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  2. Gold Coast Cat Week Regatta sponsored by Fastway Couriers (Gold Coast) is on again Friday 2nd to Sunday 4 February 2018 hosted by Southport Yacht Club for all off the Beach Catamarans with divisions for all 14,16 and 18 foot classes. We encourage all sailors to dig their old cats out come along and have a fun filled weekend. Notice of Race and entry can be located at:  or
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  4. Nacra 16sq for sale

    PRICE REDUCTION $4200.00
  5. Keeping Rudders Down on A Mari cat 4.3

    That's an interesting one Rodney.  I had the 'new' ones on Sweet 16, possibly the tillers were thicker than standard but I needed to use a lever to release them.  This meant that I had to cut them back but how much is enough,  effectively one extra grind of the file will move them from too tight to too loose. I opted to stump up the $60 for a pair of CL257 which have a small cam to adjust the release.
  6. Keeping Rudders Down on A Mari cat 4.3

    These cams and cleat, supplied by Mick Colecliffe and work really well. They are now the standard equipment supplied by Maricat. Some fine tuning and a bit of filing may be required to get the correct amount of holding and release. They have worked for me anytime i have hit something "hard", ie large jelly fish.   I don't know what they cost but much less then a broken rudder or busted transom.... and simple, clean and easy to fit and use.
  7. Repairing trampoline track

    Sweet 16 had the tracks reversed whereas my current cat doesn't.  The reversed track is far more comfortable as Rodney points out the other way sticks up. Installing the reversed track would do well with a good sand with 80 grit along the channel. Use Sikaflex to seal the area and make sure the river centres stay in place or seal them up. Rivets need to be long ones, there are sizes to use somewhere on this site.
  8. Repairing trampoline track

    Many like the caravan track but I don’t. The caravan track creates a lump detracting from the smooth finish of a Maricat. I suggest you just brush on a layer or two of resin then sand it smooth when it dries. Also put some in the rivet holes then redrill so the new rivets are a tight fit.  
  9. For Sale is my beautiful, new 12 foot Arafura Cadet Catamaran, ac1161, "Nipper". Built in 2015. Only sailed a few times. Main Sail is a brand new square top, Andrew Fee (CQ Sails) and has yet to be used. It is the dearer radial cut black laminate option. The dacron Jib is like new as are all ropes, mast, boom, trapeze and fittings. New Beach wheels and a cradle are included, as is a trailer. The (6x4 box) trailer includes a spare wheel and jockey wheel. I will sell for less if the trailer is not required. Ronstan fittings. It is a light ply boat and is easily car topable. Ideal crew weight is up to 75kgs.  The boat is located in Rockhampton and I would consider delivery  to Townsville/Brisbane for the cost of fuel. I am only selling as my daughter is moving to Melbourne and cannot take it with her. Price is $3,000.00, which is a very low price considering all that is included and is a fraction of the price of a new boat.  Happy to send pics. Pic of Sister boat shown here. Call 0419733582 or email me on
  10. Stitching tramps

    Just thought I'd say, my tramp was losing stitches, probably because it's quite old for a 'racing' tramp. I need it for next week so the usual local people were out so I brought it to work (Newcastle). The boys at the North Sails loft next to the Newcastle Yacht club ran two sets of stitching around for $25. Oh yes, couple of weeks ago I bought some stuff to do the bolt rope with, it is solid rubber (or some other material) 7.45mm tube with a layer of woven stuff and a tab that they use for bimini's etc.  It should do the trick.  I know that last time I had a lot of trouble getting the right sized stuff - Bunnings were either too thin or too thick. I now have to get the bugger back on!  Washing up liquid is apparently the go to lubricant (because it washes out).
  11. Repairing trampoline track

    Had the same problem. Suggest you by some new 'C' section track from bunnings and just replace the whole aluminum track. A less work and works perfectly. You need to lengths - only $17 each. - cut to length and file the ends to suit the angle and pop rivet on.
  12. NACRA 15 - AUS 063 For Sale. This boat is in as new condition and has only been sailed a couple of times for promotional purposes. Its last outing was the Qld Youth Titles where it placed first after which it was fully cleaned and placed in storage.  The boat is fully optioned and ready to be raced and would suit a new boat buyer. It comes with stern supports , euro cat rollers, a full catcovers boat cover, mast cover, nose travel covers and rigging bag.  Price is $23,500. We can also supply a 4 year old cat hauler trailer with two sail boxes for an additional $1,900.  If interested please email or call me 0438 723 079  
  13. Repairing trampoline track

    I noticed that my tramp was coming out of the track on the port hull.  When I removed it (it has a tear and is heading to the motor trimmer in the next few days) I found that although the aluminium strip is in great condition the fibreglass on the top of the hull is worn in exactly the place the tramp came free.  I'm not keen on replacing the track with caravan strip. What's the right mix and process to build the top of the hull back up?  Is it straight resin, do I mix shredded fibreglass in, do I use a completely different product?? Thanks, Greg.
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  15. Hobie 14 or 16 rudder blade ABS in good condition $15. Willing to send COD within Australia.
  16. Looking to buy a good condition foam sandwich construction only Windrush on the east coast (or the west if you have an economical way to get it to Melbourne!). Cheers Hear of anything please get in touch.  

    Hi Pete, do whatever's easiest and most efficient. If that means a link to a Facebook Group - that in turn links back to the new Windrush Association Website - then why not? My only 'concern' is that allowing anyone to post comments can sometimes lead to unwelcome 'trolling'... however getting on FB certainly exposes the boat and it's great flexibility to a lot more potential sailors... And of course FB also allows videos to be posted too... Anyway, not sure if this is what you meant? Back 2U… PP  
  18. Is the Nacra 5.8 still for sale? What year was it built? John  0418 980 644
  19. Nacra 350 for sale in WA.

  20. Windrush Wavelengths: November 2017

    Hi, Newsletter just published: Very keen to receive articles from VIC/NSW/QLD/NZ clubs sailing windrush, or just individuals just wanting to share their love of the Windrush 14. If keen , get in contact on the contact page and go from there: Cheers   Peter
  21. I should also mention, folks ... my modifications to the boat won't prevent it from sailing. I'll fit infrastructure onto the hulls which can all be removed, so the boat can be returned to sailing when I'm done with it if need be.  I'm also an ex-Mosquito sailor and a Farrier trimaran sailor, amongst other things. I'm becoming intrigued by solar powered electric propulsion on boats, as a complement to wind power. This modified boat will enable me to explore this in a practical way. 
  22. 16sq mast rotation controls advice.

    Just wondering if you could please provide some advice on how I rig the mast adjuster on my 16 sq.  (Mast adjuster in front of mast.)   From the photos you've posted above I can nearly make out what’s going on but not quite. If you look at the sketch I've attached I'm wondering that if I'm siting port side; - do you rig the mast adjuster starting at [A] then through [ B ] then cleat off through [C] or - do you start at [A] then through [D] and then cleat off through [C]?  (And vice versa if I were sitting on the starboard side. [A-B-E] ) The reason I ask is because if I'm siting as shown in the sketch the mast is usually rotated around too much to the port side as shown on the sketch in the mast marked (1).  My understanding is it is more efficient if it were in position (2).  BUT to rotate the adjuster clockwise from (1) to (2) I would need to change sides whilst the boat is in motion if it's rigged [A-B-C] & [A-D-E]  which obviously you can’t do.  If it were rigged [A–D-C] I can rotate it clockwise from the port side but that looks like an awkward setup. Does the rope pass through the little upstands and then cross behind the mast [A – D – C] or do you set it up [A–B-C] before you head off the shore? Sorry if this has been covered above and I’ve missed something.     Mast rotator.pdf
  23. 16sq mast rotation controls advice.

      Brilliant.  Let me knock up a sketch and upload it.  
  24. 16sq mast rotation controls advice.

    Yep, still about (from time to time) may be able to help answer your questions.     Coremeister
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