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  1. FireKat

    Windrush pics

    Tornado...you hit it on the head. it IS the last 3 panels!! And i do swear at it alot. I already have some silicon spray, but its not due to 'tightness' of the bolt rope - its more about it not staying in the track without a significant amount of 'persuasion' and swearing to keep it there. It would be impossible for me to rig this boat alone - PURELY because it takes one to keep the sail in the thread and the other to use full body weight on the main halyard. am very disappointed about this - as that was my main reason for choosing this boat. But it seems like i am just going to have to live with it. Tornado....why dont you send me some pics of your boat?? *smile with raised eyebrows.
  2. FireKat

    Windrush pics

    hey dave....i read that somewhere on a windrush site...just thought i would use it - not saying its gospel. Darren i look forward to the pics and i WILL probably contact you in a couple of weeks....i just have a lot on at the moment and sailing has kinda been put on the back burner. Are there any windy owners living somewhere near the sunshine coast?? xamelot(sorry if spelt wrong) chuckling cos it was probably on the WA site that i got it from! but dont quote me.
  3. FireKat

    Windrush pics

    chuckle....'Pointy' - you are a funny guy! Darren...what part of Aus are you living in? Obviously you are a windy owner, which means you may be able to help me out here. Any chance you could email me some pics? To the other guys who responded - thank you. I have already been to all the 'obvious' sites, googled windrush etc - but none of them have close up decent photos of the boom/mast rigging. Supposedly the biggest 14 racing class out there, but so far no one has a close up pic of one???!
  4. FireKat

    Windrush pics

    Thanks pointed.....but i am specifically looking for pictures of windrushes only, to help me sort out some issues. Good pics on the site, though most of them did not fit on my screen. thanks again.
  5. FireKat

    Windrush pics

    Just wondering if anyone can send me some pics of a windrush fully rigged with jib and main? In particular, the down haul, boom vang and traveller (anything else that attaches to the boom). I have recently purchased a windrush - and i am almost certain there are parts missing from it. I have downloaded the manual from windy association....but the illustrations dont print out that well - not enough detail. Also, if there is someone out there who has one with mylar sails, i would like to hear from you. I seem to have a bit of threading trouble and wonder if it is the sail or the mast track itself. If someone could help me out on this, i would appreciate it.
  6. FireKat

    Trap Wires & Tangles?

    In my VERY limited experience - i wish to throw this out there in regards to leaving trap and stay wires on the mast. I have just recently purchased a windrush. The guy used to keep all his wires wrapped around the mast.....now there are some beautiful pits in the mast where the s/steel fittings and the nicropress fitting have rubbed against it. So, make sure you pad where the fittings touch the pole. The wires even rubbed off the paint as well. Like i said.....i know very little about it, i have just noticed that this happens when wires are wrapped around the mast with no protection.
  7. I JUST worked that out (that you are Lester) from the Aussie CAt Forum. Thanks for sending that Warbird. It has gone into my collection of boat pics! I saw the 14sq in action on the weekend...so my interest has been re-ignited.
  8. FireKat

    King of the Lake

    Aww..shucks. Thanks Barry. I had a great time. Learnt a few things and am definately inspired to get more experience. Those F18's are my goal! Will never own one, but will be aiming to get a crew position. (Just gotta get more time on the water to get the skills!)Am still gob-smacked about seeing that moth fly too. Amazing. Anyway - have a physics exam to study for.....*groan - id rather be sailing!
  9. Hey Darcy Have just been to the King of the Lake at Cootharaba and seen a 14sq. Have to say my interest is back on! I dont suppose you are planning a trip north (any distance) any time soon. Warren from BCC says the boat is in pretty good condition, but that the main sail is shot. HOwever, i do not yet have the experience to be racing and those sails would probably do me fine. Had any luck getting the pictures uploaded? Or are you 'Lester'?
  10. FireKat

    Nacra 4.5

    Thanks Brad - and thanks to the other woman too! Look forward to meeting you both.
  11. FireKat

    Nacra 4.5

    *chuckle. All i know is that if we can fly the hull, maybe pitch-pole, get some bruises and yell at each other through the rain - i will have had a good time!! If i dont get any broken bones and hypothermia, i will have had an even better time! Brad sounds like a pretty decent guy....so yeah....maybe with a bit of gentle persuasion he can be coaxed into letting me try to right his 4.5 *waggin eyebrows with a smile.
  12. FireKat

    Nacra 4.5

    Hey Brad I am coming to the regatta this weekend at Cootharaba. As a matter of fact i am racing as well - with Barry on his 5.2. (He obviously has no intention of 'placing' with a novice on board! Bless his soul..) I will DEF be keeping my eye out for any 4.5s....and may even hit you up to take me for a quick spin! *big smile. At the very least i will want to ask you a million questions. See you there.
  13. Hey Darcy After much deliberation, i have decided that the boat i should get is a 4.5. I hope you get your boat sold real soon. Thanks for the offer of posting some pics - i still look forward to seeing it if you manage to work it out. cheers Toni
  14. FireKat

    Nacra 4.5

    Hey Brad I think i am pretty much sold on the 4.5. i cant go any smaller if i want to take others out as well. i would be happy to use a righting bucket to add to my body weight to right it, and a bob on the mast while im learning. The selling points for me about the 4.5 is the small size, good bouyancy, sail shape, sleek hull design and the speed. Ive decided that it will be enough to trapeze my crew member only ( i cant have all the fun, all the time!) Thanks for your input.
  15. FireKat

    Nacra 4.5

    Thanks John i wrote a couple of emails to 'the boys at BCC' and got no response, so i guess im kinda holding a grudge *smile - for the moment anyway. Thing is, it has been suggested that i would not be able right a 5.0 on my own should i fall over (which is very likely) other than that i would love the 5.0. Am thinking now that the 14sq is not going to be as comfortable with 2. Obviously it is perfect for 1. There seems to be only one solution to my problem....MIKE NEEDS TO SELL ME HIS BOAT!! hee hee. A bottle of rum to whoever finds me a 4.5! (That seems to be the accepted bribing tool on this forum)