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  2. bmoir

    Broken Rudder Lever Clips

    Mossy, how did these go? would you be interested in selling?
  3. Last week
  4. darcy1945

    Sail change

    Still available, or, complete rig (Mast, boom and mainsail) $150
  5. I got it welded today so problem solved. I couldn't figure out how to delete the post though.
  6. So I managed to crack my mast head halyard pulley section. Just wondering if this is able to be welded or repaired somehow it if I'll need a new mast head etc. I was trying to step mast solo, had fore stays connected & went to attach side stays forgetting I needed one of the side stays already connected before raising mast. Mast fell onto road. Luckily car park was deserted & nothing injured or broken.
  7. Andrew77

    Hobie 16 Mast Wanted

    Any latest update, please share your experience.
  8. Andrew77

    Sail change

    Still available darcy1945, Can you share pics.
  9. Tom m

    Nacra 5.2 storage

    I have disassembled my Nacra 5.2 catamaran, and the hulls are now sitting upside down in my yard. Is it OK to store them outside like this? Or should they be stored right side up?
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  11. knobblyoldjimbo

    Maricat 4.3 mk2

    Boat no 2782, sail no 37. Cat rigged. https://photos.app.goo.gl/BaTix7yR5VrYBZ2A9 Winner 2017-18 NSW state championships. Good registered trailer with new tyres and torsion suspension. 6:1 downhaul, 6 bearing traveller. Rigging and dolphin striker less than a year old. $1200 Pictures: https://photos.app.goo.gl/D8m7DUiAtVM3MpVu5 0403 079 718
  12. Wayne Grimmer

    Tiller Joints for a Windrush 14

    Thanks for this. The phone number doesn't appear to be active and the online ordering link doesn't work either. Don't suppose you have an email address for them do you? Cheers
  13. Rotech

    Tiller Joints for a Windrush 14

    Hi, Keep trying to get hold of Brett at Windrush Fremantle, he's your best bet. Without those proper joints you'll struggle with rudder alignment, sagging tiller etc etc. Freight can be pretty steep from WA.
  14. Hi There. Hoping someone might be able to point me in the right direction. I've recently aquired a windrush 14 and it needs a pair of tiller joints. I'm based in Auckland NZ. I saw the parts I need on the windrush yachts website in WA. However I cant order online nor contact them by phone. So my questions are: Do they still exist ? If they don't where can I purchase these parts? Cheers Wayne
  15. darcy1945

    Windrush fleets in the Geelong area

    I'm to far north to help with your local info, just keep posting and learning. Best advice I can give, is to find the local clubs, and go with the fleet that suits your pocket.
  16. Riley H

    Nacra 4.5 or 5.0

    Hi stuart, i think that the nacra 4.5 is the best choice as it is a super fast boat and still controllable, i am sure that your 14 year old son would love to sail it as well, Cheers Riley
  17. Thanks mate. This is encouraging. Can you tell me which club in the Geelong/Bellarine area have a fleet of these?
  18. darcy1945

    Windrush fleets in the Geelong area

    Good cheap racing , tough with few known faults. A bit more expense, for more performance is the Taipan. Both will carry your 95kg comfortably in "Cat" rig, solo sailing, on trapeze for the Taipan.
  19. Hello. I am considering which class of catamaran to launch my return to off the beach sailing with. Can anyone give me an indication of which clubs sail Windrush 14s in the Geelong region. Also, at 95 kgs, am I too heavy for one of these or should I be considering something bigger. I should also stress I am looking for a solo crew proposition. Thanks
  20. The bottom of the hull has cracked on my 16 foot Hydra where it has been bouncing on the trailer and I wish to remove the deck in order to gain access to the inside to reinforce it. Does anyone know how to remove the deck?
  21. Give me a call 02 43591729, before taking them off, I can save you some frustration.
  22. Thanks guys for the insight. As I’m probably only going to be able to sail about 6 times a year I think I will have a go at fixing them first. I also have some sand rudders as a backup.
  23. Hi Darcy, Who said it would cost any more $$$ then what you suggested doing? Same tools required and materials. They sell fabric by the meter and resin by the gallon- one layer of fabric each side isn't going to stop it failing. Do it right or you just waste more time and money overall- otherwise sail till it breaks then dump it. A new blade is $350, for someone not setup for fiberglass work, materials, tools and skills- I reckon its pretty cheap, certainly better then drowning. Box of beers is fast approaching $100, trying to keep up with land values. Regards, Damon
  24. We're talking about getting a $400 boat back on the water in an economical way, spending $400 on 1 new rudder doesn't cut it.
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