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  1. Boat Insurance

    Hi  Just  went to renew  my boat insurance . It seems to continually  increase even when there has been no claims for 10 years. The boat  is only  used for 5mths of a year. It would be interesting  to see what  other  Windrush  sailors are paying  and which  insurance companys they use. Cheers . 
  2. Recovery after capsize

    Your right about looking  after your back. I have the trailer in front of the boat  at a suitable  distance . The mast sits in the tabanacle by its self, while the top of the mast  is on the trailer. All stays  are snapped on and I rest the upper part of the mast  on my shoulder ,and begin to walk  towards the  boat as I get near the boat I lift the mast up from  my shoulder ,  usually at around  50 deg , so the lift is not too bad. Stability  is good because  the side stays are attached  to the saddles  on front  cross beam .  The mast angle  allows  it to stay up with  out holding it , snapping  the halyard  to the Mainsheet ensures stability while I move the side stays .  I have  the side stay in one hand and pull the main  sheet, to snap on the stay. I have solid halyard  rope for this. and if it ever snapped , I have the side stay an hand anyway .  I used to do it the old way and  just reached  over and snap a side stay while  holding  the mast,  which others  sailors do and then just pull the opposite  stay around  to snap on, till I let the side stay slip out of my hand .  Look after your back guys. Cheers .   
  3. Recovery after capsize

    Yep the boat  comes back up pretty well. It easier when there's a bit of wind to round the hulls  up. The process  is very quickly  done so, the boat  usually  doesn't  go completely  over. The stablizing the Mast is  big safety  issue  when there is kiddies hanging  around  while solo rigging  up. Just a quick  answer  to this problem .  I riveted to saddles  either  side of front  beam that have at 2 long shackles attached . Length  is important .  Simply lay the mast foward on the ground or back of the trailor.  Have the base in the tabanacle . I have snap hooks on all stays. Hook Bridle up and then hook side stays to the saddles  on front cross beam. Pick the mast up keeping  the pressure back in the tabanacle and walk  towards  the front beam throwing the mast up and making  sure you  step over the bridle. Basically when  the mast gets past vertical  it will loosely stay up. Then l grap the helyard walk to the back of the boat and snap the Mainsheet  pulley  block on . Pull the traveller  cart to one side take some slack up with the main sheet . Now you can safely  release the loose  side stay from the saddle  at the front beam. Repeat  for the other side. Using  the Mainsheet  on the helyard has been a  great way to adjust  rig tension. Sorry I answered in this thread . Cheers . Will  give some pics. Wanted   
  4. Recovery after capsize

    Cheers  heres the conduit  hand hold. It just  wide enough  so it wont hit the hull with  endcaps . Plenty  strong enough to swing on. I still surf so landing  on the deck feels  normal.
  5. Recovery after capsize

    DBM it looks  like  you have a system  that  works for you. I recon if you  had a few practice session  in shallow  water .  You may surprise your self   . Its all in the timing , as the hull goes pass equalibrium let your leg scissor  hold on the deck of the hull. Nice feeling  siting on top of the deck  and not having  to hoist your self out of the water. ,
  6. Recovery after capsize

    Here's  one that helps you  when the boat continually  flipsover while righting on a windy day. Its a bit of timing , but when you are standing  on the hull just beneath  the forward  crossbeam. as the boat  begins to right itself, the hull is coming  down . slide a leg over the deck and scissor hold with your legs on the hull. when the boat lands on the water  you will be stilling  on top of the hull  and your weight  will stop the boat from going over again , you just slide  straight back on to tramp. Its a bit like jumping  on a wild pony. I also  have  a piece of conjuct about  5in long , drilled in the middle  and knotted  at the correct height  in the righting rope. I have had nerve damaged  in one arm and basically  it work's  for me. If you are lucky  you can swing the leg over and be up and sailing  in a jiffy. without  the exhaustion. Cheers 
  7. Foam Sandwich Windrush For Sale

    Thanks  Dave just had a ripper of a summer  series . The boat is Great! 
  8. Rudder slop.

    Thought  I would share what seems to work. I just finished our summer sailing  series and decided  to get get rid of some of the slop out of the rudder pin , where the casting  rudder pin holes have become elongated  enough  to change the rudder  rake. I decide  to put nylon bushes in the holes, after I rebored the elongated casting. I'm  no expert  but very happy with  result done cheaply. Pic to come .    
  9. Foam Sandwich Windrush For Sale

    Will do. cheers
  10. Foam Sandwich Windrush For Sale

    Very Happy Chappy. Thanks David. love those batterns working Well Cheers!
  11. Foam Sandwich Windrush For Sale

    will be coming up Wednesday David see you soon. Cheers
  12. Foam Sandwich Windrush For Sale

    Left message on phone David Rick 0468462647 03525410. Cheers
  13. Windrush Bulkhead For Sale

    Do you have the weight stamp and serial numbers of hulls from rear crossbeam? Cheers
  14. wanted to buy foam sandwich hulls

    Cheers all. great stuff..