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  2. Looking for some sail batons and some second hand blocks in the Cooma NSW area
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  4. Nacra 350 for sale in WA.

    Factory demo and winner of 2016 Adelaide nationals. has not been sailed since. Kept covered. Brand new set of sails, never been used. 2 piece mast for ease of transport. Rudder covers. Price dropped in time for the WA nationals later this year. $6500 available to view in Bunbury, can assist with travel in WA. Gary 0417919854
  5. Nacra 16sq for sale

    Hi I Have a Nacra 16Sq for saleSpent a bit of time and money getting up to top condition. The Sail number 166 . The boat has been in storage most of its life and is in fantastic condition. Current spec boat with Ackerman steering, deep rudders (third spare rudder) and current centreboard retention system. Grey decks panels. Boat is very dry and light. Comes with magic marine centre board bag, rudder covers, hull nose covers and trapeze harness (late model Ronstan). On galvanised Cathauler trailer with mailbox, spare wheel and beach rollers. Also have second main sail in good condition and a spinnaker snuffer (not fitted and no spinnaker). Items added since purchase. New stays, some deck hardware and  tramp. Have a fitted winch system for raising and lowering  mast, one person can operate it. Let me now if you would like to have a look. Regards Simon 0411 9565 12

    Looking good...! May I suggest a section / page  for each state - where owners can post pics showing how they enjoy their boats? PP
  7. Only a week to go until Winterbash on 29 and 30 July.. Go to Humpybong yacht Club website for further info .. Water temp is 20C so pretty inviting still for winter time .. three races next Saturday and a marathon from Woody point to Sandgate and Scarborough and return depending on conditions.. Excellent conditions tipped by weather sites. Race attracted 60 entrants last year and hoping for a larger catamaran and dinghy fleet this year. Senior and Junior divisions held on separate courses  Camping available outside the clubhouse or accommodation on Redcliffe peninsula.. 
  8. Maricat 4.3

    Don't know about anyone in Melbourne. The hotspot of Maricat sailing is NSW central coast (Gosford- Newcastle). New parts Mick 0419999785 Second hand parts Darcy 0243591729 Jib dimensions attached Be careful when adding the jib. Bridle wires need to be 1010mm saddle to shackle. Longer and you loose jib efficiency. Shorter and you put compression stress on the bows. Sheeting position will depend on the cut of the sail and mast rake. 
  9. Maricat 4.3

    Hi everyone, I have a maricat 4.3 in need of some new parts, does anyone know where i am able to purchase these online or around Melbourne? Also wondering the measurements for adding on a Jib and what type and size of jib goes well on this type of boat? Thanks

    Hello,   the association website has been renewed. I have put as much newsletters, results and information on there as possible:   If there is any enquiries see the association contacts page on the website and I'll get back to you soon as I can. Cheers
  11. how to attach Wavelengths to this forum

    Hi George,   Windrush now have an updated website:   Each time a newsletter is released then I publish it on the website.   Hope this helps    
  12. Nacra 350 SOLD

    No Longer available
  13. Price dropped on this Nacra 350!
  14. Nacra 5.0 For Sail 2206

    Hi Rush, Did you get the information regarding Nacra 2206?   Have you found a 5.0? We have a 5.0 facebook page you may be interested in. search Nacra 5.0 on facebook. We are looking for additional 5.0 that are looking at doing a bit of racing we are Brisbane based.     Regards Mako Nacra 5.0 2210  
  15. Yet another newbie advice thread

    IMHO, it's not 'insane' to buy new... as long as you buy the 'right' boat 4U… Buying new means you'll be immediately competitive - assuming of course you know what you're doing... The hard part about used boats is to find 1 that's not gonna cost you at least what you already paid for it (or more) - to make it competitive... The other thing is you must be realistic about its primary use. If it's 90% racing - then the Taipan is probably the right boat - especially if there are clubs nearby - and there's at least 1 sailor willing to help you get up to speed... But it it's going to be a dual-purpose boat - and you don't want the hassle of centre-boards, you want fast single-handed rigging and the ability to go where you want occasionally - on your own (complete independence) then the Windy / Maricat / Nacra 430 makes a whole lot more sense... With a set of beach rollers, you can quite easily launch and retrieve most 14 footers. Skippers in the know will also share the single-handed mast raising techniques with you. The Nacra 450 is just too large and heavy to do most of that - but definitely an excellent load-carrier for when you take heavier crew along for the thrills. Unfortunately the Taipan (and boats like it) can't effectively sail in shallow water due to centre-boards. Like the Paper Tiger - it's a little fragile if handled poorly. At 75kgs - u r spot-on to be competitive in the Windrush 14 / Maricat 4.3 / Nacra 430 Super-sloop configurations. They're pretty indestructible - and can be rigged/de-rigged solo - and sailed pretty much anywhere... The pix above of the W14 Super Sloop clearly demonstrate that if you can find a nice bulkhead or foam sandwich boat - you'll have a ball - without all the hassles and drama of the larger boats... If you can somehow stumble across a genuinely good (cared for) used Windy / Maricat or Nacra 430 - you should seriously consider it. But be prepared to pay more than $5K. About $6K - $8K is the going price... and if it's a Windy or Maricat make sure it's around the 105kgs rigged weight - max. The Nacra 430 is heavier - but not sure how much heavier... You just don't see Taipans, or even Paper Tigers being sailed off sandy beaches purely for pleasure. They were designed as racing boats - and are very good at it - but not so nice as 'fun / easy-to-sail' recreational craft. The Taipan will 99% of the time require someone to help rig it - and to manipulate it on and off the trailer - after all it's a 16ft boat - albeit a light boat at 105kgs all-up - but if I'm wrong then someone please correct me... The Nacra 450 is nearly 130kgs and 15ft long - so realistically needs 2 to manhandle it... either that or get thyself to a gym and put on 25kgs of muscle... For a very good comparison, download the current VYC Catamaran Yardsticks - you'll notice the N450 and Windrush 14 Super Sloop are within 1 'point' of each other... and suggested skipper weight is also very, very close too... As suggested above, finding a good used boat (without hidden faults) is the real difficulty. That's why buying new can make a lot of sense. Realistically, it means you shouldn't have to buy anything for it for at least 5 years - and you can just hop on – tune it correctly – and go for it... It's what I did - and I don't regret it a bit. Keep in mind that you can sail to handicap at any club - it's only if you want the same boat that others are sailing that that aspect becomes the deciding factor... PP  
  16. Yet another newbie advice thread

    Nacra 4.5 would be perfect for you with a great handicap as well as extremely versatile!!!
  17. Yet another newbie advice thread

    Simon all the info here is really good. As your a newbie I would suggest the 14s, windy, maris, arrows, PTs, they're enough to handle in a breeze and you can always jump up a size when your confidence levels increase. As the guys say check out your local clubs and get advice and a ride on any or all. There's a lot of fun rivalry between the classes but there all good boats to sail and similar in speed. As Pirate says get advice from sailors before you buy cause there are people who will tell you anything to get a sale where people who sail at a club want you to join them so it's unlikely they will tell you untruths. And your always welcome to get advice from this site.   Paul
  18. Yet another newbie advice thread

    The 5k budget is trying to avoid a fixer-upper. I'd rather be sailing than fixing a boat. Assuming I don't destroy it that's not lost money. I'm not doing something completely insane like buying new. The advantage of a Taipan in Melbourne is there are stacks of clubs to choose from without travelling. I'm 75kg, so 14' would be ideal. Only reason for not looking at a Paper Tiger is I'd prefer a boat with trapeze. I'm not even considering 18' boats.
  19. Yet another newbie advice thread

    My 2cents worth......   For starters dont just look at whats being sailed at the local clubs, have a real close look at the social side of the club as well ..... nothing worse than having the right boat but not fitting in with the members that are there. Be prepared to travel and have a look at more than just the nearest club, you'll enjoy it far more if the boat AND you fit in.   Secondly, $5k ........ seriously ???? You've just discovered our sport and really are taking a big financial step by pouring in that sort of coin on something that may not be you cup of tea in the long run. Start off small and work your way up, a budget of say $2k would easily get you a boat that will leave room to spare for some good upgrades or on the other side its not such a loss if this sport is not for you.   Some of my favorite memories are on an old mosquito that was certainly well under the $2k mark, sure I've spent hours of work on it to get it to where I wanted it to be ..... it wont ever win a state championship but its done me proud on many an occasions both at club level and throughout the regional regattas..... best bang for buck I've ever had and without doubt the best of memories both good and at times bad, not to many of us have put a catamaran over backwards in 30+knot winds and a 6metre swell, sounds scary but now in hindsight hell it was fun and a challenge to boot but for the life of me I couldnt tell you what race I won that got me this silver plate thats sitting on the coffee table.   Size DOES matter ....  a  18' boat is a handfull on the water, sure its fast and fun but its even worse to move around on the beach by yourself..... and rigging it, and loading and finding room at home for it too.. so your physical size will really depict the boat size you should have in your sights, if for example your a 70kg flyweight then maybe the 14'footers like an arrow or papertiger might be on your list.... around the 85kg mark and the mozzies are right on the money in the 16' foot mark.... getting up there on the scales then the bigger 18' boats will be better suited.... all of that though will change when we take in your fitness levels the bigger the boat the fitter you'll need to be to get the best from it.   & my best advice. .. ASK .... we're all here to further our sport but not one single person here or at your local club is a mind reader, regardless of how stupid a question you might think it is, always ask. Now where's the rum.....
  20. Cobra for sale

      My Cobra (Kind of Blue) is for sale. One of the best Cobras in Australia. Fleets in Parkdale and Safety Beach.  Friendly, helpful class. Matthew Dawson 0428 311 926
  21. Yet another newbie advice thread

    My Cobra (Kind of Blue) is for sale. One of the best Cobras in Australia. Fleets in Parkdale and Safety Beach  friendly, helpful class. Matthew Dawson 0428 311 926
  22. Nacra 5.0 For Sail 2206

    Where is it located, what are you asking for it ?
  23. Yet another newbie advice thread

    Some pix from South Gippsland Yacht Club... PP
  24. Tiller Cross Arm

    Hi is it an infusion of the F-18 model beforehand??   We have both parts  here in stock. Give us a call on 07 3375 4911 Regards Warren
  25. Yet another newbie advice thread

    I'm going to need the tips for powering it too, all the training boats I've sailed were sloop rig.
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