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  1. Yet another newbie advice thread

    Another good 14 foot boat is the Arrow, they have hulls that are flat on the bottom, very high buoyancy, when I did my first Lake Eyre Regatta I sailed an Arrow two up in some of the races at about 160kg and it handled it ok. It's a good idea before you sail whatever boat you buy to get the tips to depowering it 
  2. NACRA 2017/18 National's

    Thanks for making it so easy, took only a few minutes to email the entry and pay online
  3. Yet another newbie advice thread

    Welcome to cat sailing, there aren't many Nacra's sailing there but that doesn't stop you sailing one yourself, I am quite often the only Nacra sailing where I sail, a boat that would fit your bill with a big fleet near you is the Taipan 4.9, you can sail that one or two  up, you won't get a fibreglass one for $5000 but there is a ex national champion timber one in very good order on Gum Tree, it was been repainted light grey, with good sails etc. The mozzies not a bad option it is more weight sensitive good luck with your search
  4. New to the Nacra game

    It would be easier if we could see what you have, so if you took photos and posted them on here we would soon be able to tell you where things go
  5. Daggerboard repair

    I broke my board in the same place, put a long stainless steel screw in each side, dug out out the fractured filling inside, layed it on a flat surface and glassed up one side, then rolled it over, filled the void with resin and glassed it up, was plenty strong enough but I wish I took it to a proper fibre glass repair place as they would have had it look like new
  6. V 3.5 sailing report.

    Plenty of adults on small cats there was a bloke that did the 50km Milang to Goolwa race a couple of weekends ago on an 11ft Arafura Cadet, there were multiple adult junior crews on the 3.5m Nacra when I raced near Noosa this year, I've spent plenty of time on an Arafura Cadet the same size as guzzis3's boat and if we all made more positive posts regarding the smaller boats you might be amazed by how many more people bob up on this forum, 
  7. V 3.5 sailing report.

    Keep posting most of us started on smaller cats a lot are still on smaller cats, you are in the right forum
  8. V 3.5 sailing report.

    Thanks for the write up, to me it sounds like an exciting day that gave you all the info you were looking for on the boat, you sailed it in plenty of wind that showed the issues, easy to fix things and next time will be easy. I mostly sail on 18 to 19 ft cats but the best fun I've had is flogging around on small cats in big wind and chop, sailing a 8ft Bic open together with my 4yr old son on the tiller in 20 kts will always be my most fun sailing memory. Shorter boats just amplify the fun looking forward to hearing how it goes  
  9. Catamaran ID

    cant get through the pics but here are some news clips that show the Capercats might give an idea  
  10. Catamaran ID

    I was going to say capercat Niso but wasn't sure, I'll go through the lake eyre regatta photos, that is a top pick of the Infusion flying the spin past the ferry on the cooper creek with an esky on the tramp
  11. V 3.5 catamaran ?

    congratulations on your new boat, I've got no suggestion on what it is but it looks tidy, let us know how you go
  12. New to Nacra

    Before you use it, I would take all the ropes and blocks off, soak them in a bucket of water with fabric softener and washing powder in it for a week, giving the gear a swirl in the bucket every time you go past, replace the mix when you think the water is too dirty, I would change it every day, then thoroughly rinse it all many times with fresh water to get the crap and detergent out, that will extend the life of the bearings in your blocks. I do this every month on my boat to extend the life of the blocks
  13. 18 sq

    Thanks for the reply, I'm putting a righting bar on this one, yep it's the gum tree one, I thought it would be pretty rough but it turned out it was Bob Forbes one that used to have the wingsail, but now has a carbon T mast and square top sail, it's in good nick for the age, I just have to put the fittings back on the mast, can you tell me what tension you are running on your diamonds and what mast rake you are using
  14. 18 sq

    G'day Spike you got me interested enough to purchase an 18 square with square top, can you tell me have you righted the boat on your own
  15. New to Nacra

    Welcome to the Nacra family, if you can sail the boat as is, have a sail and see if the (ropes) sheets are a comfortable length for you, if they are just take them off the boat and measure them. After that you can give your local Nacra dealer or boat chandlery a call and have them sent to you. has a download section with a spare parts list for your boat, would be well worth talking to Goose he's a wealth of knowledge especially Nacra and would have the bits in a pack and on its way to you in no time