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  2. Season closer - Lake Burrumbeet

    Agree on the Ballarat winters - way too cold for Maricat sailing.
  3. Here's hoping that the yardsticks get adjusted accordingly.
  4. Tiller grip

    For those who have too much money, the Arriba Sticks are heavy but very tough for telescoping extensions - and very expensive... I still have one - and may go back to it for heavy-weather sailing. I believe The Life Aquatic in Mona Vale carry them... Right now I'm using a Ronstan Battle Stick - but they're fragile - and I agree the synthetic plastic 'knuckles' are suspect in heavy weather.. CST Composites do non-telescoping sticks - very highly recommended - Google them. PP
  5. Sails for sale

    These sails are still on the market. They won the Brass monkey 2 weeks ago. (kicked micks but again) They still have plenty of life in them. 0416122988 Mark C
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  7. NACRA 4.5 - for sale 568

    Hi Brisbane, can assist with delivery if necessary Craig 0438 723 079
  8. NACRA 4.5 - for sale 568

    Where is it?
  9. Tiller grip

    My orange conduit tiller is grippy enough so far, but if I needed more grip I'd go straight for the road bike bar tape (ie the stuff we wrap around the handle bar of drop-bar bicycles). They put cork flecks in the sponge rubber stuff for grip when wet. Adhesive backed; just overlap by half a width as you wind it on. Finish the end with electrical tape. I get cheap crappy cork tape for about $2 per two rolls from eBay. Does just as good as the brand name stuff that people pay $50 for. I redid the bar of my lawnmower with bike tape too... much more comfortable.
  10. Winter has landed in Ballarat, and I won't be sailing for a few months now. For those who don't know Ballarat, we have arguably the worst weather in Australia... weeks on end that don't reach double figures but don't freeze either. Just wet and miserable. *sigh*. Anywho, I rugged up in cold/wet weather cycling gear and took my cat out a few weeks ago for a final sail before packing up for the winter. Also strapped my new not-goPro to the boom for a try. Turned out to be nearly ideal conditions for me. Enjoy! I know I'll be looking back on this for inspiration over the next few months. Tim
  11. Tiller Cross Arm

    Last Add - Research is showing the part I bought is likely for the newer boats AND parts for the older boats do not exist. Therefore, anyone know the correct length and inner diameter for the 2006 F18 tiller cross arm tube?  I may have to buy a piece of aluminum tubing and make one. Thanks again for any assistance.
  12. Tiller Cross Arm

    Add - the boat is a 2006 F18.    
  13. Purchased a tiller cross arm part to replace one broken by previous owner.  Purchased Nacra replacement part form a Nacra parts dealer and part is supposed to fit any F18 but is not long enough and compared to another boat on the beach is short by about 10 cm.  Big problem. Does anyone know if Nacra made two different length tiller cross arms? The one I bought is 181.5 cm for the tube portion (not counting the rubber end pieces) and the one I measured on another boat measured 192.5. Thanks in advance for any input.  
  14. Maricat 5.0

    As some of you have seen the 5.0m is making a come back, if anyone knows of any sitting in back yards or at clubs, would be keen to see what is still out there, we have 8 on the water, know of two more here on central coast, we know there is at least 2 more in Qld, and a couple of them in vic, I can be contacted on 0415496688, or you can message me on the Mari 5.0 Facebook page
  15. NACRA 2017/18 National's

    Nationals NOR and entry form can be found here. 2 containers being organised from Queensland. Contact Brisbane Cat Centre to book your spot in either the Brisbane or Townsville Container.  
  16. Nacra 14 square for sale

    Morning Can I have a look at some pics if it is still available Regards Simon
  17. This years brass monkey will be held as usual over the June long weekend, site won't allow me to attach the NOR so it can be found on our Facebook page" Toukley Sailing Club inc", hope to see you all there the one of the biggest and the final regatta for the season
  18. Nacra 4.5 built for and won 2016-17 Nacra National titles. Made from latest 4.5 mould with new rear beam section.  Boat is in imaculate conditon and only sailed at a couple of regattas last year and the National Titles -proven race history. Very fast, stiff platform with all of the latest equipment including full harken fitout, 8:1 main sheet, 6:1 downhaul, 2:1 rudder system, 2:1 mast rotation, Staymaster rig adjusters, "Trapezee" Trapeze system, black cross cut tramp (for additional stiffness) carbon tilller extension, retractable righting rope system under tramp and rear foot straps.  Supplied with large ballon beach rollers, soft nose travel covers (new), new boat cover, rudder covers and rigging bag as well as a mast rigging stand. Supplied with two jibs (one only used for nationals) and additional battens for heavy weather sailing.  Boat Supplied with registered galvanised trailer and sailbox (older than the boat) for $11,900 or can supply boat on rollers only for $10,600 May consider trade for older nacra 4.5 (know of a junior sailor who is looking for a 4.5)
  19. Kula Kat information

    Hi Darcy I will contact you this afternoon Where about are you?  
  20. Kula Kat information

    ps1, my Ph 43591729, call anytime, Parts cheap, advice free.  
  21. Kula Kat information

    Hi All, Also new to sailing in NSW I found a 14' Kula Cat in ok condition, it needs some TLC Most of it is there but I am missing the boom at the bottom of the main sail Can anybody assist please  
  22. Nacra F18 Infusion

    Boat is now sold and will be heading to Brisbane very soon.
  23. Boat has been sold. Thanks
  24. NACRA 2017/18 National's

    The 39th NACRA nationals will be run in Western Australia. The host club is Jervoise Bay Sailing Club, just south of Fremantle. Registration 30th December 2017 and final heats and presentation 5th January 2018 NOR will be available shortly. any questions can be sent to
  25. Nacra 16sq for sale

    Boat is Sold.
  26. Calypso 16 mast

    Thanks very much l will get onto it cheers. got the boat home today l will get on the other site and see what l can find out there..
  27. We are looking for a NACRA 4.5 or NACRA 14sq. If you are thinking of selling your boat please contact us. We are active NACRA sailors and my son is looking for his next boat. Can trade with Nacra 350 if required. Happy to travel for right boat!  
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