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  1. Tiller grip

    For those who have too much money, the Arriba Sticks are heavy but very tough for telescoping extensions - and very expensive... I still have one - and may go back to it for heavy-weather sailing. I believe The Life Aquatic in Mona Vale carry them... Right now I'm using a Ronstan Battle Stick - but they're fragile - and I agree the synthetic plastic 'knuckles' are suspect in heavy weather.. CST Composites do non-telescoping sticks - very highly recommended - Google them. PP
  2. Fun Vids

    Could we get some info about which drone George was using? The consensus seems to be that the DJI Phantom 4 drones are best at holding their position in strong breezes - up to around 20 - 25 knots... but there's still some debate about it... Their cheaper DJI Mavic drone also seems to be one to consider, but it doesn't have the same 'obstacle avoidance' sensors that the Phantom 4 Pro does... and as it's smaller it sounds like it wouldn't be as effective in stronger winds - and would be subject to getting blown about... Also, has anyone experimented yet with the 'Follow Me' function - on a fast moving cat? I understand that the drones can be made to lock onto an object - or a person - but a fast moving catamaran that changes its outline depending on it's orientation to the drone may be problematic? I think that a 'fun' video showing how arriving at the beach / rigging-up and getting on the water is so fast and easy - along with some exciting aerial footage is just what the Windrush 14 needs... I'd do it, but I'm not a competent drone pilot yet... PP
  3. Fun Vids

    Walpole 'In The Trees' Regatta 2017:- Nice starting sequence of the Mixed Catamaran Fleet - aerial/drone footage of some hot Windy Super Sloops mixing it up with a couple of Hobie 16's - all motoring off the line...
  4. Windrush 14 Rudder Problem

    The small shackle through the flexible tiller joint is an excellent modification... nice work...
  5. Sydney Social Cat Sailors Group

    Sure did... you can find it here:- I have yet to 'stalk' Gumtree and other on-line resources for potential members - but I'll get around to it eventually - hopefully we can get a core group of at least 6 to 10 sailors/crews up and motivated to do some weekends for next season – particularly up at South West Rocks...
  6. Fun Vids

    Very kooool.. u should stick that on YouTube - with a little soundtrack behind it... and location... Here's an excellent shoot - at South West Rocks - windsurfing... A combo of close-up and wide angle/distance shots... with a complementary sound-track that doesn't overwhelm the visuals... This really is the kind of promotional video Windrush should do... Just purr-fekt environment at South West Rocks - lots of accommodation and a pub / eateries and modern amenities... who wouldn't want to sail there after seeing this? PP
  7. Is this a Hawke surfcat?

    It's sad when stating facts gets in the way of emotions... so I guess I'm a 'snob' for doing so... But hey, thanks for the name-calling... :( Selling points 'over' Maris and Windys? Please. Innovative, clever design lasts. Cheap, copy-cat designs with no original ideas usually don't. That's why the Hawke Cat and others like it are 'dead'... and it never had any selling points over the Maricat or Windrush 14. Or Hobie 14 for that matter... If it did, it may still be in production...  
  8. Sydney Social Cat Sailors Group

    He's the skipper in that smoking pic of the Windrush 14 Super Sloop I posted above...
  9. Hi guys n gals, we've just developed a new hoist - especially designed to accommodate wider items like cats on trailers, powerboats, Jet-Ski trailers and caravans. It's freestanding and portable - so absolutely no need to bolt it in place... (240V/15amp power supply) The standard-sized 4-Post hoists can't squeeze a cat trailer on - hence the need to create something wider. This model has nearly 3.10m 'drive-through' for the item on top, and a little more than that for the item left on the ground. It will come with a Rolling HD Jacking Tray - that you can place the jockey wheel into... It's rated at 4000kgs and will fit a larger car or 4WD underneath - as it has 2.082m under the crossbar at the top lock - so no bumping of heads either...! The pic with my Windy on the hoist is the previous model. The new version has the full tube section posts, wrap-around crossbars and alloy approach ramps - the latest design in this type of hoist... First 2 due into our Sydney showroom late March '17... for under $5,000.00 - you just can't beat it as a very flexible storage solution... BTW, there is also a Side-By-Side Parker model - which lifts 2 cars at once - which installs into less than 5.30m width space... Hope this is interesting for everyone… PP (Hero Hoists, Sydney)   Lift King Boat & Caravan Parker.pdf
  10. Sydney Social Cat Sailors Group

    Hey Matt, the social sailors wanna go faaaast too - (that's probably why they bought a cat instead of say - a Laser - right?) And it just so happens that a correctly tuned boat is just so much more fun to sail socially too. You can't learn that from just 'pottering about'... The 'problem' seems to be the 'seriousness' that many perceive when they get involved in racing - and nobody wants to be Tail-End Charlie too many times - or even once... The flip-side is that once you do race - and you get support from others sailing the same boat - it increases the 'fun-factor' when you just want to go for a blast - coz the boat feels a whole lot better when it's correctly set-up. Too many are turned off sailing because the boat wouldn't turn, or it was sluggish - or wouldn't respond etc etc... or they pickled it and couldn't right it - leading to an initially negative experience. The plus side of racing is that you have a rescue boat - and knowledgeable sailors to give you advice - if you ask for it... I don't really think the racing guys are jealous at all - it's just that they get a kick out of pushing their boats - and themselves - to the limit... Ideally you want a mix of both - which is what I'll attempt to do - if I get enough interested cat sailors... PS The guy sailing Hot Pepper is Warren Pfeffer - (now trying his hand with a Maricat 4.3) - who is one of the nicest guys I ever met - he's probably among the best 5 Windy sailors to ever step on the boat... very friendly and always happy to offer advice to me and others - so not all racers are hard-nosed egotists - I can assure you...  
  11. W14 Square Top Main

    There's really nothing more I can add... sorry. if you sail with a racing fleet - this kinda basic question can be answered by anyone who's prepared to listen to your concerns... and put your boat next to theirs and 'play' around with things... PP
  12. Sydney Social Cat Sailors Group

    Hey Matt, yes, I'm aware of your group - in fact I modeled my idea on it... As far as the 'N' boats go - yes I get it - they're the 'North American Catamaran Racing Association' - what are they doing here in OzTrayLeeYah? They are like the Myna birds of the Cat Sailing Scene... Yes, I know I'll be crucified for saying that - but how about Australians supporting local designers and innovative Australian design? As far as I'm concerned, everyone should be on a Windrush 14 or F18 Edge - but seeing as Windrush don't make a 16 yet - then go the Hobie 16's! BTW, my frustration came about as a consequence of the curious attitude at KCC - their 'take' on things is that there isn't a suitable 14ft training boat available... I say 'bollocks' to that... the Windrush 14 is the most versatile boat for teenagers - or an adult and a teenager - as it's able to be sailed in many different configurations - and it isn't hard to find reasonably good boats at silly prices online... but there's nobody down there who wants to make it happen... just a bizarre attitude for a Catamaran Sailing Club... :( Anyway - I appreciate your thumbs-up for the idea - hopefully we can get something happening down here too... and one day meet you guys at South West Rocks...  
  13. Sydney Social Cat Sailors Group

    Hi everyone, after surveying the 14ft / 16ft cat sailing scene in Sydney for a few years, it's become apparent that there isn't an opportunity for 14ft (or 16ft) cat sailors to get together on an ad-hoc basis... Kurnell Catamaran Club is focused on racing the high-performance larger designs - and typically there are no 14's sailing there regularly. And getting them to develop 14ft cats (as a training class for their juniors) is seemingly a futile exercise... Concord-Ryde sails on a Saturday - so that precludes many of us who work Saturdays from attending their events... My idea is to start a Cat Sailors Social Group - and to maybe put up a Facebook page - where we can loosely plan Sunday get-togethers - possibly around a central Sydney venue like Clontarf - (which is easy to get to for anyone within an hour of the CBD) - and to occasionally attend 1-Day Regattas at various venues. Nothing serious - but an opportunity to help get social sailors up to speed with sailing/tuning clinics, and for friendly 'ad-hoc' races around the bay using existing marks - very much 'low-key' stuff... Occasionally, travel for weekends away at South West Rocks or Jervis Bay - for example... I appreciate this is not the site to find these sailors, but it's a start? Any feedback would be great... PP
  14. W14 Square Top Main

    You should be just shy of block-to-block when sheeted on hard in a strong breeze - 15 knots + So, mast rake is determined by that... and the less 'slop' you have in the rig - the more responsive she will be... Luff tension should always be 'full-on' - and even more so in a strong breeze - give it heaps. Of course, off-wind reduce luff tension according to wind strength and the set of your sail... Take your battens (and sail) to a local sailmaker - he will show you the curve in them - (basically, put one end against a wall or something solid - and push) - and then get some stiffer/heavier ones ordered... Make sure the maximum draught (camber)  is no further back than 35% - 40% along their length - in other words you want the drive 'forward' - and a 'clean' aerofoil exit to the shape. Generally the top 3 battens should have less 'depth/camber' than those below. You get power from the bottom 2/3rds of the sail going upwind, and the top 1/3 should really be laying off and 'feathering' - especially in stronger breezes where it just adds to healing, and doesn't add to speed... Downwind the top 1/3 is being utilised for even more drive - but the balance must be found carefully, as too much power can quickly lead to a pitchpole on a broad or close reach... too much 'fun' - huh? Anyway, there are plenty of articles online talking about cat sail / batten shape - just do some research... Of course, these are just general guidelines... you really MUST get some 'boat-to-boat' comparisons happening...
  15. W14 Square Top Main

    Continuing on from the post on the Australian Catamaran Forum.. The main issue is probably a combo of too soft battens / mast rake - and possibly a too loose rig... The thing to do is to hop on someone else's boat - and they sail yours for a while - trading tacks etc - so that a comparison can be made... if you can get a 3 or 4 boat 'swap' going - this is enlightening for all concerned - and will highlight any faults in your own boat... Or, send some photos here - taken from behind the boat; sail sheeted on tight with traveler centred - or very close to centre with enough luff tension to remove all creases from the leading edge...