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  1. HYDRA-Chapter 3

    Fun and satisfaction doing the work and getting the grandkids out - priceless. 
  2. Stingray for sale

  3. Stingray for sale

    See boats for sale
  4. Stingray Mk II for sale

  5. Stingray Mk II for sale

    Newest Stingray built sail #589. Foam sandwich hulls built by Craig Conn. Superwing mast and Landenberger Pentex big head main and as new Landenberger Pentex jib. Full Harken fitout and many spares including main, jib, boom, rudders. Comes with beach roller and registered trailer. Well performed boat in national titles and ready to sail. Located Brisbane and can help deliver. $5000 ono. Phone 0409370641
  6. Wanted stingray mast

    Steven text me your email and I'll send you the links for photos. Negotiable on price and delivery help. 0409370641
  7. Wanted stingray mast

    Complete state of the art boat for not much more than a new mast. All ready to go with trailer and rollers. Newest boat built and great race record. Always garaged. Can deliver. See my ad in boats for sale. 
  8. Trampoline

    Bags has gone to England. Probably measuring up for Brexit. 
  9. Stingray Mk II for sale

    I'll get some organised tomorrow.  Can I have your email. 
  10. Wanted to buy A class catamaran

    There's a fair bit of trust in the class and most people know each other. Someone breached the trust. 
  11. Wanted to buy A class catamaran

    Yes and done by somebody you probably know. 
  12. Wanted to buy A class catamaran

    Buyer beware. The Ashby sail on that boat has not been paid for. Perhaps the current owner does not know that. Check with Ashby Sails. 
  13. Stingray Mk II for sale

    Boat still for sale and in great condition. Make an offer. 
  14. Stingray Mk II for sale

  15. Stingray for sale

  16. Wanted A class

    You're outside the price range for good boats in that number range unfortunately. For that money the boats will be older or need a fair bit of money spent to get them to reasonable racing condition. As a guide a good boat just above the 800 range would be 6.5 to 7.5 with those around 900 being in the 9's. In NSW talk to Bob Griffiths or Stevie Brewin.
  17. Australian Mega Marathon Event?

    I've come in from the south a couple of times on a Seawind 24 through what is known as "Fishermans gutter". It's a bit wider from the beach than 50 metres though and you have to pick your tide and weather. Better than half tide and not in a belting nor'easter. Probably best to get advice from Tin Can Bay Coastguard. Agree Wide Bay bar is no place for OTB boats in most weather.
  18. Stingray sails

    I have two of each in HTP square Dacron in good condition. Located in Brisbane. 0409370641
  19. Is this the last Stingray made?

    My boat hasn't been up for sale before but it is now. Newest boat built - Craig Conn hulls with the latest rig including hardly used LANDY sails on a trailer with heaps of spares. Last sailed at the Loch Sport nationals and always stored under cover.
  20. Is this the last Stingray made?

    No it is not a Stingray. It was built from Stingray molds but did not fit the class specifications in a number of ways. The most obvious was the beam mounting position. It was part of an unsuccessful attempt to build and sell an updated version of the Stingray. I own the newest Stingray.
  21. Weta tri

    We had two Wetas turn up at our season opening regatta in August and based on best guess we placed them in the medium speed mono fleet on a yardstick of 100. That was too fast in light air and too slow in medium - 12 to 14. On the basis of observation over 5 races I thought about 95 would be OK. I have now formally asked YV for an opinion. As they now use a measurement system for catamarans and the Weta is obviously a tri, the formula doesn't work. They have analysed performance results from UK and Europe against dinghies and suggested a tentative 94 one up and 96 two up. They don't intend at this stage to publish those numbers in the catamaran list for obvious reasons but would welcome performance data against cats so a more reliable estimate can be made. BTW I think YV should be applauded for the efforts they are making to modernize the yardstick methodology. The performance based system was clearly not working for many reasons, not the least of which was the lack of clubs and classes sending in data. The measurement system solves that problem but there are many others when boats are configured in ways not planned in their original design. The Nacra 5.8 with kite is a good example. I'm certainly puzzled by some of the new numbers but I believe measurement is a better system over time. It's almost impossible to rate the many types of boats we have sailing in small numbers in pockets all over the country on a performance basis. Anyone who thinks otherwise should try to do it!!!!
  22. Caper Cat Clarence River Camping

    Suggest you go the other way. You are much more likely to be sailing downwind. Light wind, tide, narrow river, poor tacking angles etc won't add up to a good time.
  23. Multiple Mozzie Questions

    Not a good idea to tie knots in dyneema. It more than halves the strength at the knot. Don't ask me how I know....... Use a splice and no problems.
  24. Boreen Point camp ground - Question?

    Ring the caretakers and ask them. Snorkels have been neede down there recently but they are OK now. If you are thinking of Easter you might be too late unless you have booked.