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  1. Griffith regatta is 14/15th October. A couple of the local Maricat sailors there have the newer style radial cut sails. You could have a few races and check out the sails. 
  2. Don't be intimidated by the word "regatta". These are not Olympic trials. It just means of group of ordinary sailors with similar boats getting together to sail for (mostly) two days - Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning. Sail maybe 5 or 6 short races in a variety of conditions without having to derig. Most clubs have camping at the clubs and canteens so costs are a minimum. With lots of time to chat, look at other boats, get advise - even sail other people's boats. You will learn more in one weekend at a "regatta" than in a year of sailing by yourself. Entry fees and prices are low - prizes are usually nominal - but at Griffith they give away lots of red wine ......... 
  3. Griffith Sailing Club has a keen group of Maricat sailors. They have a two day regatta on the 4/5th November and it would be good to get the Yarrawonga Maricats there. Just 2 1/2 hours up the road. I also plan to come across. We can do a bit of boat tuning, check set ups - -
  4. How many Maricat's are at Yarrawonga ? The photo on your web page shows three.  Is Dr Peter still sailing there ? Do you have a regatta ?  I did the Sail Inland series there a few years back.    
  5. You don't need a feeder .... Just make sure all the battens are popped the same way and have the boat pointing into the wind. Age is not an issue with a Maticat - just the condition. Old Jimbo sailed Sweet 16 which is the 16th Maricat built - 197something. Won races and championships against new foam boats - but it had a good sail and gear ... and a good sailor !
  6. Is that owners of old Maricats or old owners of Maricats ?    
  7. If the mast is very old then it may be worn along the track. If the sail cloth is fairly crisp and the battens are in tight then the battens will be pushing on the mast and applying bend. So you need to ensure that all the battens are popped out one way and the boat is pointed into the wind.
  8. Give me a call or text and we can discuss ....  0428503126 
  9. It's more about the condition of the sail and how it has been looked after and used and not about age. My sail is about 8 yrs old, about the same as Marks. Most sails are cut pretty much the same and it is about sail trim and setup than about weight of the sailor. I am light and do better in light wind.      All sails fit all masts. The  cut of the newer sails allow for more mast rack. Which side of the mountains are you ? Coast or inland ? Eden or Albury ? I live in Tumut.  
  10. You now have a choice of colours .... Mine is red ... Mark's is lilac (?)  My sail is National 2016 cat rigged champion. My sail also $800. Rodney Anderson 0428503126
  11. Where are you located ? I have a good sail for sale. Redhead radial cut - sail number 5600
  12. Maricat 4.3

    Don't know about anyone in Melbourne. The hotspot of Maricat sailing is NSW central coast (Gosford- Newcastle). New parts Mick 0419999785 Second hand parts Darcy 0243591729 Jib dimensions attached Be careful when adding the jib. Bridle wires need to be 1010mm saddle to shackle. Longer and you loose jib efficiency. Shorter and you put compression stress on the bows. Sheeting position will depend on the cut of the sail and mast rake. 
  13. Wanted to buy - Maricat 4.3 Jib & Main racing

    First bit of advise is "ring Darcy" Second go down to Mannering Park Sailing Club which is the epicentre of Maricat sailing, have a look at the properly set up Maricats and meet Darcy ! New Maricat parts (including rigging) are available from Mick Colecliffe - Lemon Tree Passage Marine. Second hand parts from Darcy. You can buy a premade set of stays from Mick or get some made up at a boat shop - I guess Bob Fussell is still at Warners Bay. Make sure the stays are plastic coated for safety and to be class legal. Also renew the dolphin striker wire - very important A new main will cost you about $1600 - some of the current experienced Maricats sail makers are: Mid Coast Sails, Red Head Sails, Jeff Adams Sails. Have fun - hope to see you out on the water - some of the clubs keep sailing through Winter - Budgewoi in May, Toukley Regatta June Long Week end.
  14. Nationals for 2017

    21. Maricats racing at Lake Cargelligo.
  15. Nationals for 2017

    Maricat Nationals all set for Lake Cargelligo on Saturday/Sunday 25th/26th February. Come and sail with a bunch of enthusiastic Maricatters. All levels welcome and encouraged to attend. Even if you are not a title contender, you will learn heaps to make your club or social sailing better, safer, faster and more enjoyable. Advise and tuning tips will be freely available. 4.0s, 4.3s, 5.0s -- cat rigged , sloop, super-sloop, Mk1, Mk2s, foamies - old and young, experienced and beginners.