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  1. AC Cadet 12" For Sale

    Great looking boat Carl! $3,000 is a great deal for this brand new boat. The AC is an excellent boat for a teenager or small adult.  One person, trapeze ... what’s not to love! 😊
  2. Cobra for sale SOLD

    Still for sale.  Price reduced to $4,300. This is one of the best Cobras in Australia.  Only sailed a handful of regattas since new.  Near new trampoline, near new square top main, near new mast, near new sheets and blocks.   Registered trailer that has been to QLD, NSW, SA from Victoria regularly. I may be able to assist with transport to the National Titles in Saratoga NSW in December 2017.  
  3. Cobra for sale SOLD

      My Cobra (Kind of Blue) is for sale. One of the  best Cobras in Australia.  $4,300.  Located in Geelong VIC. Fleets in Parkdale and Safety Beach (VIC).   Friendly, helpful class. Matthew Dawson 0428 311 926
  4. Yet another newbie advice thread

    My Cobra (Kind of Blue) is for sale. One of the best Cobras in Australia. Fleets in Parkdale and Safety Beach  friendly, helpful class. Matthew Dawson 0428 311 926
  5. V3.5 repairs and restoration

    Nice job.  I have done a bit of work with dyneema (not shrouds) - it's fun to work with. I just use spliced loops most of the time but I have also used normal thimbles. I am interested in why you need those large thimbles - they are huge!
  6. V3.5 repairs and restoration

    Thanks for sharing the story. Did you ever find out what sort of boat it is? You might not need a telescopic tiller extension?  Just use a longer piece of PVC tube and attach it using the existing hardware to the middle of the cross bar. It looks like you would be able to shorten the arms on the rudder stocks so they are not hanging over the beam.  I assume the 'v' cut into the end of the arms is a basic cleat for the rudder downhaul.  You may be able to get away with not using a traveller - many arrows don't use a traveller anymore.  You might need a boom vang though to keep the boom down when letting sheet off. I will be interested to hear how your Dyneema shrouds work out. What are the heavy duty thimbles for? Keep the photos coming and feel free to post them on my Arafura Cadet Facebook Page -  
  7. Arafura Cadet build

    I am continuing the story over on Facebook here: Feel free to join me there! ?
  8. Arafura Cadet build

    I thought it was time for an update. The beams are all cut, drilled and anodised. I have worked out just about all of the hardware I will use - mostly stuff I have already lying around.  I am slowly making my way through the sand-fill-sand-undercoat-sand-fill-sand-undercoat-sand etc stage.  It is taking a long time but has been enjoyable. I am confident that I will achieve a good undercoat finish. I am using two pack undercoat. A bit of an error there really (expensive and toxic) but at least I know it is 'high quality'. I am applying with a roller.  I have some time on my hands at the moment so I should have it ready for topcoat in a week or so. I am considering getting a professional top coat. What experience have others had with this? I have plenty of panel beaters around here. How much should I expect to pay for two AC hulls?  They won't need any prep - just the top coat. I haven't had any car spraying work done for about 25 years, so I wouldn't have a clue!    
  9. Nacra 430 in a swell

    Great video nickopen! i had a nice chuckle when you went over. Looks like you were having a blast. ? I would like to see some video of the kite up.
  10. F14's

    What sort of boat is that riledup?
  11. Beach wheels

  12. Cobra fix up

    Pirate is documenting two timber mosquito rebuilds over at They are very informative. Find them here:    
  13. !Wanted to buy A class cat!

    Have you tried this resource?
  14. Beach wheels

    Beach wheels for sale good condition  good for sand 50mm x 2500mm stainless axle no hull cradles located in geelong  $100  Matthew T e l:  0428  311  926  
  15. 2016 Cobra National Titles

    Really enjoyable regatta.  Results: Photos: