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    Can any cat lover be adle to give me information on the kitty cat. Any information would be of great help.
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    The 36th Nacra nationals is to be held at Wangi Wangi on Lake Macquarie. Between the 29th December 2014 to 4th of January 2015. A large fleet is expected in all classes and will feature the first nationals for the Olympic Nacra 17. Lake Macquarie provides flat protected water and plenty to do for the whole family. There are camping spots near the club we recommend you book early as it is the peak summer holiday period. More information is provided on the flyer attached. Hope to see you there.!!
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    Well the conditions were a little challenging but some awesome close racing at all levels. Thanks Phil for organizing it, Great job! Congrats to Rob Fowler, Darcy Wilson and David Young on their class wins. Mark
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    I've been informed by the assoc member who is getting our new website up that it is only a few weeks away, it will be structured so as the assoc can update it ourselves, rather than the old model which required a web designer to make any changes to the site, with charges levied to do so. A big vote of thanks to Mick for taking on this project. Phil
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    FOR SALE: Arrow #1706 'The Snot Rocket'. In excellent condition and ready to race. Kawasaki green in colour. Comes with; 2 jibs (one near new), 1 brand new square top main with centre sheeting euro trax big trolley wheels, excellent road trailer with plenty of room. Located north Brisbane, sailed out of Humpybong YC. Reason for selling is upgrading to a bigger boat out grown this one! $5,500 contact Shane on 0402104888 for pictures etc.
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    Thanks for that Mark Yes I am now the president, "hooray for me". It was not really something that I wanted (read I did not want it at all), but I accepted as I feel that all members should have a run on the committee to share the load, and so I accepted. If anyone is not happy with how I perform please let me know and I'll be sure to nominate them for President next year. On the subject of yardsticks, let me say that we had an AGM on Sunday morning that was supposed to start at 8am, there was hardly anyone there, so we postponed it to 8.30 am to allow for latecomers, the yardstick item was brought up in general business and it went to a show of hands as to accept it or not, as I recall it was clearly for acceptance by all sailors and owners grp and foam. If members don't turn up to the AGM, how can they have their say. If I didn't vote in the recent Federal election am I entitled now to complain about the outcome seeing as I was not concerned enough about it on ballot day? Mick did put it out to all concerned previously on facebook and here that we would have discussion on possible changes to the class, re trap for juniors in cat, spinnakers, diamond stays on the mast etc, so there was a warning that this kind of stuff would be discussed. Phil
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    Jeff If you can ,make the trip up to Forster, best regatta on the east coast Will be a good fleet of 5.8s there ,bring up your Tiapan too the NSW states are on same week end Clean warm salt water,great camping Hope you can make it
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    There are two courses, a windward return and a outer triangle course. There are four or five starts. Generally speaking it is Misc small, H16- H14 F18/F16 Misc Large. 5.8, Hobie 18. There is s solid fleet of 5.8's each year. The 5.8 do a triangle course. The triangle is set highish and not too wide.
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    We went up to Southern Highlands club at the end of last year and sailed with them, had a great time and likely to have them return sail at PKSC this season. Might even get a mini series going between the 2 clubs. All 14' cats welcome. Cost $20 for the day plus lunch and petrol, but well worth it.
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    I know this is last years event page but can't find a new page does this event have different courses ie is there reaching courses and separate windward return courses and how many different starts per race, if I drag a 5.8 and a 5.7 up there what types of boats would be in our race
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    F18 Katamaran hobie cat Tiger aufrichten by skyper 40 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rm5FIkmx8Ao Gary friesen solo - Right prototype proof 9 11 99 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hCbihZsXESg I'm not saying mines perfect, but a far as deployment and pack away time, I could have righted and capsized again and re-righted in their time frame Way too slow
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    The righting bag does work as it adds heaps more weight where you need it, I was wondering about why you can't get the cat up without assistance, thats why I asked if you have tried throwing your righting line over the top of the hulls as a lot of people have a system under the tramp but it shortens the mechanical advantage of throwing over the top, I had trouble righting the Stingray with the undertramp system but no trouble over the top of the hull, would be good if you took it in the shallows and tried righting it and perhaps had someone next to you if you needed more weight they could pull on the righting line and you could gauge how much help you need, if you have an 80kg person hanging next to you and still can't get it up you know the bag won't do the job.
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    On Saturday we attempted the longest end to end freshwater race in the southern hemisphere, the Goolwa to Meningie. After a painful light upwind stretch for nearly 4 hours the wind shifted behind us to about 20 knots and we flew downwind to catch up with the leading A classes and Taipans. From there the wind was all over the place and more than I was willing to put myself and my crew through. Maybe next year we can finish. I didn't get much footage, but here's a bit
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    Any other 5.0m Maris interested because I will rebuild mine in time would like someone to race against. will be there sailing regardless bring on November
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    Robbie as you've probably seen 9 months ago I created a facebook group titled 'South East Queensland Hobie Sailing'. Today the group has 138 members who share and discuss all things sailing, hobie etc but more importantly we discuss when we're sailing for meetings etc. I think facebook is a fantastic free tool and the photos/videos we upload are unlimited. So you might find creating a 'group' is more helpful than a 'page'. Your welcome to join up and see what we've been doing!!! https://www.facebook.com/groups/474123539363235/
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    FOR SALE: Arrow #1706 'The Snot Rocket'. In excellent condition and ready to race. Kawasaki green in colour. Comes with; 2 jibs (one near new), 1 main sail (not square top), euro trax big trolley wheels, excellent road trailer with plenty of room. Located north Brisbane, sailed out of Humpybong YC. Willing to go half way for delivery. Reason for selling is upgrading to a bigger boat out grown this one! $5,500 Contact Shane on 0402104888 for pictures etc.
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    with apologies for the delay and the initial error, here are the corrected regatta results:
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    so we better tip her over so all can be revealed...... my centre beam is black so the alloy tube obviously stands out against all the black as does the shrouds from the front beam
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    Aghh forgot the important bit. For full results go to http://www.sailingresults.com.au/ScoreItV2/Public/Templates/Default/index.php?event_id=159
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    Both the Maricat and Windrush offer ease of transport, rigging and launching - bigger boats are generally faster and will carry more weight. Larger boats mean you need a second person to raise and lower the mast. On a Windrush 14 for example, it's easily done solo – once you know the method.. Combined max weight on a 14 should be no more than 120 to 130kgs - but the windier it is the more weight the boat will support without too much loss of performance. Just be ready to get wet! The beauty of the 14's is that they will grow with you; cat, then sloop, then super-sloop configurations are all there - and if you really want to get tangled up, spinnaker option too... Consensus is that the Windrush is an easier trapezing platform – and the Maricat is generally a better performer in lighter winds. The Windrush is more forgiving and can be driven harder off-wind in stronger winds - by virtue of its more voluminous bows. It can also be car-topped if necessary. That could be a big plus 4U - if you plan to go on weekend trips with a camper-trailer or teardrop... In the end, it comes down to what you can get for your moolah... but, could I interest you in a new Windy on a payment plan? It really is a boat you can stick with for a lifetime – I know I have – coz it's a real pleasure to sail when tuned and set-up correctly… PP
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    Don't miss the biggest F18 party of 2014. Come and enjoy the craic at Ballyholme Yacht Club, Bangor, N. Ireland. Many of you may know of us from running previous events or looking after your Aussie sailors such as Tom Slingsby and more recently Ash Brunning sailed with us last summer. Tom hasn't forgiven one of our older sailors (nearly 60!) for beating him round the club cans. Our Laser (Bapsy) and 49er sailors (Matt and Ryan) have been wintering in Australia for several years now. And brother Russell McGovern should be well known to those in W.A. (He's just had a baby boy, by the way) Anyhow to talk more of multihulls, we look forward to seeing as many of you who can travel over to race and party with us as possible. Check out our website 2014.f18worlds.com for details of how to get containers to us and unloaded. Ex Irish rugby star Gordon Hamilton is the man to talk to in Belfast to make your trip as easy and cheap as possible. Links and details are on the website and hopefully your association may help coordinate things. Keep up to date with us on twitter @f18worlds.com or Facebook. NOR will be posted in next few days. Look forward to seeing you soon...
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    If sailors here know of fair to good condition cats that for one reason or another aren't being sailed currently please put forward suggestions where n where they are. I am currently boatless after an offer out of the blue and pondering my next cat to get back on Moreton Bay.
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    Hey Tony, Some input from the Texas Weta Fleet: We've found that we are a better "fit" sailing in mixed portsmouth centerboard rather that mixed multihulls. That is until we get enough boats one the line for one design starts (5-6+). It took a season to get the different clubs we race at to get past the "you're a multihull, you sail with the cats" attitude, but 2 years later it's now just normal for us Weta sailors to be in with the portsmouth centerboard fleet and have never regretted it. Having sailed both catamarans and centerboards, the Weta sail and "feels" more like a board boat. Here locally there are many more centerboard regattas than cat regattas which also gives us more racing action. For me personally, I would rather sail with more boats, rather than a few cats at irregular intervals. I looked at your Division 2 fleet and I believe the Weta would fit right in as long as everyone can get past the "it's a multihull". Remember, more boats, more fun! As far as the 78.5 that we use here, I have a few times corrected out first in 18+kt wind in the centerboard fleet. In light winds, forget it, we still get 78.5, as other boats like the Contender and 505 get a wind rating. Good Luck!
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    Looking forward to joining you guys for a top weekend .Thank you to the guys that help me find a boat to sail at the states . Hawky
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    Hi All, Yes i am in the middle of making a new mould for the cobra centerboards, i have a few laying around, i should be able to find an old one that can get you going Do you know what you currently have? timber or fiberglass? Thanks Robert Nixon,