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  2. Wanted - Used Mainsail 14ft Windrush

    Most 14' cat sails are similar dimensions (within 10cm) The only problem with fitting them to a Windy, is, the bolt rope must be removed and replaced with the much thinner windy bolt rope to fit the track. Possibly worth looking into ?  
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  4. Maricat Nationals

    Day 1 of the Nationals - the day started light to moderate then blew up to strong. Four races sailed - 2 or 3 races planned for tomorrow. Sloop  1st Rohan and Charlie Nosworthy 2nd Paul McCabe and Jake 3rd Phillip and Ziggy Ewart Cat 1st Dave Younger 2nd Wayne Barry 3rd Rodney Anderson Super Sloop 1st Michael Colecliffe 2nd Mark Colecliffe 3rd Pat Cotterill 5.0M 1st Rob and Jade Fowler 2nd Peter Goldie and Rory Robinson 3rd Aaron Goldie
  5. HYDRA Forestay

    Does anyone have the specs of the forestay for a Hydra please.
  6. Maricat Nationals

    Details on the Maricat Facebook page 
  7. Maricat Nationals

    A reminder about thr Maricat Nationals this weekend at Queens Lake. Looks like being the biggest gathering of Maricats for years. All configurations and levels of experience. Come and join thr fun.
  8. New Sails $$

    It is just Adams now - Geoff Adams - Warner’s Bay on Lake Macquarie 
  9. Finding parts

    "Also Redhead do one but I don't know what the price is. "   Thanks heaps Jimbo, I just rang Redhead and he can do it for $480   " Dolphin striker wire should be very tight with the boat unrigged. " Got it, thanks PR. Interesting about the timber, must be hard to find the right type in Australia.   Dave
  10. Finding parts

    Dolphin striker wire should be very tight with the boat unrigged. The aim is that the beam does not flex when the load of the mast is applied. Flexing the beam will eventually (or quickly) weaken it. It will also change the alignment of the hulls.   Now completely off topic —- in your reference to the Sydney Heritage fleet - a couple of years ago I organised for a load of      Douglas Fir spars to be cut and hauled from Bago State Forest (near Tumut) for the heritage fleet. A selection of logs up to 19mt length. There is a small stand of Douglas Fir trees which were planted as a trial in 1927.  The Soren Larsen is now after a couple of 21 metre spars to replace their main mast. They will weigh about 4 tonnes each.  
  11. New Sails $$

    Thanks appreciate it.  yes remember now it was a Flowers and Adams i got about 20 years ago. Great sail.
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  13. $800 As new late Mk2 4.3 Cat rigged Mari

    Boat sold, cat rigged, (Boat only) pending pickup wednesday. All other bits still available at above prices.  
  14. Finding parts

    One of my Maris had a tramp by Baracuta. Also Redhead do one but I don't know what the price is.
  15. Finding parts

    Hi Darcy, I called him, and he said he wasn't doing them anymore due to being busy, but he'd do one for me. 6 weeks later after a couple of unanswered messages he messaged me to say he's changed his mind and is too busy. Oh well, bit peeved I've missed a lot of good sailing waiting for him to let me know :/   I've gotten a replacement dolphin striker wire, (my parents volunteer with the Sydney Heritage Fleet, dad swaged it for me there), and advice on how to ensure I've tensioned it correctly?   Thanks again, Dave
  16. $800 As new late Mk2 4.3 Cat rigged Mari

    What colour are the hulls and sails? Cheers
  17. Off boom sheeting?

    Off boom sheeting used quite a bit by Paper Tiger sailors.  Might help those of us who have lost any muscle tone we ever had to hike out for a little longer.
  18. Off boom sheeting?

    What size sheet are you using ? 10mm is most common but some people use smaller 9mm or 8mm. The thinner the easier it will run (both in and out) but is harder to hang onto. if you have 12 it will tend to bind in the wheels and in the cleat. how is the main sheet threaded - it needs to be a particular way so is doesn’t bind and so you can get  it fully on. There is a picture on a previous post or you can find it on the web somewhere - the blocks need to be at right angles to each other.  I’m no engineer but I would think there would be a mechanical advantage of having the loose end of the mainsheet coming from the fixed point ( the traveller) and not from the load end (boom). When you sheet off the boom the tendency might be to initially just have 1:1 power as you just pull on the boom.
  19. Off boom sheeting?

    I'd love to see a picture of your bridle traveller setup, Jimbo. If it's how I imagine, it sounds like the exact opposite of the no vang, mainsheet controlling boom lift arrangement that seems common on our Maris. I have tended to cleat the main more than I should. It might be friction in my aged pulleys or an overly stiff sheet, but I do find the main quite heavy to work, and it really tires me out. The cleat was set so that it would pull in to the cleat by default, unless I deliberately kicked the sheet out of the cams (which I try to do so I'm able to depower when I get scared 😂 ). So I have tended to adjust the main sparingly, steering the boat to control it through gusts. From the short test I gave it, off the boom sheeting feels like it takes less strength. I guess it is now effectively a 7:1 block (with the last run bypassing the traveller block, but still contributing to the mechanical advantage). So, I'm terms of the amount of rope required for a run... it should still be less than if I'd opted for an 8:1 which I understand has been done by some. I currently have more sheet than I need (took somebody advice and got 8m for an endless main and traveller, and have thought I could easily lose a couple of metres). Again, since I'm not racing, I don't tend to run square very much. Broad reaches are more fun. If I drop it, the furthest I have to go is the traveller car which is where the other end of the sheet goes. So, same as conventional sheeting. I accept your point about skimming the upwind hull rather than flying. Reality is, that's what I'm doing. It rarely comes far out of the water. But it does feel a lot more like walking a tightrope when you stop relying on the stabilising effect of the upwind hull's buoyancy, so sensitive controls are appreciated.   Tim
  20. 2014 model sail number 1671. Sold with brand new square top main ( never been unrolled). Set of foam battens 10:1 harken mainsheet system included tapered main sheet black one piece tramp. Large ballon beach wheels endless down haul system and carbon tiller extension . Boat comes with Catcover rudder and centreboard covers new boat cover,soft nose travel covers and rigging bag . Has been recently squared and ready to race. Light platform (101kg) rigging replaced approx 18 mths ago. Last sailed 13 months ago at 2016 nationals (5th overall) and has been stored undercover ever since. Price is for boat and rollers only . Cathauler trailer with 2 sailboxes also available for an additional $2000
  21. New Sails $$

    Tri-radial from Redhead sails (Gosford), Mid North Sails (Port Macquarie).  Cross cut from Eastwind sails (Gosford), Flowers and Adams (Newcastle). Cheapo's from Rolly Tasker but make sure they understand the measurement rules as they stuffed mine up - but for the $850 it cost it was acceptable.  They import to Sydney. Amazingly they stitched the sail then added the battens so there were lots of seams.
  22. Off boom sheeting?

    I tried it once but it didn't feel right. What I did do once on my Careel 18 was chuck the standard 4:1 and replace the traveller with a bridle from side to side with a connector in the centre - sheet was tied off there then went through a spring ratchet block on the boom. Result was amazing - fast adjustment (only 2:1) and easy to manage because the mainsheet effectively started at the windward end of the bridle.  Won a Nationals with it like that.  Did need the vang though - mine was a 32:1 cascade. Maricat nationals coming up next week - we'll see!
  23. Off boom sheeting?

    What most do it set the traveller for the average wind then use the mainsheet for gust response. Don’t cleat the mainsheet - always have it in your hand with the ratchet on. Maybe only when pulling in the jib after a tack. Hull should be skimming not in the air i have never seen the main sheeted off the boom, you may have discovered something ..........  I would think that when on a run the main block will be a long way away with lots of extra rope and to adjust it in light or heavy wind it may be awkward and if you happen to drop it, it is a long way to go to get it back. 
  24. New Sails $$

    Main about $1600 Jib $600 ?  
  25. Off boom sheeting?

    Tried a few different rigging ideas today.  First of all, I followed all your advice and lost my vang. Consciously tried to use the traveller more for trimming, keeping the mainsheet pulled on as much as possible to keep the boom down and power in the head of the sail. First observation with this setup is that sheeting out to depower in a gust is MUCH more effective. Boom lifts, leech opens and spills air very efficiently without having to swing the whole boom and sail out. Not so much sheet to pull back in to get the power back on. I think this is going to be a different, but nicer way to sail. I'm also trying to focus on keeping a hull up, skimming the water. Coming from monohulls my tendency is to sit as far out as I can to keep the boat level, and only heel once I've run out of hiking. Today was a bit of a breeze (8 - 12 knots) but not overpowering, so I was trying to sit in on the tramp and get a hull flying before thinking about getting out on the strap. Balancing on tip-toe like that I was glad to have better power control with my sheet controlling boom lift than previously with the vang. Last thing I tried - an idea of got from reading about some of the new things people have been doing in the 20 years I've been away from the sport - was to flip my (6:1) mainsheet upside down. Literally unshackled it from the traveller cart and boom, and reattached it the other way around with the ratchet pulley and cleat up on the boom. Quickly realised I would need to change the angle on my cleat so I'd be able to release. I only had time for a few tacks like this, but I really really liked it. It feels lighter, more responsive and yet more powerful. I felt better able to play the sheet, even with my currently puny little cyclist arms, and hardly felt the need for a cleat. Better angle, feels like less friction... Just better. Also nice to have some physical separation between the main and traveller sheets rather than having them both coming off the traveller cart (both the same colour, since I'm running an endless sheet). Does anyone else sheet off the boom? Is this something you all do and I'm late to the party, or something you've tried and rejected, or just never tried? Not relevant to me because I don't plan on racing, but is off-boom sheeting allowed in class rules or are we supposed to sheet off the beam? Tim
  26. New Sails $$

    Hi Guys, Just wanted to inquire about what the current going cost is for new racing Mail and jib, of course to class measurements. Cheers, Phil
  27. 4.3 Parts wanted

    May be able to help, 43591729 NSW Central Coast, where are you?
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