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    A water sports helmet saved me a trip in an ambulance today, and possibly a long stay in hospital. Not a real fan of the Helmet I adopted the lid. Working towards the lay line for the top mark I was able to get a little above a F18. He was busy gardening and removing weed from his daggers. As we entered more pressure close to the sand bank the F18 pulled ahead. I dipped lower to pick up speed and sacrifice some advantage. The F18 was going to call to tack as we were running out of water depth. (we were both port tack) As I was on the F16 I knew I could run a little closer to the bank. Thus avoiding a possible tack as the lay line is a near thing. The F18 tacked and I dipped lower to run behind, you know, that close thing where you just avoid the stern and the rudders. But the F18 touched bottom and absolutely stopped, I dipped further staring at the stern and boards I drove lower. Out on the wire I skimmed over the stern of the F18. Then smash I collided with the boom. Never saw it coming as I was so intent on avoiding the boat. The boom hit me just at the start of the helmet, just between the eye socket and temple. There was enough force from contact with the boom that the edge of the helmet pushed in and I was bleeding from a gash about 8-10cm long. There's a mark on the side of the helmet and today (the following day) my jaw hurts and I still have a decent egg on the side of my head- people at work literally stop and asked "What happened to you?" The bruising is coming out and it hurts to chew. Without a helmet I would have sustained some serious injuries and may have been knocked out. None of us are great swimmers when we’re unconscious ever. There’s nothing wrong with a helmet. Just sayin'
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    Can any cat lover be adle to give me information on the kitty cat. Any information would be of great help.
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    The 36th Nacra nationals is to be held at Wangi Wangi on Lake Macquarie. Between the 29th December 2014 to 4th of January 2015. A large fleet is expected in all classes and will feature the first nationals for the Olympic Nacra 17. Lake Macquarie provides flat protected water and plenty to do for the whole family. There are camping spots near the club we recommend you book early as it is the peak summer holiday period. More information is provided on the flyer attached. Hope to see you there.!!
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    Well the conditions were a little challenging but some awesome close racing at all levels. Thanks Phil for organizing it, Great job! Congrats to Rob Fowler, Darcy Wilson and David Young on their class wins. Mark
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    I've been informed by the assoc member who is getting our new website up that it is only a few weeks away, it will be structured so as the assoc can update it ourselves, rather than the old model which required a web designer to make any changes to the site, with charges levied to do so. A big vote of thanks to Mick for taking on this project. Phil
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    FOR SALE: Arrow #1706 'The Snot Rocket'. In excellent condition and ready to race. Kawasaki green in colour. Comes with; 2 jibs (one near new), 1 brand new square top main with centre sheeting euro trax big trolley wheels, excellent road trailer with plenty of room. Located north Brisbane, sailed out of Humpybong YC. Reason for selling is upgrading to a bigger boat out grown this one! $5,500 contact Shane on 0402104888 for pictures etc.
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    Thanks for that Mark Yes I am now the president, "hooray for me". It was not really something that I wanted (read I did not want it at all), but I accepted as I feel that all members should have a run on the committee to share the load, and so I accepted. If anyone is not happy with how I perform please let me know and I'll be sure to nominate them for President next year. On the subject of yardsticks, let me say that we had an AGM on Sunday morning that was supposed to start at 8am, there was hardly anyone there, so we postponed it to 8.30 am to allow for latecomers, the yardstick item was brought up in general business and it went to a show of hands as to accept it or not, as I recall it was clearly for acceptance by all sailors and owners grp and foam. If members don't turn up to the AGM, how can they have their say. If I didn't vote in the recent Federal election am I entitled now to complain about the outcome seeing as I was not concerned enough about it on ballot day? Mick did put it out to all concerned previously on facebook and here that we would have discussion on possible changes to the class, re trap for juniors in cat, spinnakers, diamond stays on the mast etc, so there was a warning that this kind of stuff would be discussed. Phil
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    Sail no 2434, regd.trailer, sailbox, sloop rig, $750 Ono.ph.0437891232
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    Hi Tony, Looks like we still have a few months until the 2015-2016 ratings come out. I truly hope they take onboard the comments that were made last season about some of their ratings. the F18 community was not at all pleased by splitting the class and giving handicaps to older designs like the hobie tiger ans ahpc capricorn. The entire system is derived from the F18's as the zero boat. which is a pretty fair call, they are already the scratch boat in most handicap systems for catamarans in the world for good reason. the thing of it is F18's sail almost exclusively windward leeward courses for racing with some distance racing thrown in. never on a triangle course. for the system to work correctly everyone would need to be sailing windward leeward courses. as we know most 14 footers are not very exciting on a DDW run so tend to sail triangle courses. To my mind the whole system is flawed because of this fact. The “base” class for conversion of SCHRS ratings to Yachting Victoria Yardsticks remains the F18. The F18 class is well represented in large numbers with reliable, validated mixed fleet race data across Europe, USA, UK and Australia. The F18 therefore represents an ideal class to standardize on for conversion between various yardstick systems. However, the F18 class continues to evolve, both from a design perspective as well as through the ability of experienced crews to drive the boat harder and faster than in previous seasons. To reflect these developments, and to maintain relativity with Yachting Victoria dinghy class yardsticks, the F18 yardstick has been adjusted downwards by 1 yardstick point to 66.5. All other catamaran yardsticks have not moved as a result of this re-alignment of the F18 yardstick, unless determined otherwise by recent performance data or measurement data updated as a result of class specifications/rules revisions.
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    Hey Guys just wondering if you do have a mixed fleet yardstick For the Windies. We have mixed fleet sailing on the Barwon River. Windrush mark 1 and mark 2. no trap, one up, Sloop rig. Our club has decided to used the 2015 Victorian mixed fleet yardsticks. Now the Windies all of a sudden become 2.5 mins faster on a 100 min course. Prior to this change, the club champ. sailing a modern Paper tiger was just 0.5 points. behind the Windy which was giving great competition ! Now the Paper tiger is 2.5 points back. The scratch results for the 2015 club championship came down to the last race of the season. These new vic yardsticks seem to kill the fun for the Windies.
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    Lucky the weather was good and the competition was geat
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    Sorry guys, I'll look into the back end see what i can do to stop for a while, Please keep hiting those report buttons
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    just a thought, for the dolphin striker the one I was given was quite a bit thicker than the standard shrouds, I heard that the best way to tension is to release the bolts on the rear beam and then tension the striker so that the hulls and beam line up. I didn't do that, just got a nice tension on mine but it does make sense.
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    Hi there Kurt I have one... I am in Canberra. Anything in particular you are looking for? I am thinking of selling, if you give me a call I could give you some details Thanks Cam
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    Thanks Coremeister - I am interested - 0419 988035 - I'd like to see some nice close-up pics and can arrange tyransport no worries if we make a deal. Best, Martin.
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    Hey Tony, Some input from the Texas Weta Fleet: We've found that we are a better "fit" sailing in mixed portsmouth centerboard rather that mixed multihulls. That is until we get enough boats one the line for one design starts (5-6+). It took a season to get the different clubs we race at to get past the "you're a multihull, you sail with the cats" attitude, but 2 years later it's now just normal for us Weta sailors to be in with the portsmouth centerboard fleet and have never regretted it. Having sailed both catamarans and centerboards, the Weta sail and "feels" more like a board boat. Here locally there are many more centerboard regattas than cat regattas which also gives us more racing action. For me personally, I would rather sail with more boats, rather than a few cats at irregular intervals. I looked at your Division 2 fleet and I believe the Weta would fit right in as long as everyone can get past the "it's a multihull". Remember, more boats, more fun! As far as the 78.5 that we use here, I have a few times corrected out first in 18+kt wind in the centerboard fleet. In light winds, forget it, we still get 78.5, as other boats like the Contender and 505 get a wind rating. Good Luck!
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    And behind the two Windrush 14's - so 7th!
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    Fair dinkam, I was sailing faster than ever at the states against the top sailors anywhere. I was amazed as to the speed of a MK1 & a MK2 as opposed to my foamy. I know there is a difference between a neglected old boat and a new boat because I sailed one on the weekend. I know if one person in particular whom has changed classes because he believed he had no chance of winning at the states or nats. A very sad loss for the class. The maricat min boat weight has form day one been 95kg. The manufactures are building the boats to the min weight but it's not just the weight. I have my boat rigged so that everything is free, easy and quick to use. All the other boats tack at half the pace I do and get crap starts. Clean up your boats, shed some KGs in the skipper and boat. Do the basics in tuning like tighten your tramp and stiffen the boat in general. If you practice and know how to sail you will be at the front of the pack. This has been proven over and over in many regattas.
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    Two champion sailors have been practicing, tuning and tweeking there borrowed boats at Port Macquarie. I can't wait for the super sloop compertition. Rohan from Mid Coast Sails has been working lots of overtime pumping out sails for lots of keen sailors. BE THERE OR BE A LOSER.
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    Over 60 sailing people on this local Facebook page. If you like sailing and only want to talk sailing, request to join and I may let you in. NOT ALL GET IN.
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    I have an older Hobie 14 catamaran for sale for $400 neg. Sail is good for up to 20 knot winds. Tramps and hulls and all fittings are in reasonable to good condition. Selling as I don't need the boat any longer. Please note there is no trailer. The catamaran is a standard 14' (not a Turbo). The hulls have been gel coated and sanded back and all parts and fittings are included. As noted, I'm advised the sail will need work or replacement in the future. More images available if required. Can be delivered to various collection points along the Hume or Pacific Highway's between Queanbeyan, Nowra and Port Macquarie in August. Call 0417 265117 to discuss options if interested.
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    Plenty of Maricats in Tasmania (over 150 were sold here), but most of them are Mark1s. Not a lot of performance difference between a late Mark1 and a Mark2 - it is boat weight that is critical. A few Maricats (including mine) still race out of Lauderdale Yacht Club. A good one will bring $1500 to $2000 depending on the condition of the sail - all the raced Maricats have modern sails.
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    Definitely a Mk1 does'nt look too bad though, just a bit grubby. Though inside may be a different story, can't tell from photos. I'd go through the watertight tests as detailed on the Mari website and see how many leaks there are. Then you can make a decision from there. Phil
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    Mando give me a call, (02) 43591729 I have repaired/rebuilt countless Maris for friends and club members, and know all possible problems and their causes, advice free. No need to reinvent the wheel it is much cheaper to learn from someone els's mistakes.