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  1. NACRA 4.5 - for sale 568

    Where is it?
  2. I’m looking to buy a catamaran and would appreciate some input: I will mostly be sailing solo, but occasionally with my 6yo daughter in light conditions, and with a mate when it gets breezy. I’m 29yo, 6ft6, 100kg and have lots of experience. I used to own a Hobie 18 (LOVED IT) but it was a little  bit too big to setup and sail solo and I could not reliably find crew so I want something that is:   a) light enough to drag up and down the beach and rig by myself b) buoyant enough for a combined crew weight of up to 180kg b) fast enough to not get bored   I’ve sailed a Hobie 16 but I’m not a fan of the raised trampoline and I’m thinking it may also be a bit heavy.   So I’m looking at the Windrush 14, Nacra 4.5, Nacra 5.0, Is there anything else I may have overlooked? The boomless Nacras are certainly appealing from a safety perspective with a young child.   Do people sail the 5.0s solo? The advantage over the 4.5 being the extra trapeze and the extra buoyancy and there seems to be only 10kg difference in boat weight. Is there a fleet of Nacras or Windys on Sydney Harbour or Pittwater or do they mainly sail Hobies? Also is there somewhere that I might be able to test sail or hire a 4.5 and a 5 for comparison.  Thanks in advance!