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  1. Im with Jeff [mad about ] about GLSC , may need to talk to them about camping there, I think unofficially it could be good for a short time. Port Hunter SC on Newcastle harbour is another good place to have a look at, friendly short time camping and if the weathers good you can stick your nose out of the break wall and experience out great backyard [ocean ]
  2. Niso

    WILDCAT Regatta October 1-2-3

    Its on again, the besti Regetta on the East coast Be there or be Square
  3. Maricats coming Mick?? Get prizes for yardstick
  4. Great race, count me in, ill talk to Dave (Last years Cock ), he loves the schooners on the green grasss,maybe two years in a row for Dave, or will Shane get his name on the trophy again!! Turn up maybe its your turn
  5. Niso

    Catamaran ID

    I put my money on a capercat 18, raced against one @ Lake Eyre 2011 Jeff S . Help any pics?? Old Salt
  6. Niso

    Trap harness 4 sale

    Hi Mr Poet Still for sale Niso. 0414 601 802
  7. Niso

    Wivenhoe Winter Marathon 2016

    Camping question Do you need to book a camping site ??
  8. Well sailed Dave Cullop The new de Cock of Newcastle Harbour !!
  9. Next Saturday ( 2nd April) Come and have a cold tap beer & steak sandwich on the green grass,then let the race begin ALL welcome, 2:00 start Niso
  10. Niso


  11. Niso

    WANTED: Maricat 4.3 Mainsail

    Sorry Paul. Mainsail sold
  12. Niso

    WANTED: Maricat 4.3 Mainsail

    I dont think my sail would suit a stock set up the forestays are longer with the racing sails( different cut main) If you brought a old boat, first thing i would do is buy a set of new stay wires Mike Colcliffe is the NSW Maricat dealer( Humgus 2) on this web site Darcy is another Maricat guru i would have to check on freight prices
  13. Niso

    Nacra f18

    Sold Boat staying in Newcastle.
  14. Niso

    WANTED: Maricat 4.3 Mainsail

    White race sail available with battens. $250 Newcastle Dean 0414 601 802