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  1. Hi All I’m looking to enter the class with a quality glass/kevlar 4.9 to be sailed sloop and cat (mostly sloop) for club racing. Desired: Boyer Hulls Good mains, prefer 1 cat main and 1 sloop main good sloop gear (jib(s), blocks etc) Decent no tie trailer Budget is around $7,000 but might be able to stretch that a bit for the right boat I’m in SA, but will travel for the right boat robbieandrew100 (at) yahoo (dot) com (dot) au
  2. Not sure where it is, but I've been sailing the beast for 3 years and reckon i can answer any questions you have. Also if your on facebook, join the Calypso group
  3. With sailing season just around the corner, I've created a Calypso Catamarans Facebook page, mostly to try get a sense of who is sailing Calypsos and where they're at. If you sail one or know someone who does here's the link, share it.
  4. There's a guy here in SA who's after an Aluminium mast for an A Class.  Let us know if you have anything and I'll pass any messages on Cheers
  5. Aluminium A Class Mast Wanted

    Still looking for a mast, a carbon one will suit too of course but he's only got about $1,000 to spend so guessing Aluminium is more realistic at that price, there's got to be some lying around out there??? Boyer Mk 3 by the way 
  6. WANTED. 5m maricat
  7. WANTED. 5m maricat
  8. So i have decided that there aren't enough videos and photos of Calypsos out there, so i thought it would be cool to start a thread where calypso owners can post photos/videos of their boats. This was largely inspired by my day sailing today (Gotta love a public holiday sail). I'll get the ball rolling with a few from today... Not many good shots in the water today, but did take a few videos with some mates Get Posting!
  9. Calypso Photos and Videos

    1st Catamaran on Yardstick. Beat the hobies over the line, and the Nacra 5.8, Taipan 5.7s and A weren't too far ahead. Chose the right route and had the wind on my side.
  10. Calypso Photos and Videos

    Milang to Goolwa, had to retire after crew stuffed his leg  
  11. WANTED AHPC Capricorn!
  12. Calypso Photos and Videos

    Another windy day and Meningie  
  13. Windrush 14 Sailing on Yorke Peninsula SA

    Nice! Where on Yorke Peninsula are you? I'm over on Eyre Peninsula at the moments and regretting not bringing the boat
  14. Calypso Photos and Videos

    Windy and kind of Violent at Meningie yesterday, nice downwind pitchpole  
  15. My first Windrush 14

  16. Calypso Photos and Videos

    A long slow day last Saturday  
  17. My first Windrush 14

    That would be great! Next club racing is the 6th at Meningie and 7th at Milang, not that there's any pressure to race, a year ago I was just burning around the lake while the others raced, they really are a great place to learn and sail competitively!
  18. My first Windrush 14

    Hey Steve, can I try coax you into coming down to the lakes too?
  19. My first Windrush 14

    No damage to my boat, a large amount to the other, I'll leave it at that. Saturday was a slow upwind crawl through the goolwa channel, about 4 hours, then 20+ knots for the rest of the day, chaos. If you're on facebook there's a page for SA Beach Cat Sailers  
  20. My first Windrush 14

    I was exactly the same, started just sailing around seacliff then went to Milang once and was hooked. I only sail at Milang and Meningie now, over summer that makes for a pretty packed calendar. I know Adelaide sailing club at west beach has some cats as well as Somerton park.    Milang to Goolwa was great this year, a good sized race, the Goolwa to Meningie last saturday was too much for me and my crew and we pulled out halfway. If you come out to Milang or Meningie they won't charge you the first few times and you'll learn a lot from experienced people, just make sure you have boat insurance, it's pretty cheap and saved me over $2,000 after an incident the other week.   There are Club races at Meningie on december 6th and milang on december 7th, that's a good opportunity to visit both clubs in 1 weekend, saving some of the travel time, I'll be at both.
  21. My first Windrush 14

    Nice one, love the name/paint job. Have you thought about joining a club? Milang and Meningie are amazing clubs that mostly sail cats, there's always heaps of really friendly people who love helping people getting the most out of their boats and the membership value is incredible, well worth the drive. I put off joining any clubs for ages but once I visited these clubs I was hooked. There's usually a good mix of faster and slower cats there, making racing great for everyone and sailing on the flat water is great!
  22. Calypso Photos and Videos

    On Saturday we attempted the longest end to end freshwater race in the southern hemisphere, the Goolwa to Meningie. After a painful light upwind stretch for nearly 4 hours the wind shifted behind us to about 20 knots and we flew downwind to catch up with the leading A classes and Taipans. From there the wind was all over the place and more than I was willing to put myself and my crew through. Maybe next year we can finish. I didn't get much footage, but here's a bit  
  23. Calypso Photos and Videos

    Cool, I'll get some on sunday
  24. Calypso Photos and Videos

    Wow, you've done well getting the mast up single handed, good looking boat. I can get some pictures of the trapeze setup on the weekend if you like. Make sure the sail is all the way up, there's a bit on the halyard that should lock into the cleat on the top of the mast.