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  1. 2014 model sail number 1671. Sold with brand new square top main ( never been unrolled). Set of foam battens 10:1 harken mainsheet system included tapered main sheet black one piece tramp. Large ballon beach wheels endless down haul system and carbon tiller extension . Boat comes with Catcover rudder and centreboard covers new boat cover,soft nose travel covers and rigging bag . Has been recently squared and ready to race. Light platform (101kg) rigging replaced approx 18 mths ago. Last sailed 13 months ago at 2016 nationals (5th overall) and has been stored undercover ever since. Price is for boat and rollers only . Cathauler trailer with 2 sailboxes also available for an additional $2000
  2. Nacra F16 Info

    Hi beau it was our two nacras at the nationals.  Both boats have not had much time on the water (it was only my second time on the boat).  We really haven't had the opportunity to get them into a setup window that works and I think they have a lot more speed in them - just need someone to take an interest in them and spend some time to get them setup properly.  I think the N16 seems to be a little less nosey (i think due to the rocker)  than the Viper I saw a couple of close calls downwind on the Vipers whereas we had only had one "incident" on our boat which we recovered from without capsize (crew did teach me some new words)  .  Your comment regarding product support is relevant , the VIPER being an AU boat has better access to new and used parts where as most of ours have to be airfreight in.  I bent a mast on the last day of the nationals , we were very fortunate that Brisbane Catamarans had an new one in stock other wise it would have been a very long wait for a replacement one.    we have a Mk2 N16 arriving later this month so it will be interesting to see how it goes.
  3. good rollup of boats at the nationals 15 boats,  12 vipers 2 nacras and one other.  results are here great to see such a mixed fleet of sailors.  The fleet included a number of youth NACRA 15 sailors, senior sailors, Father Son teams, mixed teams, all boy and all girl teams and a number of one up boats.   The F16 class is certainly a very versatile class.
  4. The 2018 nationals will be held at Rye Sailing Club 22 - 25 January 2018 Very reasonable race fees (which includes membership to the association). The best way to keep the class strong is to come and enjoy events like this.  Great opportunity to meet other sailors in your class and enjoy some great class racing. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1bRXJsEMbzlMLrVC4MKScqIzSJuPGasfLEfjX5KTDtMw/edit
  5. NACRA 15 - AUS 063 for sale SOLD

  6. NACRA 15 - AUS 063 For Sale. SOLD This boat is in as new condition and has only been sailed a couple of times for promotional purposes. Its last outing was the Qld Youth Titles where it placed first after which it was fully cleaned and placed in storage.  The boat is fully optioned and ready to be raced and would suit a new boat buyer. It comes with stern supports , euro cat rollers, a full catcovers boat cover, mast cover, nose travel covers and rigging bag.  Price is $23,500. We can also supply a 4 year old cat hauler trailer with two sail boxes for an additional $1,900.  If interested please email sales@jalex.com.au or call me 0438 723 079  
  7. NACRA 4.5 - for sale 568

    Hi Brisbane, can assist with delivery if necessary Craig 0438 723 079
  8. Nacra 4.5 built for and won 2016-17 Nacra National titles. Made from latest 4.5 mould with new rear beam section.  Boat is in imaculate conditon and only sailed at a couple of regattas last year and the National Titles -proven race history. Very fast, stiff platform with all of the latest equipment including full harken fitout, 8:1 main sheet, 6:1 downhaul, 2:1 rudder system, 2:1 mast rotation, Staymaster rig adjusters, "Trapezee" Trapeze system, black cross cut tramp (for additional stiffness) carbon tilller extension, retractable righting rope system under tramp and rear foot straps.  Supplied with large ballon beach rollers, soft nose travel covers (new), new Catcovers.com.au boat cover, Catcovers.com.au rudder covers and rigging bag as well as a mast rigging stand. Supplied with two jibs (one only used for nationals) and additional battens for heavy weather sailing.  Boat Supplied with registered galvanised trailer and sailbox for $11,900 or can supply boat on rollers only for $10,600 May consider trade for older nacra 4.5 (know of a junior sailor who is looking for a 4.5)
  9. Nacra 4.5 Vs 430

    The 4.5 is a great little boat, really  fast for a 14 foot boat, fun to sail, versatile and challenging if you want to race it (you can actually point  and turn it -unlike other non centreboard boats).  Can be sailed one or two up or even loaded up for a family cruise. Perfect all round boat.  Very cheap to own - low maintenance with great second hand market (very hard to find good ones).  Have seen a few of the original boats (I think almost 20 years old)  and they take a fair beating, no soft spots or other structural issues you find in boats of similar age.  Very low initial depreciation if you decide to buy a new one. Only sailed a 430 once and cannot tell you a great deal about them other than what I have seen on the race course- which is slower upwind and tight reaching (without the kite) than a 4.5 but faster downwind and broad reaching (with the kite).    
  10. 18 sq

    sorry about the late reply haven't had the boat out for a few weeks.  The mast on my 18 is the original pear aluminium one (same as on 5.8) I am running about 35mm of spreader rake to take some of the belly out of the middle of the sail.  diamond wires are tight - mast is pre bent.  With regard to mast rake I was running around front hatch cover (lake sailing)  this clearly isn't back enough as I cartwheeled it on the weekend - its a long way up /down from the back corner!
  11. 18 sq

    haven't gone there yet, the boat did have brackets for a righting bar but I haven't reinstalled it.  Think you would have no chance of righting it without one. having said that being 11 foot wide you get a lot of opportunity to redress a bad situation before it gets worse! did you buy the sydney boat on gumtree?
  12. chasing a NACRA 4.5 in any condition in either Qld or NSW.  Cash buyer. phone/ text  Craig 0438 723 0789
  13. NACRA 4.5 Wanted

    chasing a NACRA 4.5 in any condition in either Qld or NSW.  Cash buyer. phone/ text  Craig 0438 723 0789