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  1. Tiller Cross Arm

    Last Add - Research is showing the part I bought is likely for the newer boats AND parts for the older boats do not exist. Therefore, anyone know the correct length and inner diameter for the 2006 F18 tiller cross arm tube?  I may have to buy a piece of aluminum tubing and make one. Thanks again for any assistance.
  2. Tiller Cross Arm

    Add - the boat is a 2006 F18.    
  3. Purchased a tiller cross arm part to replace one broken by previous owner.  Purchased Nacra replacement part form a Nacra parts dealer and part is supposed to fit any F18 but is not long enough and compared to another boat on the beach is short by about 10 cm.  Big problem. Does anyone know if Nacra made two different length tiller cross arms? The one I bought is 181.5 cm for the tube portion (not counting the rubber end pieces) and the one I measured on another boat measured 192.5. Thanks in advance for any input.