some transport in Victoria. $1,200 Matthew Dawson 0428 three one one 926
  22. kurt

    nacra 5.8 for sale

    Long gone that one
  23. Googong

    nacra 5.8 for sale

    Hi Kurt .... going out on a limb here but any chance 5.8 is still for sale?
  24. madboutcats


    Don't worry too much about class rules any repairs you make will be fine, the others sailing Stingrays will just be happy to have you out there. Those fibreglass hull, timber deck boats are pretty old and unless the foam inside has been replaced you will find the hulls push in fairly easily. They just had normal foam for bulkheads and it breaks down, if the hulls push in easily it is really slow and the first thing to fix. Check the beams, they are a big job to replace and a common error is for someone to bolt the traveller track on right through the beam this causes a weakness in the beam leading it to crack. If the beams have cracks of any sort it will be easier to get them welded by a professional than go through the very big job of replacing the beam but that's up to you. So really first step is check beams and if hulls are wobbly take decks off and replace bulkheads then new decks which is very easy to do. If you apply new decks a good coat of International Everdure on the side that will be inside prior to assembling will ensure long life and then on top once it's assembled. I've done Stingray decks before and it is relatively easy and satisfying if you have to do it. Good luck with your project and thanks for adding some life to the forum
  25. spike

    NACRA 5.8 1637

    Nacra 5.8 sail number 1637. Complete and ready to race. . 9 month old main two jibs . Rigging replace dec 2018. Tramp new 2018. Comes with full catcover boat cover, rudder covers centerboard bag. Rigging bag. Soft travel nose covers, mast stand, beach rollers and stern supports and Carbon tiller extension. 5th in 2017-18 nationals and 4th 2018-19 nationals. Platform has been aligned and beams set- very stiff and fast boat. Comes on registered cathauler trailer with sail box and spare tyre. Always stored under cover in dry storage. $9,500
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