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  1. Hi David don't stress i have had 2 knee reconstructions and 3 other knee ops i have the left knee of a 70 year old don't need braces physio is the key and sailing the motivation. my knee locked many times, i wore braces but none of then helped. cat rig is the go as you have plenty of time tacking to move sides mari cat rig is the best and easiest on the old body. give us a call i can help i have lots of experience with knees and how to tack with bad knees cheers Grady 0432511817
  2. 2x 4.3 mari's for sale

    boats sold
  3. 5m maricat for sale

    boat sold
  4. 5m maricat for sale

    Kempsey Nsw can deliver in nsw for a fee rego trailer 10 months or just pick it up and sail nationals 24th/25th feb at queenslake 
  5. 5m mari $2500 grady 0432511817
  6. 2x 4.3 maris 2x trailers will break up for parts grady 0432511817
  7. 5m maricat for sale $2500 grady 0432511817
  8. 1 mark 1 and 1 mark 2 4.3 mari's will sell parts 2 unrego trailers, mark one very light. grady 0432511817
  9. anyone have or know of any 5.0m maricats for sale or seen any in front yards give us a call as the class is getting up and going. They can be in any condition give us a call 0432511817 grady
  10. Trial Bay regatta

    Thanks mick
  11. Trial Bay regatta

    Anyone coming to trial bay, if so does anyone know were is the notice of race is? grady
  12. State and National Titles

    New tramp ready to go bring on states
  13. State and National Titles

    hi any news on dates for states? need to get time off work. I have a new knee and rebuilding the 5.0 so keen as to out on the water.
  14. Any other 5.0m Maris interested because I will rebuild mine in time would like someone to race against. will be there sailing regardless bring on November
  15. 2013-14 nationals

    Awesome day, go the 5.0 no capsize,made it intact, wife still talking to me a bit nippy for skippy. only broke tramp will repair and do even better tomorrow