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    From a Maricat sailer so observations only. 1. Rudders need to be as far down as possible. On the Maris we have them tucked under a bit. This results in a nice light touch. Going upwind just a little weather helm provides a positive pressure so that if you let go the boat rounds up into the wind. 2. That Becket you mention looks to be a vang. In the Maris nobody uses them any more. I tried for a while and it does provide a small speed improvement dead downwind. Big hassle if there are two people though. It also causes problems if you capsize as it prevents the leech, back of the sail from letting the water out as you right. 3. Cat rigged, or just the mainsail we use two forestays one per hull. This reduces the squeezing of the bows which sometimes causes cracking. We also take the mast more which also helps weather helm by moving the centre of effort back closer to the rudders. I used to fight for last place with an older guy in a windy, his style of coming into shore was full speed and see how far up the beach he got - don't think he liked getting his feet wet! Enjoy.
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    Your mix looks spot on to me, it is very close to what I used to use for Mannering Pks 14' cat regatta.
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    Wrap the end 30 cm of the beam in alfoil, mask off the area where the old beam sat, lay a bed of bog and bolt the Mk 2 beam in. Remove and replace beam when dry to remove alfoil.
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    Most recent sails, ie built in the last ten years are all good. The Eastwind sail I use must be about 10 years old and it still works like a new one, although it has only been lightly used. Mine is cross cut, the fancy ones are radial cut but there's no real difference. At manno, one of the guys has a sail that must be 15 or 20 years old and it still sets beautifully. It is cross cut and was made for one of the gun sailors.
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    Near new set of Redhead sails, $1200. Good used set, $800, will separate, ie, mainsail only, near new, $900 and used, $600. Rod could have a look at them next time he is up, or, at Oberon in a few weeks.
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    Any more foamie available Darcy? I think I need one
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    Hi Disco I live and sail at Barwon Heads Sailing Club. We have 7. 14ft windrushs. Races are restricted to high tides lots of fun. Plenty of summer campers have club moorings and store sails in club house. We have mixed fleet with plenty of Lazers too. A couple of hobies and maricat. Plenty of older Skippers. You could see racing there Aust Day Weekend. Portarlington Sailing club on the bay is a Great club as is St. Leonard's.
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    I don't know anywhere in Aus ,where anything towed behind a vehicle, does not need to be registered. I would not risk it.
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    Occasional whitecaps,10/12kts, OK. wall to wall whitecaps, 18 plus kts, stay on the beach unless rescue boat available (As it would be if club racing).
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    Dolphin striker wire should be very tight with the boat unrigged. The aim is that the beam does not flex when the load of the mast is applied. Flexing the beam will eventually (or quickly) weaken it. It will also change the alignment of the hulls. Now completely off topic —- in your reference to the Sydney Heritage fleet - a couple of years ago I organised for a load of Douglas Fir spars to be cut and hauled from Bago State Forest (near Tumut) for the heritage fleet. A selection of logs up to 19mt length. There is a small stand of Douglas Fir trees which were planted as a trial in 1927. The Soren Larsen is now after a couple of 21 metre spars to replace their main mast. They will weigh about 4 tonnes each.