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    A water sports helmet saved me a trip in an ambulance today, and possibly a long stay in hospital. Not a real fan of the Helmet I adopted the lid. Working towards the lay line for the top mark I was able to get a little above a F18. He was busy gardening and removing weed from his daggers. As we entered more pressure close to the sand bank the F18 pulled ahead. I dipped lower to pick up speed and sacrifice some advantage. The F18 was going to call to tack as we were running out of water depth. (we were both port tack) As I was on the F16 I knew I could run a little closer to the bank. Thus avoiding a possible tack as the lay line is a near thing. The F18 tacked and I dipped lower to run behind, you know, that close thing where you just avoid the stern and the rudders. But the F18 touched bottom and absolutely stopped, I dipped further staring at the stern and boards I drove lower. Out on the wire I skimmed over the stern of the F18. Then smash I collided with the boom. Never saw it coming as I was so intent on avoiding the boat. The boom hit me just at the start of the helmet, just between the eye socket and temple. There was enough force from contact with the boom that the edge of the helmet pushed in and I was bleeding from a gash about 8-10cm long. There's a mark on the side of the helmet and today (the following day) my jaw hurts and I still have a decent egg on the side of my head- people at work literally stop and asked "What happened to you?" The bruising is coming out and it hurts to chew. Without a helmet I would have sustained some serious injuries and may have been knocked out. None of us are great swimmers when we’re unconscious ever. There’s nothing wrong with a helmet. Just sayin'
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    Can any cat lover be adle to give me information on the kitty cat. Any information would be of great help.
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    On Sunday morning at the ACT Champs and State Titles, a new Maricat sailor turned up early with his "new" Maricat. A quick chat revealed that Justin had just bought it and did not know much about Maricats. It was rigged rather ..ummm ... unusually. Across the morning the gathered Maricat sailors, rerigged, modified bits, gave advise (some good) and generally made him welcome. We took off the unnessary stuff, like boom vangs, added tell tales, changed the jib rigging, checked rudders. ( I think we all were involved except for Mick who was too busy converting his boat from a recycle centre back into a Maricat.) Justin said he was a bit intimidated by being at a regatta but we convinced him to sail out with the fleet and join in. The wind was a great strength for a learner but to keep clear of the start, be careful when racing boats were mark rounding. On the way to the start, between races and as we sailed past,we all gave tips and suggestions and encouragement . By the end of the morning Justin was going really well, his boat performing better than it ever had, and Justin was building in confidence. We are pretty sure that Justin will return and sail with YMCA with his new enthusiasm. Now the Pont of this story ..... how many times do you hear new sailors say, I'm not good enough to sail at a regatta ! but in this circumstance Justin turned up and got advise on rigging and sailing from the best in the business ..... sailed in a safe, controlled environment with rescue boats to assist if required. Justin sailed the course, cut corners to stay in touch and generally had a good time. So if you have a boat, of any type, get down to your local sailing club and get involved. I'm sure Justin learnt more in the couple of hours spend with the Maricat circus than years of mucking about by himself.
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    Mick its only a Windrush..You can comfortably tow one with a 20yr old 4cyl Pulsar up Mt Ousley.No need for you to purchase a 4wd or larger engine tow vehicle if that is only towing you going to be doing considering we dont need the V8 power or 4WD grip on a slippery boat ramp as other boaties may need for launching.I wouldnt go buying a petrol guzzler just for the weekly PKSC trip.
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    The 36th Nacra nationals is to be held at Wangi Wangi on Lake Macquarie. Between the 29th December 2014 to 4th of January 2015. A large fleet is expected in all classes and will feature the first nationals for the Olympic Nacra 17. Lake Macquarie provides flat protected water and plenty to do for the whole family. There are camping spots near the club we recommend you book early as it is the peak summer holiday period. More information is provided on the flyer attached. Hope to see you there.!!
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    Well the conditions were a little challenging but some awesome close racing at all levels. Thanks Phil for organizing it, Great job! Congrats to Rob Fowler, Darcy Wilson and David Young on their class wins. Mark
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    I've been informed by the assoc member who is getting our new website up that it is only a few weeks away, it will be structured so as the assoc can update it ourselves, rather than the old model which required a web designer to make any changes to the site, with charges levied to do so. A big vote of thanks to Mick for taking on this project. Phil
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    FOR SALE: Arrow #1706 'The Snot Rocket'. In excellent condition and ready to race. Kawasaki green in colour. Comes with; 2 jibs (one near new), 1 brand new square top main with centre sheeting euro trax big trolley wheels, excellent road trailer with plenty of room. Located north Brisbane, sailed out of Humpybong YC. Reason for selling is upgrading to a bigger boat out grown this one! $5,500 contact Shane on 0402104888 for pictures etc.
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    Thanks for that Mark Yes I am now the president, "hooray for me". It was not really something that I wanted (read I did not want it at all), but I accepted as I feel that all members should have a run on the committee to share the load, and so I accepted. If anyone is not happy with how I perform please let me know and I'll be sure to nominate them for President next year. On the subject of yardsticks, let me say that we had an AGM on Sunday morning that was supposed to start at 8am, there was hardly anyone there, so we postponed it to 8.30 am to allow for latecomers, the yardstick item was brought up in general business and it went to a show of hands as to accept it or not, as I recall it was clearly for acceptance by all sailors and owners grp and foam. If members don't turn up to the AGM, how can they have their say. If I didn't vote in the recent Federal election am I entitled now to complain about the outcome seeing as I was not concerned enough about it on ballot day? Mick did put it out to all concerned previously on facebook and here that we would have discussion on possible changes to the class, re trap for juniors in cat, spinnakers, diamond stays on the mast etc, so there was a warning that this kind of stuff would be discussed. Phil
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    We are still awaiting stock to come in from Riley , Ronstan stopped making them years ago and we purchased all their stock to keep the mast heads going , Riley was then used as a replacement so hoping they are still making them.. Havnt heard differently yet..
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    54th ANNUAL EASTER REGATTA 2015 NOTICE OF RACE Yachting Western Victoria Invites all yachties with off the beach monohulls, off the beach catamarans and trailerable yachts on the 3rd April – 6th April 2015, at Lake Bullen Merri, Camperdown, Victoria. (click for google map) 1. Sailing Instructions All relevant information relating to Courses/Racing will be detailed at briefing prior to each race. Any changes to the program over the course of the Regatta will be displayed in the Camperdown Motorcycle Clubrooms, which will be Race Headquarters for the Regatta. 2. Entry Entries will be taken at the Camperdown Motorcycle Club Clubhouse from 9am on Friday 3th April 2015 or by mail (see 6.) All yachts shall have a minimum of $1,000,000 (Recommended $5,000,000) Public Liability Insurance. In signing the entry form you are deemed to have fulfilled this requirement. 3. Program Friday 3rd April 2015 -Information Session 13.00 Hours. -Race 1 14.00 Hours. Saturday 4th April 2015 -Information Session 09.30 Hours. -Race 2 10.30 Hours. -Race 3 13.30 Hours. -Race 4 After Race 3 (Approx 15.00 Hours) Sunday 5th April 2015 -Information Session 09.30 Hours. -Race 5 10.30 Hours. -Race 6 14.00 Hours. -Race 7 After Race 6 (Approx 15.00 Hours) Monday 6th April 2015 -Information Session 09.30 Hours -Race 8 Jack Lane Memorial Sternchaser 4. Divisions There will be a minimum of three divisions of racing * Division 1 Catamarans * Division 2 Monohulls (including Trailer Sailors) * Division 3 Juniors * Additional Divisions May Be Added As Required. 5. Prizes Prizes will be awarded for each Race and Division at the discretion of the organisers. 6. Camping The area on the South Beach Foreshore has been hired by the YWV Committee, camp fees will be collected over the weekend and there will be no exemptions to the camp fees. Alternative accommodation including Caravan Park and Motels can be found within the Camperdown area. 7. More Information For more information please contact Matt Harper 0408364264, matt@langdongrain.com.au or Fiona Noone 0409942591, noone.fiona.f@edumail.vic.gov.au . or visit the facebook page @ https://www.facebook.com/groups/387514437936120/ see ya's there :grin:
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    Saved you looking for it. Here it is, yes you can thank the Maricats when you feel up to it. Sail settings – cat rig Upwind Light breeze Downhaul just sufficient to take wrinkles out of sail Outhaul 50 to 100mm depth measured at centre of boom Vang – light tension only Mainsheet light tension. In light breezes the wind speed at the top of the mast is significantly higher than at the boom thus your apparent wind at deck level may be 40o but at masthead it is 50o therefore pay close attention to the tell tales on your sail. It is very easy to oversheet and stall the leeward telltales on the upper sail. Make sure you have just enough twist. If I feel I am not moving well I generally ease sheet and gradually sheet back on. Traveller – down about 50mm Position yourself well forward to keep the transoms out of the water but still keep the bows out from burying. Medium breeze Hiking strongly but not overpowered. You will be between the sidestay and rear beam.P Pull on downhaul sufficiently till boat is sailing with the windward hull just above and occasionally kissing the water. For upwind trim, keep the boat as flat as possible, with the windward hull only just in the air. A lot of people in all forms of catamaran sail with their windward hull too far out of the water Outhaul no more than 50mm Vang – Tight Mainsheet hard Traveller down 100 to 200mm. Your traveller is your key power control. The boat becomes a lot freer as you drop traveller and does not kick up and down in the gusts but accelerates. However dropping traveller looses in pointing so experiment and play it in the gusts. Point only when necessary, footing off for speed frequently looses little in height but gets you there fast – and that is the objective. Heavy breeze you are overpowered Hiking from a position getting close to the rear beam to keep the bows from burying, Pull on downhaul till you feel your fingers about to break and give it another 50mm Outhaul hard on Vang – Tight Mainsheet hard on – very – note that when you release the mainsheet in a gust it allows the mast to straighten and therefore the sail gets fuller and gives you more power just when you don’t want it. So use the traveller in gusts and the mainsheet as a last resort. Traveller down to foot strap maybe even more if it is really strong. Depends on your weight and wind strength. You let it out to a point where you are hiking hard, going fast and not flicking up and down and being blown sideways. Rotation. When it is really honking allowing the mast to derotate causes the whole top of the sail to fall away and depower the rig big time. Looks horrible but mast have rarely broken. If you do this bring the traveller back to about 100mm or you will lose too much height. Cheers Phil
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    FOR SALE: Arrow #1706 'The Snot Rocket'. In excellent condition and ready to race. Kawasaki green in colour. Comes with; 2 jibs (one near new), 1 main sail (not square top), euro trax big trolley wheels, excellent road trailer with plenty of room. Located north Brisbane, sailed out of Humpybong YC. Willing to go half way for delivery. Reason for selling is upgrading to a bigger boat out grown this one! $5,500 Contact Shane on 0402104888 for pictures etc.
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    Tony I would suggest next year you call them Mono YS less than or greater than 113 otherwise you might find a foot hole in the side of Tigerdillic if you get my drift. I don't know of a mono site similar to catsailor, you might try emailing individual clubs or associations you may like to invite for next year. Their email and contacts would most likely be available on the YNSW website. Paul
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    Custard Truck - Mk1. Hulls, beams, rudders, tillers + long extension, tramp, blocks, ropes, stays, boom = 88.4kg Sails, main with battens + jib = 5.7kg Mast = 9.9kg That puts it at exactly 9kg overweight. For a boat built in the early 80s using choppy gun technology, I'm happy with that. With a bit of gelcoat sanding and some rope tapering, a carbon tiller extension, taking out the eskies, replacing the rubber bumpers with silicon ones, foam cored rudders, carbon sail battens, removing stay adjusters, filling bung holes, etc - I can get a couple of kilos out of it yet. Or, I can just lose some weight. I can afford to lose 9kg (at least!). I'll put the scales in the gear with me for this weekend if anyone wants to find out how big their handicap is. And, no, I won't measure the stiffness of your platform, even if it is the most important part of the whole equation!
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    Well done to every body for keeping this stupid argument going. No-body will win. The only losers will be the class. The silent majority sitting on the sideline, And watching with interest. Just my 2 cents worth.
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    Two champion sailors have been practicing, tuning and tweeking there borrowed boats at Port Macquarie. I can't wait for the super sloop compertition. Rohan from Mid Coast Sails has been working lots of overtime pumping out sails for lots of keen sailors. BE THERE OR BE A LOSER.
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    Looking forward to joining you guys for a top weekend .Thank you to the guys that help me find a boat to sail at the states . Hawky
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    Great pic Dave. I totally agree, Moreton Bay is fantastic for cat sailing. So much to see and so many places to visit all via the protection of Stradbroke Island. Would be great to have you come along on the next trip. Last I spoke to Andy we were thinking about a run from Victoria Pt or Cleveland to Peel island. I've also spoken to another chap not on these forums with a 14ft Hobie who is keen to come along. The more the merrier
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    Post anything in here from a wash to a major overhaul to give other ideas on how to spend their time and money. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Today I performed a couple of budget enhancements. Firstly after advice from Darcy I converted my 3 - 1 vang to a 4 -1 cunningham by replacing the top single block & becket with a double block. I'm very impressed with the result although I probably could have applied more downhaul. Before: After: Then using the leftover single block and purchasing a second I performed Brizzo57's 2 -1 rudder rope solution. I didn't realise doing this would make the rudder handle sit up higher off the deck as you can see in the top 2 pics.
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    4 including myself and one to be made after mine is out of the mould.:-)
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    Over the new year holidays I attended and raced in the Stingray/Cobra/Arrow National titles at Loch Sport on the Gippsland lakes. Fun event, good winds and a fantastic atmosphere with great people and support all round. My cat "Its Magic" performed very well (unlike the skipper...)......Unfortunately though, on my way home on Saturday things went wrong in a very big way......a car travelling in the opposite direction crossed double white lines going around a bend into my path, but at highway speed, I could only do so much...... The photos tell the story........some how I actually walked away unscathed.........and my wife and kids were not in the car with me. Lucky!! As yet I have not fully assessed the damage to my boat, the front beam is gone, and it punched a nice hole in the side of the hull....im sure I will find more out when I get my boat and trailer back. Be careful out there everyone.....
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    Plenty of Maricats in Tasmania (over 150 were sold here), but most of them are Mark1s. Not a lot of performance difference between a late Mark1 and a Mark2 - it is boat weight that is critical. A few Maricats (including mine) still race out of Lauderdale Yacht Club. A good one will bring $1500 to $2000 depending on the condition of the sail - all the raced Maricats have modern sails.
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    REALITY CHECK #1 #527 Nacra 5.8 Oldest boat in the Nationals and BY FAR THE WORST EXAMPLE OF A 5.8 YOU WILL EVER SEE Came 4th. This Boat Had: The worst Sails The Worst Hulls The Worst Beams The Worst Mast The Worst Repairs Broken rear beam BUT It had a sailor on board that knew how to sail and even though he did not trapeze during the event they STILL came 4th. Its time for 5.8 sailors to stop blaming weight/boat sail numbers for poor results and just get out on the water and attend regattas. REALITY CHECK #2 When the boats left the factory they have all weighed within 12Kg of each other. All boats have repairs/absorb water/gear added to them and this affects weights. As a F18 sailor I know that a brand new wet F18 weighs more than 5kg more than a dry brand new one. REALITY CHECK #3 A Good Sailor on an old boat will beat a poor sailor on a new boat. Join the Association, sail at Nacra events and look after your boat and you will be at the front of the fleet regardless what boat number you have [This message has been edited by catsailor.net (edited 08 January 2007).]