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  3. I have the bits you require, but freight would be a killer, suggest you look around close to home. All the production cat sails are about the same size, the Windy has a smaller bolt rope on the mainsail luff (Not to hard to change.)
  4. Hi Darcy thank you.. you helped me a while back before we cleaned her up too. We are in Albany.. that pic is oyster harbour. Any suggestions where i get get a better main, jib and a traveller kit to install? Thank you
  5. The hulls could be a copy of, or early, Windrush 14', the sail is windrush Surfcat (12' or 13'). Should be no problem to add a traveller, where are you ?
  6. Hi all.. this oldie was bought cheap as a fun project for the kids and cleaned up beautifully. If the forum can help I have 3 questions please and thanks in advance. * See in the pic the mainsail is about 1m shorter than the mast, is it the wrong sail? * I would like to add a jib if anyone has one for sale? * Also my mainsheet is just fixed to the beam and I wonder if its simple enough for me to add a traveller? Thanks and I should add this is just for family fun, not racing.
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  8. darcy1945

    Foam sandwich Mari 4.3 platform, $2000

    Hulls only $1600, good condition.
  9. grahmann

    Nacra 570 Rigging help.

    I am the new owner of a very good condition Nacra 570 Sport. Unfortunately the previous owner did not know much about the rigging and the manual I recieved was very generic and not specific to my boat. As such and I have some questions. 1. Is storing the boat with the mast up on a trailer a problem for wear of the boat? I'd prefer to keep it in as ready to sail condition as possible to maximize on the water time. 2. There is a 2 inch stainless ring shackled to forestay adjuster. Is the spinnaker pole supposed to fit through something between the bridle wires? Or does it just stay suspended on its own wires and remain tensioned by them back against the front crossbar. It could be that this ring is simply a point to tie a painter to. 3. On the spinnaker pole there is a v-jam cleat. Is this for the spinnaker tack line? There is also one on the front crossbar. Am i to understand the tackline runs through both? If so, how? 4. How do I tension the rig? Do I just stand the mast up and then pull wires and reshackle them until its within spec? 5. The jib halyard is a complete mystery to me. It is a 1 mm (really tiny) line attached to a wire that runs up to a wire pulley near the mast tang. Problem is I just don't see how this little polyester line can hold tension on the jib! Also there is a ring and pig tail that is attached to the forestay at the mast tang that from my research fits with the S-hook design I've seen in other Nacra manuals. Any thoughts? Please help, I've tried to find documentation and manuals online (short of emailing Nacra directly), but I can't find anything specific for my boat.
  10. Hulls, beams, dolphin strier, ready to bolt your bits on and go, negotiable (Buy more, buy less) Ph 02 43591729.
  11. Platform only (Hulls, beams, dolphin striker) bolt you bits onto this platform. Buy more or buy less, all negotiable. Ph 02 43591729
  12. darcy1945

    Upper Rudder casting rivets. Fiiting

    Give me a call on 02 43591729 or email darcy.w@bigpond.com
  13. Pointed Reply

    Upper Rudder casting rivets. Fiiting

    Ask Darcy - he knows all things about old cats contact details on Sale Page or Maricat page
  14. Hi I am doing up a friends Windie. It needs the upper rudder castings replaced. Is there a easy way to install these rivets, they look like they need to be held in place and hit with a flaring tool? Has anyone done this job?
  15. Salty Nomad

    Windrush 14 Mast fittings

    Thanks for the replies. I'm getting new forestays this weekend. I took my old jib and main sail to the sail maker to see if they could be salvaged. The main is marginal, but the jib cannot. The replacement cost and repairs was quite a bit more than the price of the boat. So I thought I'd have a look at Hong Kong sail makers. Are there sail dimensions available somewhere? I can measure my sails but they are probably stretched a bit. Cheers, Rob
  16. Salty Nomad

    Windrush 14 Jib dimensions

    Hi Pete, did you have any luck with the jib? I'm looking at getting one made in Hong Kong and wondered how you got on. Cheers, Rob
  17. tjsports2000

    Tornado mainsheet help

    It does cleat from the front.
  18. That sounds good, just have to work out how to get them up here.
  19. darcy1945

    Windrush 14 Mast fittings

    Be sure to put rivets in those spare holes in your mast, and check the mast is watertight before you use it.
  20. darcy1945

    Windrush 14 Mast fittings

    You don't need the jib, but they do come in handy and mae tacking easier. Second hand they are worth $150, new, $600+. Asia may be worth a shot.
  21. Salty Nomad

    Windrush 14 Mast fittings

    Thank you @darcy1945 and @Rotech for the replies. I'll set up the jib,forestays and shrouds as in your picture. Thanks also @darcy1945 for the offer of the parts. Are you in NZ? I just went to try out the jib fittings and tore the top of the fabric. looks really sun damaged. I could use a second-hand jib I reckon. Or can you get these cheapish out of China or Hong Kong? Cheers, Rob
  22. Have a very good, near new set, NSW Central Coast. $250 Ph 0243591729.
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