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  2. landlubber

    Main sail size

    Hi all. Maricat 4.3 owner from New Zealand here. Bit of a random question but I am trying to find a diagram or drawing for the main sail on a Maricat. We are having problems making the sail we have fit, it seams to be too long and the boom barely clears the rear beam when it’s rigged. It does not have any Maricat like markings or logos on it and we believe it is potentially not the even close to being correct. It might be an “old type” sail and i know you can get an eyelet put in to raise the clew 150mm up on the leach to lift the boom, but I’m still not convinced the sail is going to work. The luff also seams long. Parts and advise is pretty scarce in NZ so if I can get a diagram I can compare it and see how far off we are. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers, Nic
  3. jakeryan146

    Freestyle 474 rigging questions

    that is wonderful but i can't understand what are you trying to say
  4. Hi all, I recently acquired a Mk1 and Mk2 maricat. I am based in Wagga and to cut a long story short, a farmer was downsizing houses and basically said that if I wanted one of his boats, I had to take both. They also came with new rudders, and complete rudder system, new tramp, new rubber for the hulls and a couple of other parts. The previous owner had both boats with the intention of doing thgem up and racing with his son. The Mk1 has already had the hulls patched and repainted by the previous owner, however all other hardware is dated. The Mk2 however has not had anything done to it. My initial theory was to work on the Mk2 and only use the Mk1 as a donor boat, however after cleaning both boats, I note that the Mk1 is in far better condition. The Mk2 is ok, with a few hairline cracks in the gelcoat, but the bigger issue is a 25cm soft spot on the top of the right hand hull deck. I really only want 1 boat as I am introducing my small kids to sailing- but we will race. Is it worth trying to fix the soft spot on the Mk2 or should I just stick with the Mk1? Also, I am thinking of raking the mast back and as such will make up new stays/ shrouds. Is it within regulation to use cable with clear PVC coating or does it need to be black/ white? Thanks in advance!
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  7. Andy.ryall

    Build Year/ date mystery

    Greetings Hobie gurus! Recently invested in my first boat, a Hobie Cat 16. Researched how to determine serial numbers and the like but failed to find anything. Looked up the sail number and seems to have been on a different boat in a race 2002. Any further hints or tips would be greatly appreciated! Thanks you so much! Andy.
  8. Ready to sail, registered trlr, sailbox, V/good sails. NSW Central Coast. Darcy 02 43591729 Rudders and castings to suit 14/16/and 18. Some other parts available.
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  10. billygoat

    Cat rig / sloop rig.

    I usually sail sloop, but on very windy days sometimes leave the jib behind. I use two forestays when cat rigging, one when sloop rigging. I can furl my jib and convert to cat rig if things get desperate, but I don't rig a jib and not plan to use it.
  11. exhogger

    Cat rig / sloop rig.

    Roger that. Thanks Jimbo
  12. Krispynewton

    seeking detailed maricat diagram

    cheers for the help, Mixed results to report; I fixed a tiller joint, (it ain't pretty but i hope to soon be going fast enough that no one will notice) I attempted to go for a sail on the Tweed river last Sunday but i didn't even raise the mast. She slipped off the trailer fine and she sure did look pretty by the waters edge at the boat ramp.. That's where things went south. An hour in, i realised that because i wasn't on level ground i was fighting a losing battle getting the mast up. I came close but when i had almost upright i dropped a D-shackle pin in the mud and lost it. Not only that but in the past hour the tide had receeded by 5 feet and left me on the mud flat. Mission aborted. This arvo the weather isn't cooperating so I'm checking ropes and bits. Again, thank you for your help and inspiring/educational photos. K.
  13. eragon

    Alpha Omega 4.4

  14. knobblyoldjimbo

    Cat rig / sloop rig.

    They use a zipper luff I think.
  15. exhogger

    Cat rig / sloop rig.

    You guys that change from cat rig to sloop rig, one way of course is to use a furler. Do any of you have a removable jib, if so how is it attached to the front stay. Do you use twist-on hanks and if so what is the spacing between the hanks ? Thanks, Ross.
  16. darcy1945

    Foam Mari, $4k neg

    Give me a call on 02 43591729.
  17. Just One More

    Foam Mari, $4k neg

    Darcy Is the foamy sti available
  18. Grynder53

    Help Identify this Cat

    Yes 1953 was a good year. I'm away from home for the next week and so measurements will have to wait. I haven't sailed the cat yet. If you have any knowledge about the cats design history or manufacturers I'd like to know more about it. Probably go for a sail in two weeks time.
  19. 'B J'

    Help Identify this Cat

    Dear Grynder 53, (hope that isn't your DOB, or you must be an old bugger like me). If possible I would love a beam overall (hulls) and extender racks measurements please. The hull and mould I have has been modified (by me) to add more forefoot, greater waterline length and forward bouyancy, and less bustle? at the stern for more bouyance and less down force (drag). As mentioned I am putting a camper deck, modified from a Caper cat 18' with caper 14' decks (tri). Also to use up some spare parts I'm making it a foiler, witch doesn't go with the camping theme but what the hell, should be fun. AS I mentioned it's a very powerful hull and will carry weight well, forward if your rear beam hits waves. Hope interested in this burble, 'happy xmas' cheers 'B J'
  20. Up for grabs is a brilliant boat. Classis A class with super solid trailer and huge chequerplate box. Carbon everywhere you look on the boat, with some Kevlar mixed into the hulls for good measure. Eurotrax beach wheels, 3 sails. More gear than you can poke a stick at. Happy to provide much more detail and negotiate price to any potential buyer. Motivated to sell due to 12 month trip overseas. The boat still beats plenty of C-boarders and foilers around the race track, so it performs WELL above it's payscale. $7900. If there's a youth sailor at your club who you think would benefit from a boat like this then please pass on my number to their parents. I would reduce price considerably for a kid/youth to get a bargain entry into a beautiful boat and wonderful sport. Contact Kingsley - 0421995281
  21. Grynder53


    Hi BJ. Thanks for your opinion regarding my"APOLLO" Good luck finding help. I''m in remote Northern Australia offshore working on an Island. Hence my interest in sailing but I can't be of much help from here.
  22. Haha I'lI bite welcome to the forum, I'll sell you an unused set of those Bris Cat cradles, I just need to drill the rivets to take them back off, I'll include postage for $509 dollars and get some more from Bris Cats, will do the same for anyone else and if I get enough orders I'll give up my day job
  23. Grynder53

    Help Identify this Cat

    Thanks BJ I'll check out the post. See the new photo that supports the Apollo suggestion. I'd like to learn more about Apollo Cats.
  24. darcy1945

    Kula Kat information

    Give me a call on 02 43591729, I should be able to answer most of your questions. Darcy.
  25. lucas

    Kula Kat information

    Hi, I am just wondering if anyone has found any decent information about the Kula Cat? The above link no longer works unfortunately. I had a Kula Cat recently handed down to me in pretty average condition but easily salvageable. Info is very scarce/non existent to come by, so for a first time Cat owner, it’s going to be tough head in the right direction. Any information would be greatly appreciated lucas
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