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  2. Trying to contact Darcy1945

    Hello everyone, I am trying to get in contact with Darcy1945 and have messaged him with no reply. I notice that he has no been on this forum since beginning of September. I have been informed that he is the person o speak to if wanting second hand parts. Can anyone please tell me if he is still around and on this forum. Thanks David.
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  4. Replacing hull inspection o ring

    Thank you. The previous port is cracked so I am replacing it entirely. I'll try sikaflex, thank you. 
  5. Replacing hull inspection o ring

    Not sure what you mean, if your inspection ports have an O ring for the hatch you would buy it from the manufacturer but if you are sealing a new one to the hull, I prefer sikaflex but it doesn't stick to silicone so need to clean the previous silicon off thoroughly or just use silicone
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  7. I need to replace the o ring on the hull inspection covers on my Nacra F18 Infusion Mk2. Does anyone know what the best type of sealant to use is? Thanks for your help. Tom   
  8. 16sq mast rotation controls advice.

    I realise this is an old, old thread but are any of the gents that posted in this thread still about?  I have a couple of questions. Thanks MG  
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  10. Nacra 4.5 sport sail no 556 , NSW registered trailer , sail box , ballon beach wheels , fresh sails including unused jib . Good clean fresh boat  Asking $9700 See gumtree add for photos Boat is located in Forster NSW area Phone 0458719608 or 0265540013 for more defails
  11. Nacra 4.5 sport sail no 556 , NSW registered trailer , sail box , ballon beach whells , fresh sails including unused jib . Good clean fresh boat  Phone 0458719608 or 0265540013 for more defails
  12. Nacra 4.5 sport sail no 556 , NSW registered trailer , sail box , ballon beach whells , fresh sails including unused jib . Boat and all gear in great condition Phone 0458719608 or 0265540013 for more defails
  13. Sails for sale

    Thanks Mark for a wonderful transaction. These sails will look good on my white and yellow maricat.  Getting signwriting of my name of the cat, done in Lilac, to match he sail colour. Cheers, David.
  14. Wanted Radial Cut Sail

    No longer needing. Just purchased the a terrific set of sails, Lilac in colour.   
  15. Sails for sale

    Hi Mark, Email sent. Regards Daviid
  16. Sails for sale

    Hi David, yes this set of sails is still available. This set I have owned from new for 6 Years. I race this boat 4 to 6 events per year. The jib is newer than the main and in really good shape. The main has faded a little and there is some wear on the batten pockets. The both sails are radial cut and still have plenty of races in them.   This set won the nationals in Feb and last used in June which won the maricat division of this regatta. If you google the nationals at lake catgelico there will be footage and photos this suite of sails are the lilac sails. Easy to see. Or check out toukley sailing club web site and again look for the lilac sails. My email is m.colecliffe@
  17. Sails for sale

    Hello. Are these still available. How old are they. Any photos available, Would you be prepared to freight to Tasmania if I paid extra for freight. Thanks David 
  18. Wanted Radial Cut Sail

    Hello. I am just getting back into Catamaran Racing after a 30 year spell. About to get a second~hand Maricat Sloop rig cat from the 1980's. Is there anyone on here, that has a racing set of Radial Cut sails for a sloop Maricat 4.3 complete with battens Only interested if you are prepared to freight to Tasmania.      Fastway couriers do cheap freight to Tasmania. Tell me what you have, how old, and how much. Thanks David.  
  19. Maricat Traveller Car

        The traveller cars are standard Ronstan items either  online or from any sailing chandler. Mick from Lemon Tree Passage Marine carries a full stock of Maricat new parts. Twin wheel are RC61910 Triple wheel are RC61912 The triple wheel cars are much better, with much less binding and they slide easier, but more expensive. You could try Darcy to see if he has any second hand ones for sail.    
  20. Hi Guys, recently purchased a Maricat 4.3 and whilst sailing on the weekend the traveller car gave way. Just wondering if anybody knows where to get a a new one from. I've attached the images in case this is an easy fix. Any help would be appreciated 👍 👍 
  21. Hi All    In the market for a maricat 4.3 Mk1  or Mk2 to be used at local sailing club and regattas low budget don,t mind repairing things as long as the  hulls ok ,located northern nsw                                                                                                                                                                                                   Regards Brian 
  22. Rigging Help

    Check this site out - lots of good info here:-
  23. Rigging Help

    Thanks we will contact Brett... I have had some fun on smaller hobies over the years but they were pre-rigged and much smaller than this one! 
  24. Rigging Help

    OK Michelle, well u r lucky - Windrush Yachts is there in O'Connor, Perth. You can find Brett's detail online - he will be able to help you sort it out... I'm in Sydney - so it's harder from a distance... You'll have a ball on it - just don't venture too far off-shore until you know your - and the boats' limitations...  
  25. Rigging Help

    we are in the pilbara region of wa and just planning to have some fun on our local ocean... thanks michelle 
  26. Rigging Help

    Yep - that's a Windrush 600. Where r u based / planning on sailing? PP
  27. Rigging Help

    Thanks any help would be awesome 
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