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    Actually that Gold Coast to Bundabergroute looks more interesting, challenging and safer than a blast up the coast - as it would also give a navigational challenge going up the inside route. And it would also even it out between the kayaks and sailboats. In the EC they put the checkpoints at the inside locations but near an opening to the ocean so you have a choice whether to go inside or outside. It's around 426 km or 230nm and you could divide it into sections for those that can't do the whole thing. Make each section a separate race of max 100nm and then call it a championship! For example: Gold Coast - Bongaree Bongaree - Mooloolaba Mooloolaba - Noosa Noosa - Coolooloi Coolooloi - Hervey Bay Hervey Bay - Bundaberg Inskip point bar doesn't look *too* bad (see chart) - as long as there's not a Southerly blowing - there's an interesting report showing monthly swell and wind averages here - December and March look to be the worst months.