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  2. stevewindy

    Nacra 5.8 for sale

    Sail number 1575 boat in great condition many extras including two jibs ,one in very good condition ,the other good condition main in very good condition beach rollers sail box registered trailer cat cover boat cover race ready or just pleasure sail either way a great boat ,must be seen to appreciate how well kept the boat is . Situated at Hollywell Gold Coast,if you are looking for a boat at a great price this is it at $5900 and just go sailing ! phone Steve 0438306003
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  5. HumpyBash is being held on the 17 & 18th of October and is hoping to attract as much interest as at July's WinterBash which saw 151 boats attend. Further info: hyc.net.au
  6. Old ply boat, lightweight, sound condition, glass boards, timber rudders, good tramp, main, spars and rigging, needs paint and minor mech work. No trailer. Mannering Pk, Central Coast, Darcy, 02 43591729.
  7. darcy1945

    Hobie 14 Turbo, $500. Parts, 14/16/18

    H14 parts, mast $75, Boom w'gooseneck $75, 5 batten main $75. Or the lot $150 All good condition. Other bits available, rudders tillers castings etc, cheap.
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  9. The Fifth annual WinterBash regatta hosted by Humpybong Yacht Club attracted 151 boats last weekend .. We had 121 boats registered by friday morning and more registrations were made on both days of the event. Competitors came from Gladstone to Coffs Harbour, Drizzle interspersed with showers on Saturday didn't put as damper on the highly competitive three races held but Sunday was sunny with strengthening easterly winds to provide a beam fast ride for the divisions talking part in the marathon from Woody Point south to Sandgate, north to Scarborough and return to Woody point pier.
  10. stevewindy

    Nacra 5.8 for sale #1575

    Nacra 5.8 #1575 Selling my 5.8 ,great boat in very good condition comes with cat hauler trailer Registered till July 2021 sail box , fibreglass cat cover boat cover in good condition Cat hauler beach rollers 2jibs one in good condition the other very good condition main pin top in very good condition and battens plus loads of extras Ready to sail for pleasure or race ready ! Boat has been very fastidiously maintained and comes with a great racing history only selling as cant have two boats .Need to see to appreciate how good a condition the boat is in As photo doesn’t do it justice ! Priced to sell at $5900 Currently located at Hollywell QLD call Steve on 0438306003
  11. There are over 120 boats now registered for Winterbash this weekend and numbers are continuing to pour in .. we have competitors coming from Sydney to Gladstone and over a third of entries are two or three up craft. A who's who of multi sailors are coming so competition will be hot. The forecast is for decreasing showers with temps of 21 sat and 23 sunday .
  12. beeky

    Wanted Nacra 16sq Square top sail

    Looks like repairing sail is my only option today
  13. Spope1970

    Windrush14/ Trac14 parts and advise needed

    Thanks Darrcy. I'll do that. Going to try to repair the sail enough to get me by till the end of September. the stays will work for now but one has been improperly repaired and is a few inches shorter than the other so I'll definitely need to make at least that one.
  14. darcy1945

    Windrush14/ Trac14 parts and advise needed

    Check out the site "Windrush Yachts" for specs and price list.
  15. Hello, Newbie here. Just picked up a Trac14 basically free amd am hoping to get her back in shape. Never sailed before but a friend took me out and gave me about 10 minutes of instruction and I was off and running. Totally hooked! Now I want to fix a few things. I have a fair understanding of things as ive spent a good part of my life on the ocean as a commercial fisherman on the Oregon Coast. Am now in the southeastern U.S.. I have heard that the windrush is basically the same vesel? There is a guy here in the states that has a new sail but won't be home from his summer vacation till end if September. Thought I'd reach out here for some other bits I need. Any help would be greatly appreciated. The perch for the main cam cleat swivel is broke off and I'd like to fix that so I can set it and let go now and then. Hoping there may be an old parts rig aroind with one still in one piece. I am a tool maker so I could try to can something if necessary but hope mayne I can be tricky amd find one. Also would like to make up new stays and main halyard if I could find some length specs somewhere.
  16. Boat has been completely rebuilt, all fittings reriveted with anti corrosion compound. New bias cut tramp, new stays, new dolphin striker. Raked mast and balanced rudders, 2 to 1 pull down system on rudders, new style traveller, low profile triple blocks. Cat rigged, Very good Mainsail, 6 to 1 vang adjustable from side stays, very good, hulls with no transom damage or repairs Good unregistered trailer with jockey wheel and spare, Darcy 02 43591729 NSW Central Coast
  17. A new self-tacking jib kit is now available for the Weta Trimaran which can be retrofitted to existing boat with adhesive. https://www.wetamarine.com/news-and-events/new-self-tacking-jib-a-game-changer/ After the success of the QLD, NSW and VIC State Titles in 2019, the first Australian Weta National Championships will be held at Lake Cootharaba near Noosa over New Year 2020-21. Organised by the Australian Weta Class Association (AWCA), at least 20 boats are expected to attend from existing Weta fleets around Brisbane, Noosa and Hervey Bay as well as inter-state visitors from Weta fleets in Sydney, Lake Illawarra, Melbourne, Gippsland Lakes, Adelaide and even from Tasmania. More information on the Australian Weta website here.
  18. Pointed Reply

    Windrush 14 Resto project ?

    Call Darcy1945 - he has all the parts and answers. He lives at Lake Macquarie. You will find his number here - look on Maricat thread.
  19. Leon

    Windrush 14 Resto project ?

    Hi Frank, I am selling some old Windrush 14 parts. 1 a tramp Blue. need stitching but material still strong And some 2 off rudders in stocks not complete. Can send photos to your email address. Location Brisbane north Cheers Leon .
  20. Hi Guys I'm wondering if I could take on a restoration of a Windrush 14, not knowing very much overall about these famous boats, or sailboats in general .. .. this would be a project with my 13 year old son, we are on the Central Coast in NSW between Sydney and Newcastle. I'm wondering if I could get like an old style parts manual ( likely on line of course ) so I can identify what's missing and then go tracking things down. Cost of the project might be an issue but perhaps there are second hand bits available? Hulls look sound enough but we'll need all rigging, tillers, sails etc..so is this a viable project please.. your advice appreciated thanks.. Frank Vowles 0425 229 089
  21. Need Square top sail to suit my Nacra 16sq catamaran. Fell through another sail 😞
  22. The SE Queensland Nacra Association is running its State Championships in conjunction with WinterBash
  23. Tony Hicks

    Mast float for a Windrush 14?

    Thanks fellas, much appreciated!
  24. Rotech

    Mast float for a Windrush 14?

    Here's what I used when I was first learning, Especially when I had the kids onboard. Darcy is right, more weight at the tip requires more weight (x10) to right the boat. I'm 85kg 5'7" and I could right my boat with this arrangement fitted without too much effort. Remember the wind will do the righting, you just need get the top 1/3 out of the water. It's just a standard boat fender, go a light as you can, you don't need too much bouyancy. Nothing particularly aerodynamic about it, but it'll give you "piece of mind"
  25. darcy1945

    Mast float for a Windrush 14?

    Tie a couple of 1litre milk bottles to the top of your sail. Mast floats just make it that much harder to right, after capsize.
  26. G"day All, Just wondering if there's a way to attach a mast float to an older style Windrush 14? Anyone done this or have any info or ideas on how to do it? I'm only just learning to sail in Lake Cootharaba on the Sunshine Coast QLD, and the lake is only about 2m deep max and is tidal, so I'm a bit worried about the mast getting stuck on the bottom if she turtles! Any advise much appreciated - cheers.
  27. https://www.hyc.net.au/events/67772/ Over the weekend of the 25th and 26th of July the Humpybong Yacht Club will conduct its fifth annual WinterBash regatta for yachts, multihulls, trailer sailers, off-the-beach dinghies and catamarans. In addition this year, we are hosting the South East Queensland Nacra titles. Humpybong Yacht Club is a family focused sailing club and we actively encourage competitors of all experience levels to take part. We have advice from a full range for boats from trimarans down to lasers that they will be coming; from Bundaberg in the north to Murwillumbah in the south. We are expecting a big fleet, especislly wiht the Nacras adding spice. The first day is an all in one course series of triangular races in Bramble Bay, It is followed by the WinterBash marathon on Day Two. The marathon race will see boats race across the Bramble Bay and back up the Redcliffe peninsula before returning to finsh at the Woody Point Jetty. Juniors will a multi race format Day One and two endurance courses on Day Two. Parent permission forms for all under 18 years old will be required. If you are not racing and would like a day on the water with the fleets or know someone that would; please call Peter Bradbury on 0412 695 146 As with all major events at Humpybong, overnight camping will be available to competitors and their families and the canteen will be open for the duration of the event. Alternatively, look for other accommodation options here. This years regatta will be complicated by the CoVID-19 restrictions placed on all events by the Government. The HYC CoVID-19 Management plan forms part of the NOR and it is aexpected that all competitors and support teams will familiarise themselves with teh requiremtns before the eveetn. It is important for everyone,s safety.
  28. Great to hear, I'll make sure I check it before/after each sail. Thanks Darcy.
  29. darcy1945

    WTB Maricat 4.3 Mast hound tang

    Your mast fitting is serviceable (Looking at the photos) I would use what you have, and check it regularly.
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