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  1. Nacra 4.5 - pivmatic rudder conversion?

    Thank you for the like genefewings. ?
  2. Nacra 4.5 - pivmatic rudder conversion?

    Yes! Piggy Russell was the first in Nacra to use this system along with the pre bent tiller arms which has been developed into the Ackerman system. This is from Hobie 14 days where pre bent tiller arms were used for years. Piggy system it is!!! Check with the Measurer first though?? The rope pull down system has many good points including being able to be applied from all over the boat by skipper or crew including from on the wire. Has infinite adjustability to allow for shallow water etc. Generally, the cam cleats overload and release if you hit a very heavy obstruction. The Whole Russell family have done a lot for Nacra sailors since 1984/85. They know A LOT!!!