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  2. For Sale - one custom made very high quality Boat cover to suit a 4.3 Maricat. Cover was made by Hot-Rod Upholsterer next door to Darcy Wilson when he lived lakeside at Mannering Park. Material is used for extreme conditions.outdoor awnings etc.Colour white, very durable. Designed to cover the boat on the ground or on a trailer. Mast up or Mast down. Cover includes the rudders and their ropes so nothing is exposed to the sun. Cost $650 to make due to extra work making up rudder/rope covers. Sell for $375. Only used for 6 months then moved house then boat under cover. Like new. If interested please text 0432 010 933.   
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  4. Billygoat newbie question thread

    No newbie question today - I'm generally on top of things now, making mods and repairs along the way as I need to. Just a video. I've taken to mounting an action cam under my jib furler. Gets some good footage. This was last Friday on Lake Burrumbeet (20km west of Ballarat). I had the day off work, and at 42dgC with a solid nor'westerly blowing, I had to make the most of it. It was pretty gusty and quite choppy for an inland lake, which added to the excitement. The wind picks up at about the 1:00 mark, and things really get moving :-D   Like I said, it was a bit gusty...   :-P
  5. Victorian Maricat Owners

    Zombie thread resurrection! Guess I'd better check in. I'm Mari #2418 (or #2353 on my other sail), parked in Ballarat, usually sailing on Lake Burrumbeet or Lake Wendouree. I've had my cat for a bit over a year. Prior to that I hadn't sailed much for 20 years, after sailing Skyrider, Flying 11, NS14 and a 16' skiff while growing up in Sydney. I rarely see another boat on the water when I'm out. Ballarat yacht club is fairly active, in their chosen classes, but I'm not really interested in racing and I find the wind better out on the big lake (Burrumbeet) than the town swamp (Wendouree) where the club sail. I usually sail sloop rigged, either solo or with my 10yo daughter as forward hand. I've been thinking about towing the boat down to Geelong for a look at the bay, or maybe even out on the ocean from Torquay, but haven't gone there yet. tim
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  7. Advice wanted on strengthening chainplates...Urgent.

    Good news well done.
  8. Its on this weekend. Hope to see as Many sailor there for this little sailing club. 
  9. Mast base casting (ball and cuff) for Hydra 16

    Converting it to a Maricat mast step, would probably not be a great idea. As the masts on a hydra are longer and a lot heavier. They are heavier not just because of the length but also because the section has 5 ribs in it. The mast would be rather horrific to try and lift vertically and place into the step. A friend of mine here in Tassie has just gone whole process of masts and steps for a Hydra, as he also has a Maricat. GOODLUCK.
  10. Advice wanted on strengthening chainplates...Urgent.

    Thanks exhogger. Mine is all fixed. Super, super.....massively super strong now, and was cheaper to fix than buying stainless steel plate and bending it. Plus it looks unnoticeable as a repair by comparison, and looking more very original, which is more to the class rules....I so believe, than having non conventional parts added to thee boat. I raced it last weekend, and pushed it ever so hard on the reaches, with the bows burying, and me just sheeting on harder, to drive it through the bury, rather than back it off. I absolutely punished the boat, and no way was it going to give in on me. So much so, that I was travelling faster than Hobie 16 and Nacra 5.7 on the reaches. And upwind I was travelling faster and higher than B14. So I think I have it all worked out. Going massively fast, and not wanting to break, flex, nor take on anymore water than just a few little drips in each hull, and that is after 4.5 hours of hard driving, competitively sailing (racing). I am very happy.  
  11. This shaped stainless steel plate Sikaflexed over the cracked and split hulls did the trick for me.
  12. Mast base casting (ball and cuff) for Hydra 16

    Just a thought, if the mast section is the same then why not convert it to Maricat - get a base and support - guessing that there may be plenty of them around.
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  14. Try LR sail they have calypso and other parts. in Brisbane or Brisbane catamaran centre 
  15. The mast section is the same as Maricat 4.3, but the base and support are different style.
  16. Gday all, Just chasing down a new mast base assembly as the cuff unit (on the base of the mast) has cracked. Any leads on where to source one or any idea if its an interchangeable part with another model cat?
  17. Advice wanted on strengthening chainplates...Urgent.

    Hi cdoch.  It is the way in which the part is manufactured, is what gains its strength. and avoidance of any corrosion. Carbon fibre has been used many situations where there is very high stress loads and in a marine environment without any problem. But making carbon parts is not for the amateur.  Anyhow it does not matter, I am not going down this path anyway, I will stick with crappy alloy castings, I may as well kept to the alloy on the side chain plates and kept the boat more original. As going to stainless steel, I dont get, when it is only on the side and not the front. But that does not matter now. I have now fixed the boat, and it is now might strong. As I have boosted the strength in the glass  where the chain plates attached, and strengthened this npoint now to withstand the roaring forties, in which I live. Cheers everybody, and many thanks for everyones input, I really do appreciate the comments. (We may as well move on from this.)
  18. Totally agree but in this part in question any isolation of the carbon will greatly reduce the strength of the fitting as it is the stainless carrying the load.....the isolation becomes the weak link. Seems to me that the same high grade marine stainless throughout would be stronger.
  19. Advice wanted on strengthening chainplates...Urgent.

    It all comes down to how you manufacture the part. There is ways to isolate the carbon fibre from being in contact of the stainless steel. I am not going to try and explain here, as it would be too difficult to explain by  messaging. Trust me, I know, as I have been in the industry for many years.
  20. Why do you think carbon  fibre will  completely stop this corrosion? Suggest you do a Google search for carbon fibre and metal corrosion....the results might surprise. 
  21. Advice wanted on strengthening chainplates...Urgent.

    Thanks Darcy. I wont bother making the replacement parts. I suppose I will just replace the bolts every 4 to 5 years just to be safe. It would not have mattered here as to how much or how little the boat was washed as the corrosion would still have happened. It blew my mind away when I saw how much of the bolts had disintegrated. And yes my boat would be at least 40 years old, but I also know that . the bolts had been replaced at sometime probably in last 10 to 15 years, just because of the type of bolts used. And there was anti sieze compound showing on some thread that I could see, it being a pale yellow in colour.Where I live the air itself is very salty. It can rain, and in the morning you can go out and see and feel salt crystals over your car.  I will get back to you over winter when I disamantle the front ones. Thanks once more, cheers David.
  22.    Most Mk1s would be 40/50 years old and some still turn up with useable cast alloy bits (depends on maintenance and a regular rinse)Stainless and Al are a long way apart on the galvanic scale, so electrolysis is a problem, that's why we reassemble our boats using dissimilar metal compound (usually Duralac) between stainless and Al and on all Al rivets.   You will be welcome at state or nat champs, but I would not turn up with carbon fibre parts and expect no reaction, specially on parts that the manufacturer still supplies. As the current measurer, and a thoroughly easy going bloke, I would offer you the loan of a set of castings to head of any action.                           
  23. Advice wanted on strengthening chainplates...Urgent.

    HI Rodney.   Why then did maricat owners place stainless steel  on the side chain plates instead of just staying with the alloy.  Maybe I should send you a photo of the corroded and eaten through stainless bolts......if I can find them in the rubbish.  I totally agree with you keeping the boats to original as possible. But who really does have an all original boat now.  The sails are different now to back then.  The boom vangs have been thrown away. Your boat even has additional angled brackets on your side chain plates, that other sailors do not have. As I mentioned in my previous post apparantly someone has even changed plastic conduit  that is being used at the rear of the trampoline for carbon fibre tube. And then there are the guys like myself, that has changed the downhaul system. I am not messing about with sails as in trying mylar or kevlar, I am not trying out spinnakers, or gennakers, I am only looking at reliability. If I need to replace my front ones with alloy castings, then that is okay, and I accept that. But I wont be buying second hand, i will be buying brand new. But I need to know from the asscociation what the ruling is. As I would like to be bringing my boat up to NSW in 12 months time to do the Nationals. And i am not going to be travelling all that distance and such huge expense to be told that I am disqualified before even commencing Cheers David..
  24. Advice wanted on strengthening chainplates...Urgent.

    Yeah James, thats what I have been thinking. If someone was to try to protest and ru8le me out of an event just for me making something safer, reliable and stronger, then I would be carefully scrutinizing everyone elses  boats. I have heard on the grapevine, that there are boats that have done away with the conduit for the rear trampoline track, and replaced with carbon fibre rod.  Now that is what I call going to the extreme.  As plastic conduit wont corrode or rust, and even if it broke, it is not going to be a big safety issue. I mean to say....I sailed my boat back to its spot on the beach, a week ago, when the trampoline ripped, so it would be just the same if a conduit broke.  Anyhow, I also notice those nice angled brackets on Rodney's boat.  Anyhow I dont need anything like that. My gunwhales are now well and truely beefed up, and there is no way it will even flex the tiniest bit now. I reckon I would have the strongest maricat in Australia when it comes to the side chain plate mounting points. Just finished it all off a little while ago. Wait for it to cure overnight, a slight rub back in spots, a cut and polish, and then bolt the chain plates on, along with the monster saddles. Oh and sikaflex the rubber strip back into place. She aint ever going to let go will have to rip the whole side of the boat out to do so. I am very happy with myself. 
  25. Advice wanted on strengthening chainplates...Urgent.

    I have owed 3 Maricats off and on since 1984, and I have not had a problem with the bow fittings. Maybe the fittings on the Mk2 and later are of better quantity than the Mk1 or maybe yours was not washed out properly. You need to remember that your boat and fittings are probably over 35 years old so a good condition 2nd hand or new cast piece with good bolts and proper anti corrosion goop will probably more than out last the boat. People do all sorts of customising to their Maricat - mast spanners, spinnakers , barber-haulers, home made fittings — but unless you are vying for the national championship then no one is going to worry what you do ....  but I think it is best to keep the boats as original as possible. So for your MK 1 I would get a good second hand set from Darcy and bolt them on ..... and go sailing for another 35 years.  
  26. Advice wanted on strengthening chainplates...Urgent.

    David, just do it.  If you ever get to an official race then clear it with the officials then.
  27. Advice wanted on strengthening chainplates...Urgent.

    Those add on brackets on the side stays are interesting.  They appear to be rivetted to the hull.  Since you wouldn't be able to get to the inside because of the storage compartment it must be a blind rivet. I would think that it's the length of the stainless strips that are distributing the load rather than the bracket but I'm not an engineer. My front castings are in a sorry old state but with the 1/4 bolts I hope they'll work. On my Careel 18 it used big U bolts upside down for the sidestays.  One side of mine let go near the end of one race - didn't realise it, just wondered what the bump noise was.  It had corroded through where it was not exposed to the open air (ie through the deck which was ply and glass).  Changed them a couple of times in the eight years I had the boat.
  28. Advice wanted on strengthening chainplates...Urgent.

    Hi Rodney.  Thanks for the photos. Man your side plates are beefy and nice.  The Bow ones, are the crap cast alloy.  Trust me....they will be corroding underneath as they get old, and, they then cause electrolysis into the bolts.......unless you regularly change the bolts every few years fro fresh ones. Cast alloy and stainless bolts just do not would I be allowed to make carbon fibre /kevlar ones. I would purely be doing it for reliability and safety.  The weight would still mbe about the same as that of cast alloy. So it is not a performance issue. I would have ones manufactured in stainless steel , but that would cost me more money, as I can not do that myself, whereas I can manufacture in fibreglass and composites. As I am a retired skilled and highly trained fibreglass manufacturer. Having worked making components for Kenworth Trucks, as well as making components for HSV Commodore, and Tickford Ford Falcon. So if I was allowed, it would be of quality, and be of reliability. Cheers David.
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