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  1. Don't know the timing of your trip but have you thought of timing your trip with sailing at clubs and regattas on the way, I'm planning Wildcat at start of October, Mission Beach regatta including sailing around Dunk Island, 22nd October, Lake Coothabarra in early Nov, with a couple of places in between
  2. Great Lakes Sailing Club near Forster, can camp and sail there, I travel from South Aus to there each year in October for Wildcat, big lake on one side of the road and sea with whales on the other side, very picturesque 
  3. Only 11 days until the start of the epic Goolwa to Meningie race from the end of the Murray river across the lower lakes of the Murray system in South Australia. Racing starts in Goolwa, from 8am for monohulls with cats starting at 11am, we race up the Goolwa channel, across the top of Lake Alexandrina, through the creek called the Narrows to Lake Albert and across lake Albert to finish at Meningie. This is the most adventurous off the beach race in Australia, at about 70km long its also the longest. The lower lakes throw up some serious chop to test your stamina and plenty of wind once the sea breeze settles in, for that reason would be single handed skippers must be experienced and wear helmets, all competitors must wear a high vis top, a torch and whistle as these lakes are up to 20km wide and would take some searching. For people thinking of doing this race for the first time, there are some definite things to avoid, I'm happy to point out the strategy to stay out of trouble and where not to get too close to shore. This part of the river and the lower lakes are about as full of water as they ever get and the carp numbers for some reason are also very low. So if your an experienced, adventurous sailor, looking for a full on race, that doesn't need to have a rescue boat within sight at all times come and have a crack at this fantastic race. Here's a video from a few years ago, the race doesn't always start with wind like this but every race I've done has ended with wind like this
  4. Worn rudder gudgeons.

    To make long drill bits you can weld rod onto the end of your drill bit, I've done it before and the only tricky bit is keeping it straight or you can get a metal working shop to do it
  5. Replacing hull inspection o ring

    Not sure what you mean, if your inspection ports have an O ring for the hatch you would buy it from the manufacturer but if you are sealing a new one to the hull, I prefer sikaflex but it doesn't stick to silicone so need to clean the previous silicon off thoroughly or just use silicone
  6. Yet another newbie advice thread

    Another good 14 foot boat is the Arrow, they have hulls that are flat on the bottom, very high buoyancy, when I did my first Lake Eyre Regatta I sailed an Arrow two up in some of the races at about 160kg and it handled it ok. It's a good idea before you sail whatever boat you buy to get the tips to depowering it 
  7. NACRA 2017/18 National's

    Thanks for making it so easy, took only a few minutes to email the entry and pay online
  8. Yet another newbie advice thread

    Welcome to cat sailing, there aren't many Nacra's sailing there but that doesn't stop you sailing one yourself, I am quite often the only Nacra sailing where I sail, a boat that would fit your bill with a big fleet near you is the Taipan 4.9, you can sail that one or two  up, you won't get a fibreglass one for $5000 but there is a ex national champion timber one in very good order on Gum Tree, it was been repainted light grey, with good sails etc. The mozzies not a bad option it is more weight sensitive good luck with your search
  9. New to the Nacra game

    It would be easier if we could see what you have, so if you took photos and posted them on here we would soon be able to tell you where things go
  10. Daggerboard repair

    I broke my board in the same place, put a long stainless steel screw in each side, dug out out the fractured filling inside, layed it on a flat surface and glassed up one side, then rolled it over, filled the void with resin and glassed it up, was plenty strong enough but I wish I took it to a proper fibre glass repair place as they would have had it look like new
  11. V 3.5 sailing report.

    Plenty of adults on small cats there was a bloke that did the 50km Milang to Goolwa race a couple of weekends ago on an 11ft Arafura Cadet, there were multiple adult junior crews on the 3.5m Nacra when I raced near Noosa this year, I've spent plenty of time on an Arafura Cadet the same size as guzzis3's boat and if we all made more positive posts regarding the smaller boats you might be amazed by how many more people bob up on this forum, 
  12. V 3.5 sailing report.

    Keep posting most of us started on smaller cats a lot are still on smaller cats, you are in the right forum
  13. V 3.5 sailing report.

    Thanks for the write up, to me it sounds like an exciting day that gave you all the info you were looking for on the boat, you sailed it in plenty of wind that showed the issues, easy to fix things and next time will be easy. I mostly sail on 18 to 19 ft cats but the best fun I've had is flogging around on small cats in big wind and chop, sailing a 8ft Bic open together with my 4yr old son on the tiller in 20 kts will always be my most fun sailing memory. Shorter boats just amplify the fun looking forward to hearing how it goes  
  14. Catamaran ID

    cant get through the pics but here are some news clips that show the Capercats might give an idea  
  15. Catamaran ID

    I was going to say capercat Niso but wasn't sure, I'll go through the lake eyre regatta photos, that is a top pick of the Infusion flying the spin past the ferry on the cooper creek with an esky on the tramp