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  1. sailoread1

    350+ Km sail on 14ft Caper - advice?

    Great trip,, lots of islands to stop over on. Caper cats are wonderful stable cruisers. I sailed my cat Port Douglas to Cooktown 10 days ago. Downwind sailing over 30 knots at times. December winds can be very fickle so it could be a slow trip into N easteries. My 3.5 hp outboard pushed my Caper cat well. I carry an EPIRB in my pocket with an inflatable waist stored life vest when I'm sailing alone. The standard Caper Cat rudders are quite adequate. They are very east to right after a capsize, if you have the ropes already tied underneath. A jib pole to hold out the jib out for light downwind sailing is advisable, a piece of bamboo can work well. Best of luck. Bill
  2. I've got a Red Baron, GRP,6 metres, about 450 kilograms. I keep it in the water here in Port Douglas. The wooden rudders are rotting. Does anyone know what rudders would be suitable for replacing these? I've wondered about a set off a 18 ft Hobie. Would appreciate any advice.\\ sailoread1
  3. sailoread1

    Wanted rudders

    I need complete rudder set for my 6 metre Red Baron, not sure what will suit, maybe off 18 Hobie or similar. Email me what you have got and I will reply.