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    The Fifth annual WinterBash regatta hosted by Humpybong Yacht Club attracted 151 boats last weekend .. We had 121 boats registered by friday morning and more registrations were made on both days of the event. Competitors came from Gladstone to Coffs Harbour, Drizzle interspersed with showers on Saturday didn't put as damper on the highly competitive three races held but Sunday was sunny with strengthening easterly winds to provide a beam fast ride for the divisions talking part in the marathon from Woody Point south to Sandgate, north to Scarborough and return to Woody point pier.
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    Just bought a H16 in great condition for its age. 30 years old and always garaged. The mast has been left outside and has a lot of pitting on it. Its the entire length of one side only, with a couple of holes right the way through. I'm guessing it was a stainless/aluminium reaction. So I'm after a new mast. Any suggestions where else I should be looking? Do second hand masts come up for sale often, or am I going to have to look at buying something new? Greg (a newbie)
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    Trampoline rail repaired and finally got some time to have a practice run of rigging the cat. All worked well and all the parts seem to be there. Didn’t set up the jib but all seems intact. All sails feel crisp and in good condition. Looking forward to getting it out on the water when restrictions are lifted.
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    first layup completed yesterday, 225csm, 2.5litre of VE resin- scrap the epoxy idea, as the vinyl ester will save money and mucking around with 2 products/gelcoat compatibility.
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    Before mid 1978. I purchased sail number 414 in August 1978.
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    The rudders on your boat were only produced for a short time, you won't be able to get spares. The current style lift automatically if they hit anything. And yes, they must be locked hard down to negate heavy helm.