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  1. 2 weeks ago I was fortunate enough to attend the Class Titles at the Humpybong Yacht Club. From the first phone call until the end of the weekend I was super-impressed with the organisation and friendship shown by the club members and other competitors. I fall into the WWS class (Worlds Worst Sailor). Regardless of what type of craft the people were sailing everyone was supportive and friendly. This is what I hoped to find when I decided to start sailing, but never expected to. The main purpose of this post (apart from thanking everyone publicly) is to let any other people out there who may think that going to a regatta is out of their league or joining a club is beyond their experience, that the friendship and fun is there to be enjoyed. Special thanks to the "A" Class people, the Capricorn people and the Hobie Tiger people, and Mal I can see why many people think so highly of you. Thanks again Humpybong I will be returning there often. Russell.
  2. Check out the latest issue of the Australian Sailing Magazine 4 pages devoted to the F16 Class in Australia ... the more I see of this class the more that I am convinced that it will be a great success
  3. fantom

    impact of spirally fuel costs

    Yep Phil they were the good old days, buy a brand new car for under $3000 run it for $20 a week and earn $100 a week in wages !! and still be broke 3 days after pay day Fuel costs are soaring, but I don't think that they will stop me from having fun
  4. fantom

    Great Service

    I have heard many great reports about Mal's service and would reccomend him to anyone who owns a Hobie
  5. fantom

    sounds great

    yes Phil I have been in contact with a couple of the blokes from the site and from what I can see by adding a spinakker to your existing 16 would qualify you to be rated as an f16... probably not the fastest but still in the class ... remove the spinakker and you can compete in the traditional classes ... a very affordable way to get more from your craft. It is a class that I think would be well worth the effort to look into
  6. fantom

    sounds great

    look through the earlier posts and you will find a website... good place to start
  7. I have been looking into this class of racing and it sounds great, it appears that it would allow me more room to develop my craft and to be able to grow with the class I am going to give it a go
  8. I use the Brisbane Cat Centre and have found them terrific, plenty of advise and a huge range of gear. Dunno if they are cheap or not but what I do know is that they have really looked after me
  9. fantom

    New to Maricat

    get in touch with the Brisbane Cat Centre I'm sure that they can help
  10. fantom

    sailing in the brisbane area

    say gidday to Rosco at the Brisbane Cat Centre for me, he has never let me down with service or knowelledge. You wont go too far wrong with him
  11. fantom

    sailing in the brisbane area

    Hi Brad, Great to hear that you are keen to sail, I am currently with the Cleveland Yacht Club, but considering a move for next season, what side of Brissie are you on - North or South? Cleveland is having a sailing day and BBQ on the 28th August - no racing - just a chance to get your boat wet before the season starts on the 4th September. We are sailing from the Cleveland Yacht Club to Coochie Island. you are welcome if it suits you. The invitation is open to everyone here, just let me know so I can have plenty of snags and drinks on the island for the BBQ. Wherever you end up sailing I'm sure that everyone will make you feel most welcome. Whilst there are no Maris' sailing at the CYC we have Hobies,Nacras and of course my mighty Calypso to give you some company.
  12. fantom

    stainless steel rigging

    try the Brisbane Cat Centre at Wacol, Calypso Sailcraft at sandgate or order them from Sunstate Hobie .. they have a good ordering system.
  13. I agree with the above ... but whatever you buy, buy smart... look to the future, one thing that I reckon is that once you start sailing a cat the next weekend cannot come soon enough ... its that addictive. I have a calypso 16 and if I had my time over I would want a nacra /...the people at nacra are great, the service is friendly and the craft is sturdy ... one bloke told me that 80 percent of a boats performance is in the skippers hands ... how true this is, but whatever you buy do yourself a favour and join a club... you won't regret it
  14. fantom

    hobie 14

    get in touch with the hobie dealer on the Sunshine Coast .. I have dealt with them before and I have always had exellent service... Sunstate Hobie The other members at the club should be able to help you with setting your boat up ... or call down to Cleveland Yacht Club and we will look after you
  15. fantom

    Hawke 14ft

    I am pretty new to this game too and for what its worth I recomend that you join a club... before you sail you have plenty of help ... when you sail you have the security of the safety boat ... when you come in you have the help to de-rig....