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  1. eragon

    Alpha Omega 4.4

  2. eragon

    Alpha Omega 4.4

    Luna Park (just for fun) Great condition boat with many extras and spares reg trailer $3500 main add on gumtree ph 0423309580 for more details
  3. Krissy clean the lanox out of sail track with boiling water and use a pencil folded in a rag as a pull through repeat as necessary before applying silicone also any corrosion or damage can be cleaned using pencil and sandpaper trick when all is good step mast on cat but leave shrouds a bit floppy = straight mast till sail is up then tension rig
  4. Hi Krissy lanox contains wool grease that is particularly sticky so not the best lube for this application - silicon spray suggested also try raising sail on a loose rig ( before tensioning) cheers
  5. Still available price drop to $450
  6. eragon

    Yet another newbie advice thread

    Nacra 4.5 would be perfect for you with a great handicap as well as extremely versatile!!!
  7. eragon

    Roller reef code 0 on windrush

    Hello Tony before you recut that sail I trust you have tried all possible lead angles for sheeting? it appears to me with that long pole and high foot you would need to sheet from the rear beam and have a turning block at shroud chainplate im happy with mine now but changed set up twice before getting control of luff and leech with sheet darryl alpha omega 4.4
  8. eragon

    Help for a first tiner

    If it's a small stainless jam cleat close to the mast it's probably for the jib furling line
  9. eragon

    Maricat Rudder Blade - rehole

    It is an exact art when rudder is in sailing position draw a line on rudder with pencil thru centre of both pivot points continuing to bottom of rudder this will give centre of effort for rudder now choose a measurement below lower pintle and use as a constant mark this on previous line at right angle to it and measure distance to leading edge of rudder this will give you a reference to make incremental adjustment to rudder rake as per your individual requirement
  10. eragon

    Sails wanted

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  11. John as I wrote 14 foot class boats will not perform well with two adults boats such as Nacra 4.5 or 5.0 Hobie 16 or 17 and other makes of similar size can be sailed solo and still perform well 2 up cats with trapeze are the key to max fun on the water hope this helps
  12. Hello John great to see more people interested in sailing there are many different makes of catamarans available in varying sizes for combined or solo crew weights it sounds like you want a cat to solo sometimes but mainly take someone with you so the cats that come to mind would be just above the fourteen foot class which will not perform well with two adults aboard phone the clubs you are interested in to see if someone needs regular crew on a cat that was made for two and you will learn quickly and gain confidence needed to skipper your own boat happy sailing !