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  1. sorry i got a bit infront of myself i ended up fiber-glassing it up will see how it goes
  2. was wondering if you have any rudders i need one thanks  
  3. mast float

    thanks  BlackROC that looks the same as my setup   
  4. mast float

    thanks for that korwich its good to no the old system works the only problem is i  sail in burrendong dam  near dubbo kind of and you are lucky to see another sail boat just skiers (me when its calm) and fisherman so want to be independent .have put my location in you never no hay. after last weekend  think i need to practice righting the boat near the edje with some help at hand 
  5. mast float

    thanks for the replies i just replaced the ropes under the tramp as we broke them when i tryed to right it had a roller set up with ropes and bunge cord to keep it tight i just done the same hope that system works okay.may tye a rope to as nobblyoldjimbo said reckon that 20 liter drum would look ugly so i can go smaller thanks
  6. mast float

    hello i just got an old maricat to learn how to sail and have a bit off fun .was just wondering how big mast floats have to be to work or if someone could put a photo of one going to check the mast for leaks than tie a 20 liter plastic drum to it .i tipped it over the other day and it went turtle virtually straight away as being inexperienced i had no idear how to right it luckily a bloke on a jetski  came and helped me and he new what to do. it still  took a lot to get upright two 100kg men