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Wanted to buy - Maricat 4.3 Jib & Main racing

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I'm new to the forum & need educating.

I just bought a second hand Maricat 4.3 Mk1 - Gunna Getcha , from Gum tree.

Sailed at Speers point last saturday & had fun, boat needs a few fix ups as you'd expect but nothing I cant handle.

The main isn't briliant but it went pretty well for a first try.

The jib.... yeah it's not so good.

Who would be able to hook me up with both new racing sails?

Also, I'm about to replace all standing rigging. Clearly I want to ensure I get the appropriate amount of mast rake happening.

Any direction to past threads that neatly cover this would be great.



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First bit of advise is "ring Darcy"

Second go down to Mannering Park Sailing Club which is the epicentre of Maricat sailing, have a look at the properly set up Maricats and meet Darcy !

New Maricat parts (including rigging) are available from Mick Colecliffe - Lemon Tree Passage Marine.

Second hand parts from Darcy.

You can buy a premade set of stays from Mick or get some made up at a boat shop - I guess Bob Fussell is still at Warners Bay. Make sure the stays are plastic coated for safety and to be class legal.

Also renew the dolphin striker wire - very important

A new main will cost you about $1600 - some of the current experienced Maricats sail makers are: Mid Coast Sails, Red Head Sails, Jeff Adams Sails.

Have fun - hope to see you out on the water - some of the clubs keep sailing through Winter - Budgewoi in May, Toukley Regatta June Long Week end.

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It might be time for me to update my sails.

Current National Champion sails, Great colour and performance.

If you are interested in good second hand sails let me Know.





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