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  1. Only a week to go until Winterbash on 29 and 30 July.. Go to Humpybong yacht Club website http://hyc.net.au/ for further info .. Water temp is 20C so pretty inviting still for winter time .. three races next Saturday and a marathon from Woody point to Sandgate and Scarborough and return depending on conditions.. Excellent conditions tipped by weather sites. Race attracted 60 entrants last year and hoping for a larger catamaran and dinghy fleet this year. Senior and Junior divisions held on separate courses  Camping available outside the clubhouse or accommodation on Redcliffe peninsula.. 
  2. Tiller grip

    What to people use to get the best grip on their tillers? Installed a new aluminium tube but it is too slick to hold on to as is.
  3. Humpybong Yacht Club, Woody Point, Brisbane hosts the Queensland A Class championships from 5-7 May 2017. Twenty to thirty A class are expected to attend including Matt Homan, Brad Collett, Andrew Landenberger, Andrew Chaney, Peter Bradbury. Camping is available on the foreshore/carpark  at Humpybong for sailors and their families. Further info at hyc.net.au
  4. I was deliberating whether or not to try to restore my QB2 and for that matter whether there are any still sailing. Would anyone have contacts with former QB2 owners so I can find out if there are usable hulls/sails and other spares around. The last I heard what few QB owners in Victoria were buying Taipans/A class, but there was one young guy sailing out of Melbourne. I like the QBs and would like to preserve a piece of sailing history if possible, so any contacts would be welcomed. There were supposed to be some people in Melb who were building QB glass hulls out of a mould. Would anyone know where the original hull mould is? All I need are a pair of reasonable hulls, a main and jib and a trailer.
  5. In case it hasn 't been notified already, The annual Belvedere Humpybash regatta at Humpybong yacht club is on this Saturday and Sunday if you are interested go to the hyc.net.au to get registration info . Participants are able to camp for the weekend in front of the clubhouse or access a wide range of local accommodation
  6. 2016 Cobra National Titles

    Mooloolaba yacht club has 24/7 security fenced and open areas to the north and south of the club looking from the road .. you will be able to leave your cat rigged there. MSC will stage the event apparently but use MYC facilities which are first rate and the club is a large complex with numerous meeting rooms, dining , bars etc. For racing you sail out through the boat harbour into the ocean off mooloolaba so you will have decent easterly ocean swells to contend with as well as more tidal impact than in port phillip bay. Sunshine coast Hobie sailors race there so cat regattas are routine. . There is heaps of local accomodation from caravan parks to high rise units within walking distance to the club. The only bugbear is traffic and parking outside the yacht club in holiday periods but you shouldn't have a problem getting in and out from the club carpark
  7. 28-30 psi is about average as you want some give and not rock hard pressures
  8. fitted with a maricat mast this thing would fly
  9. Towing cats

    not good.. hope Mr Day is okay ..
  10. cat righting

    think about getting or making a righting bag you can fill to give you more leverege. Tie it off to the righting rope or upper shroud wire and lean out with the bag held out on your back. Standing on the bow should get the cat into the wind and at that wind strength the main should have helped with lift. Thats the theory . There is also making a righting pole, have a look at catsailor.com for some of the ones the yanks have where they put a pole into the lower centreboard slot and walk out on the pole which has ropes to the front and rear beams to hold it steady . After uprighting the pole tucks away back under the tramp.. If you are ,like me , feeling your age, might be time to go to an A class, or 14 footer lighter weight.class
  11. Social Hobie Sailing SEQ

    where are you off to in the near future?
  12. Story here :   www.goodalldesign.com.au/Catamaran/       Effective immediately AHPC/Goodall Sails will be trading as Goodall Design. Customers can expect the same great commitment to high performance and helpful service as before, but now all under a single clean new brand. "Even though we refer to this as a “new” brand, it is more a return to the roots of where we originated.” Says Brett Goodall Greg began designing and redesigning boats from the age of 17 when he built his first moth, from there it was into mosquitos, a relatively closed design class and then into the free world of A-class in 1978. “Goodall Design, with the new logo, is much more representative of whom we are and the values we embody” says Greg Goodall The new branding comes off the back of a very long and detailed investigation into the Goodall business, in which the core values of the business where distinguished. “There were a number of breakdowns where the old branding just did not work” says Brett. “Essentially it didn’t reflect the technical precision that customers have come to love from our products and we were looking for something to better reflect our core values” says Brett. The Goodall Design product line will be branded with highly visual branding and the tops of all sails will now be sporting the “Flying G” logo.
  13. Calypso 16 Hinged Step

    Tie your downhaul to the mast step, tramp rope or dolphin striker to prevent nasty surprises in mast kick up as you only have to worry where the tip is going to land.
  14. I've looked at the association page and been interested in what is happening with the class, will be keeping an eye on the fleet in SEQ.
  15. From about what sail number did Taipans start to be built in fibreglass and not ply?
  16. The rubber bands used in clothes dryers are really great as rudder tiedowns
  17. I used to sail Maricats so either it or the Windrush are excellent first cats to learn on.  I am not sure about parts supply for Hydra these days.  Either of the 14 footers are terrific cats to learn how to sail, very forgiving and tough. if you drive on very rough roads put pads under the hulls and rollers to spread the load and prevent hull damage. check ebay or your local library for sailing books.  if you have access to a lake that size ask around there will be a local who sails there already. Your best way of learning is to pick a day with light to mid range winds and just go. Wear lifejackets and take a paddle if the wind is very light .  There are cat sailing books on ebay and amazon and there is massive amounts of sailing info online if you do a google search. There is also a Maricat website for tuning info if you decide to buy it   Just check the cats for soft spots in the fibreglass, obvious cracks in gelcoat and beams and splits in the trampoline,  if you think the boat is in dodgy condition walk away and learn what to look for before you buy one. things like ensuring all the rigging is in good nick and especially the dolphin striker cable as it it breaks you can easily break a front beam  and they are expensive to replace.    
  18. Trapeze setup

    What do you use instead?. Even the hobie plastic covered traps can give you a wack in the mouth
  19. Santa I've been good, domesticated even,   I put out the garbage, mow the lawn, peel veges and help cook, do the dishes and take the missus shopping,which should earn me gold bonus points.   You see I am still in boatless withdrawal mode after seeing my cat disappear into the distance.  One part of me was keen for a change, while the other side said NOOOOOO!   So i find myself daily knotting ropes, tightening shackles and sorting fittings, silicon spray and even stirring axle grease while scouring the For Sales on ebay and Gumtree.   As everything is either too big a handful for little old 80 kilo me, too new and hideously expensive beyond my meager resources, located beyond the black stump in outer khazakhstan Perth, Vicwegia, Tassie or SouthOz or just plain old, outdated and appallingly neglected, can you check your maritime division warehouse and see if you can find me a recent Hobie 16 or Nacra 4,5 or 6 the owner has let sit unused in their yard and now just wants gone.   i am over having the only cat of its type at club sailing and now want to join a fleet I can pace myself against, Please don't send me to the monohulls as punishment.   Its not too much to ask is it to shut me up?  i promise to be good in 2014 and stay away from boat porn sites like Boatpoint, Sailing Anarchy, and leering at those elite capitalist B%$##@'s in A class and F18 racing.   QB2
  20. the one major regret has been not taking up an invitation to get into A class back in the 80's when the nationals were on lake macquarie. Those guys raced in horrendous winds and lapped up the action, some very skilled sailors around then and now.
  21. Moreton Bay Sailing

    It is a terrific spot to sail from but a bit of a pain sailing back to shore in a NE because of the turbulence from the high rises., if you sail from there avoid the eastern side of the jetty because of the rock shelves which are uncovered at low tide.  There is also a yellow buoy 50m off the jetty and you need to keep outside of that otherwise the fishermen can get  upset if you tag their lines. There are some boat ramps at deception bay but its a very long way to the water at low tide and very shallow. Stick to Woody point 
  22. Sail trimming for a numpty

    Nick if you have a local club go and introduce yourself and see if there is a similar sized cat there you can sail with and against or even just talk to sailors about their craft and what works for them. Its amazing how two boats can just sail together and the next thing you have a drag match race.. its a terrific way to learn how minor adjustments can make a difference.  Above all else enjoy yourself
  23. Sail trimming for a numpty

    Enjoy your sailing and don't worry too much about the technical jargon .  But also just watch how your sail telltales work or stall out with different sail shapes on and off the wind.  Maricats are supposedly almost as fast straight downwind as tacking but i preferred to play with boat balance, heeling correctly to get drive and play with all ropes to adjust sail shape and angles to the wind rather than just be blown along. Running straight downwind let the mainsheet go almost out but retain some sail curve and also prevent wear n tear from the shrouds on sail batten pockets.  If you let the main just flattern against the shrouds you could hang any old rags up there to do the same thing. On a run If it is long enough pull the jib sheet out and around the rear windward shroud to help the jib stay out and working. In very light winds the jib will just hang there but keeping some shape in it will guarantee some effort going into movement.   Alternatively tack downwind and watch your telltales to let you know when both sails have good flow and are generating thrust.  You will feel the boat accelerate when you are '"in the groove'' and either sail up or downwind to keep them flowing and speed constant or highly technical term here, velocity-made-good,  VMG distance covered. .    On a reach generally adjust the jib out so you get a nice curve and the leeward telltales work while the traveller also goes out and sheet in enough to get good sail shape (twist), airflow across it, lee telltales working ahead of the weather ones to generate power and boat speed. Loosen mainsail outhaul and the vang,or cunningham downhaul to make the main sail fuller.   Play with the traveller and/or mainsheet to maximise boat speed. Don't forget the slot between the jib and mainsail as if the jib is too tight or too loose it either spills the wind by stalling out or if too tight backwinds the main and reduces pressure. You have to play around in varying wind strengths and see what works and what doesn't on the various points of sail.   The most satisfying Mari racing i ever did was In a drifter ghosting from surface wind patch to patch where a keen eye and boat balance, sail shape and tactics got the crew and I a placing ahead of the flash and expensive toys of the go fast set who gave up.. 
  24. Trampoline Tracks at Bunnings

    that is excellent as i wondered where you could get sections apart from caravan outlets and usually at outlandish prices
  25. Plywood replacements

    someone on gumtree or ebay had about at least a dozen sheets of 2400 x 1200 marine ply for $50 .. unfortunately it was 10,mm and not 4mm otherwise i would have snapped it up