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  2. Don't know the timing of your trip but have you thought of timing your trip with sailing at clubs and regattas on the way, I'm planning Wildcat at start of October, Mission Beach regatta including sailing around Dunk Island, 22nd October, Lake Coothabarra in early Nov, with a couple of places in between
  3. Trial Bay at South West Rocks... beautiful and safe spot to sail and camp... although I did the B & B Thang when I was there... Check YouTube for an excellent windsurfing video showcasing the bay... "South West Rocks Windsurfing" by Paul Van Bellen On the way up there's Port Stephens of course...  
  4. Tramp tension

    3/16" x 3/4" Aluminjum rivets or the metric equivalent. Do not use stainless or monel, they will damage the hull. Drive out the old rivet mandrels with a thin parallel  punch, you will then be able to drill out the old rivets cleanly. Any questions or worries, call me 02 43591729, I have done this repair on 5 or 6 Maris.
  5. Tramp tension

    I've bought a Mk1 and the previous owner put a new Mk2 tramp on it... it was floppy as a floppy thing because the Mk2 tramp is longer than the Mk1, and he'd just tied rope through the holes in the back of the tramp... no conduit in the sleeve. I had to get it shortened and then re-fit it. To get maximum tension I put conduit in the sleeve and used zip-ties to pull the sleeved conduit tight against the rear beam before threading the rope through and tying off tightly and then cutting the zip-ties loose. End result was a drum tight tramp.    
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  7. 5.0 Maricat For sale

    Here is a 5.0 Maricat for sale in Melbourne. I am not he seller. I just happened to find it on Gumtree and  contacted the seller, to advise him of some info on the class. Cheers.
  8. Sweet, thanks for the tip, I’ve sailed southern end of Wallis lake, will have to check out GLSC. Newcastle sounds hectic, love the idea of throwing a bit of ocean swell into the mix. Port Stephens looks like a fairly protected bay too. Might have to invest in a book showing the best campsites 
  9. Windrush 14 bulkhead $2,800

    Price reduced to $2500.  
  10. Im with Jeff [mad about ] about GLSC , may need to talk to them about camping  there, I think unofficially it could be good for a short time. Port Hunter SC on Newcastle harbour is another good place to have a look at, friendly short time camping and if the weathers good you can stick your nose out of the break wall and experience out great backyard [ocean ]
  11. Great Lakes Sailing Club near Forster, can camp and sail there, I travel from South Aus to there each year in October for Wildcat, big lake on one side of the road and sea with whales on the other side, very picturesque 
  12. Planning winter road trip from Jervis Bay to Cairns with my newly acquired 14ft beach cat and a yet to be aquired root top tent. Looking for recommendations of camping/sailing spots along the way.. eg lakes, beaches, rivermouths.. ideally where I can leave the boat rigged for a day or two in line of sight from the campgrounds.
  13. Hobie 14 parts

    Two sets of Hobie 14 rudders one set black one set white turbo front beam and two good ally sides for the tramp A nearly new jib by a local sail maker  Reasonably priced for shed clean out Graham 0411 050064
  14. Wanted - Hobie 16 main sail

    Hi Peter I've got a main and a jib. The main needs a couple of repairs and I can get it out for photos if your interested Cheers Graham  0411 080064
  15. Hello, is anyone using a Garmin Vivoactive smart watch - and if so can it display speed calculated by GPS, track GPS whilst displaying a countdown timer at the same time.        
  16. AC Cadet 12" For Sale

    Boat Sold and now lives in Townsville.
  17. Nacra 5.2 for sale

    Hi, I am selling my old 5.2. I have owned it about 10 years but it’s not getting used lately.  Sail No. 1749. Built circa 1982. The boat is in fairly good condition, it’s complete and everything works   Comes on registered trailer with beach rollers, sail box and rigging box.  Price is very negotiable starting from $2500.  Boat will need to be picked up and towed away from Springwood 4127 QLD. 
  18. Thanks Darcy. I had a very long chat on the phone last night with Grady. His advice is terrific, and he knows best, with the problems he has had with his knees. I will be seeing my GP on Thursday, and will be getting a referral from him to see a top sports physio that we have in town. So I will take my time to rebuild my body, and will stick with the Maricat and hiking, not trapezing. And who knows, I might be at the next Nationals. You guys are terrific. Actually Darcy, I will private message you, as I will be needing some parts for my Maricat over winter. Cheers David.
  19. Gradys' advice is spot on, avoid the trap idea and get stuck into the physio, muscle strength around the joint is the key.
  20. Hi David don't stress i have had 2 knee reconstructions and 3 other knee ops i have the left knee of a 70 year old don't need braces physio is the key and sailing the motivation. my knee locked many times, i wore braces but none of then helped. cat rig is the go as you have plenty of time tacking to move sides mari cat rig is the best and easiest on the old body. give us a call i can help i have lots of experience with knees and how to tack with bad knees cheers Grady 0432511817
  21. Hi James.   Many thanks for your thoughts. I just dont know which way to go. I nhave thought about a larger cat, but then that is more of a bigger boat to handle with my ageing body. I am really loving the maricat since doing the performance improvements. It is very fast on yardstick rating against other yachts at my club. I have contacted Tynor in Western Aust, who make knee braces. They have recommended 2 types of their braces. So I might give a pair of them a go. As they are cheap at about $38 each. A lot cheaper than selling my boat and buying another. Plus this way, I can still get to race against Pete Morrow here in tassie next season, as my injury did not permit this to happen this season. And who knows, I might make it to a a Nationals Maricat titles next season (I wish to).   I will try sailing Anarchy and see what they have to suggest.   Cheers for now and thanks. David Banfield.
  22. Very sorry to hear of this David.  I don't have injuries to report although I've always had dodgy knees so I'm possibly more aware of them. Although Mari's and Windy's have trapeze classes I would think that it might be better to trap on one of the larger cats, the Taipan comes to mind.  Having said that I still read reports of injuries and issues on trap boats too.  You could try as the forums sometimes have people with problems and sometimes solutions. Hope your recovery is quick. James
  23. Hi everyone. I tore and ripped my medial meniscus (cartilage) in my left knee whilst racing my Maricat on Australia Day. Just had surgery yesterday in hospital. Surgery took 3 times than thought, as the damage was quite severe. More than 1 hour on the operating table. Anyhow, the report back from my surgeon is that my cartilage in my joints are worst than the average person for 56 years of age. Plus to add to the matter that I have osteoarthritis setting into my knee joints. Anyhow, the surgeon has warned me that I am at extreme risk to be continually tearing the cartilage in my joints and in particular my knees. Now my injury happened on Australia Day when I went to tack, came inboard and kneeling (squatting on my knees to turn 180 degrees to head off out the other side of the boat. It happened ever so easily, and also at the same time i tore  and sprained my calf muscles (probably due to extreme hard hiking out the side of the maricat and back arched to get the most leverage possible. So my question is, has anyone else been in a similar case with their knee cartilage. I am aware of Pete here in Tassie with knee replacement, but mine is a different issue to this. Thinking about getting knee braces that will help support the knee, b ut prevent the twisting of the knee at the same time, as it is the twisting of the knee that tears the cartilage. Also wondered if sailing the maricat with trapeze, may or may not help. The only thing is, being 56 and having to race as a super sloop sounds too much for me to handle with poort health. I really dont want to give up sailing as it is one thing in life that I live for. And I really dont want to give up my maricat, as I have only been sailing it since Xmas 2017, not long at all, and really loving the boat. Even though I have raced and sailed many different yachts, including a lot of multihulls since I was 10, I really enjoy this boat more than nearly any other.   Please! Please help me with all suggestions and ideas that you may know of.   Cheers David.
  24. 14 hulls strong?

    I know old cats. Have bought them, sailed them, had them fail. I want a W14 and I see one for sale that is "been club sailed" and has late sails. What about the hulls ? The ad says  Mark 2 bulkhead hulls (1055; 260, 265 (have no idea)) ...what does this mean? This is not about comp sailing, but casual sailing and motor cruising....under ridiculous low friggin bridges. So Hulls. I want trouble free hulls. I see they have trouble with plywood, foam, no bulkheads.... What would you do to suss out the hulls for trouble? Cats are special becuzz of pressure points. I know that boating without rigging is often harder on the frame than sailing...all o that.
  25. Is this a Hawke surfcat?

    The Hawke Surfcat was designed by Len And Peter Hawke with Ron Hansen. It was released in 1971. Ten years before that the brothers had joined two of their Malibu boards side by side, place a sail on it. The Hawke Surfcat was also made under licence in Europe, and exported to over 53 countries in the world, with over 15 000 made in Australia. It also was the recipient of the Australian design Award. The Surfcat was even flopped( copied) on a few occasions in Victoria and NSW. The Surfcat was design for family fun and is one of the only ones that is capable of surfing. The rigging and sails where kept inexpensive as to keep a level playing field on race day. Just a few facts. Oh yeah, at the height of Surfcat/Catamaran racing in the 80's the Hawke cat had a handicap of 1 min from the Windrush 14 which was released in 74. Not bad for a Surfcat that was only designed for family fun and Surfing.    
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