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  1. maricat sail track tramp mod questions

    The plate is glassed in full length, knock out the rivet tails with a small parallel punch, before drilling out the rivets, (Your drill will then follow the hole in the rivet and not cause an oversize hole) You can call me on 02 43591729, to chat about all Mari mods.
  2. Mari 4.0 Jib Block

    Will have a look and get back to you.
  3. 2 to choose from, 1 $350, good gal, lightweight, reg trailer, suit Mari or similar. 2 $700, Very good, solid, "Cathauler"production trlr, multi adjustable, suit 14 to 18 foot cat, 5 stud 10 inch wheels w/good tyres Sailboxes available for both, $200 Darcy 02 43591729
  4. Wanted to buy - Maricat 4.3 Jib & Main racing

    Give me a call on 43591729, Darcy.
  5. Hydra Parts

    Some Hydra and Maricat parts were interchangeable, photo of rudder casting and measurement of sail foot will find parts to fit.  
  6. Min weight Foam P/T $600

    Gone to good home.
  7. Still plenty of parts for sale, hulls, beams, tramp. V/good, NSW reg trlr. Darcy 02 43591729
  8. Foam Mari, $4k neg

    Sail number 5000, lightweight, foam sandwich Maricat, cat rig, top performer. Boat only, $4k Mannering Pk, NSW Central Coast. Accept Mk1 or Mk2 as part trade. Fat, old skipper no longer sailing to potential. Darcy. 0243591729.
  9. Traveller car

    V/good 6 wheel car $75 0243591729 Darcy, 4 wheel cars are just as good.
  10. Have 2 new Stb, can be fitted to port, would require re drill for fittings. $30 ea.
  11. Port or stbd ? $25 plus post. 02 43591729
  12. Free H14 Turbo parts

    Good platform, hulls, beams, dolphin striker, 1 tramp half, 1 pr castings and mast,   FREE.  Good gal trailer to suit above, $150. Mannering Pk, NSW Central coast. 43591729. Darcy.
  13. Jib Stay Length for 4.3

    Raking  the mast improves the performance and greatly reduces the tendency to pitchpole, but, you must also remove 2-3mm off the rear of the mast step, to allow the mast to rotate, and tuck the rudders under the transom 30mm, to get rid of the weather helm, induced by mast rake. Nobody in our club sails with a standard rig. Hope this helps. 
  14. Jib Stay Length for 4.3

    Some women have a nice "Rack", Maricats have mast " Rake"