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  1. As an aside, the reason for moving the tripple block on the boom back some 100mm was to increase mast bend rather than to stop us sheeting block to block. This was in 1978 and I was way lighter back then. This season I may move that block back to its original position.
  2. I have similar difficulties hoisting my racing mainsails.  My 1980 vintage all orange number hoists easily but is very slow upwind.  The suggestions above are all good.  In addition I am now using a much thicker halyard and a pair of leather work gloves to hoist the race sails. It is still not easy.  Mine are both cross-cut from Chris Cairns. Powerful sails with heaps of luff round.
  3. Season closer - Lake Burrumbeet

    Agree on the Ballarat winters - way too cold for Maricat sailing.
  4. Traveller car

    I managed to break the traveller car on my mark 2 maricat.  It was a 4 wheel car (steel wheels RF 361).  Are most skippers using a 6 wheeled car?  Can someone please provide me with a product number for a 6 wheeled car. 
  5. Billygoat newbie question thread

    The weed may be an issue.  I sailed Wendouree  in the 60s and 70s, and if the water levels were down then the weed was a significant factor, and part of tactical considerations. Many of us have the tips of the rudder blades tucked forward (plenty of advice on this in previous posts) to give the Mari a much lighter feeling helm.  I am guessing that if your boat has this then you will get quite a weed collection on your blades very quickly. Darcy on this forum is a good source of advice on these old girls.    
  6. What hit her? Repair or replace?
  7. Good number of starters for a regatta early in the season.
  8. Thank you for posting the Maricat results on the club website.  Did any other 14s like Arrows, PTs, Windies or Hobies turn up?
  9. Darcy, where do we find the results from the regatta?
  10. Shearwater 111

    There was a Shearwater sailing at the Mt Martha Yacht Club back in the late 1960s.  She was quite a smooth looking cat for the time, especially compared to the Attunga cat my dad sailed, or the Quickcats which were really popular on the bay!!
  11. Hydra Moulds

    The Australian Hydra was built by by the Maricat factory. I think it would be a long time since one was built.
  12. Maricat Rudder Blade - rehole

    Yep.  Plenty of old Maricats have hatches aft of the rear beam to allow access for transom repairs and to replace the old metal threads with bolts.
  13. Maricat Rudder Blade - rehole

    This sounds like a very technical approach.  For my rudders I moved the rudder blade pivot about half a hole forward and then used shims under the top rudder gudgeon.  After some trial and error the shims are now12mm thick which gives me quite good balance.  My rudder blades are the 1979 Hydrofoils.
  14. Have managed to sail a few times but the knee does feel a bit strange when tacking.  My medicos were of the view that catamaran sailing was over for me, so it is really pleasing to be out on the old Maricat again.
  15. My two tiller arms have quite different amounts of bend inwards - one is quite a lot straighter (and somewhat damaged) than the other.  Even so, I haven't noticed that tacking is easier on one side or the other.  Just how important is the ackerman steering geometry?  How much inward bend should there be on each tiller arm?