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    Hi Tony, several of the guys in my social sailing group SEQHS have been playing with furling spinnakers. To date many of us have had some teething issues based on the furling side of the setup but overall positive results. Many have cut their spinnakers down significantly changing them to more or less be oversized jibs. I run the largest spinnaker being an old code 0 on a Hobie 18 which was used during the old Hogs Breath 1000 days when they raced between Brisbane and Cairns. The code 0 is huge, has allow more shape than the flat cut ones used now and allows me to sail more dead-downwind. The biggest adaption I made for my setup to work was using anti torsion line which I purchased from a sail maker. It was $$$ but was the only way I could correctly furl the spinnaker neatly without it impacting on my upwind performance. I use the Ronstan continuous line furler RS006400R with an added/modded swivel to allow my tack to move 360o. I have attached a photo of a recent trip to Moreton Island with the kite in full flight. The continuous line runs to the tramp where I can easily furl it up and the anti-torsion line makes this happen instantly even when underload.
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    Tony, I would be interested to see how well that sail furlers. Also have you considered a 2:1 ratio on the furler eg. every foot you pulls furlers 2 feet (see below pictures). I would be very impressed if you can partially furl and get a reasonably shape ie. from my testing it is either furlered or not. Windsurfer masts make excellent poles! Cheers, Carl
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    got the sail yesterday kudos to Hong Kong Sail Company. 7 days from day of order to recieved beautiful sail delivered to country WA. Australia post could learn alot from fedex. So i have all the goodies just need to purchase pole today and put a boat together. Sail is awesome has adjustable foot and leech with cam cleat on sail so you can set your own depth. also has rienforced pocket and stay built into front to allow for roller reefing. The Ronstan furler i bought is the perfect size i can comfortable put 5m of 8mm sheet rope on it, more than enough. The reason for such big rope is for it to be more formidable when running a reefed sail in heavy conditions. Saturday is build day, sunday sailing. we are going to take a second cat out as a control. currently "Bad Boy" and "Eagle 1" are both simular fast super sloops. The sail cut "Code 0" is a loose term for anything from a genica to a genoa. I have gone more towards the genoa end of the spectrum as i want to be able to use sail or part of sail going to windward and taking advantage of the nose lift properties. Code 0 sheet pulley positions will be critical in the amount of lift the sail provides and the amount of gain to windward as well as of the wind. Furling is an obvious choice for 3 main reasons. 1. single person operation. 2. Running a reefed sail in heavier wind conditions still providing some advantage of additional sail where using full sail is no an option. 3. Heaps easier to put away than a sail in a chute I think i am going to have to rake the mast back as far as possible to allow for extra foresail. The other thing i think i will play with is the length of the bow sprit, i am concerned about having so much foresail trying to go to windward will push the nose sideways. All these things we will find out over the weekend in sea trials. My main objective is to use same sail area as a kite that is usable throughout alot more of a race course than a kite, and in alot more varied conditions and a sub $800.00 option which is alot more affordable to more people. Yardsticks? have been discussing it with a few boaties. on race at PDYC i will be running on a kite yardstick, i hope to gain atleast 10% on this by having a more usable sail. Exciting times.......