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  1. Its a simple problem to solve. Most infusions new or second hand will come with a set of class sails. Run your f18 gear all year until your once a year class states or nationals. Then pull out your unused nacra gear for the nacra event, if thats what your interested in. Your expensive nacra sails will last for 10 years if you do this, and you'll always have a fast barely used set. That way you'll have more money to spend on cheaper and quite often faster f18 sails, if you want to get that serious. Hobie sails are a very similar price by the way. This is what we used to do with our F16 viper. The only problem was going back to the factory sails was always a bit of a disappointment.
  2. You can purchase F18 sails from any sailmaker. Just so you know. Theres no reason to purchase hobie sails when the Tiger class is pretty much dead. Thats the beauty of F18, you have options even tho the manufacturers might tell you otherwise. Having said that the Brisbane Cat center do a great job. Some of the prices are out of they're hands and im sure the margins they make on things like sails are small.
  3. Aido

    Results for Mannering Pk Regatta

    I never said anything about this....and now you mention it, doesn't seem like much of a stretch to me.
  4. Aido

    Results for Mannering Pk Regatta

    Before the arrow square top was introduced the yardstick was 91. Bit harsh to keep hammering it from the results of one regatta. Would have been more of a test to have some more quality PTs there not just Peter, who still managed to win a race on yardstick. The best way to improve your yardstick performance is to sail faster.
  5. I dont really think we should be picking and choosing yardsticks from each system. We need pick one to use get it adjusted accordingly and use that. I like the KCC one. Its what we use in Queensland for our big yardstick regattas. Nothings perfect but its close enough. The KCC one also has an element of measurement and theoretical calculation of yardstick which I think is good. It means you have to worry less about having usable race data.
  6. I reckon you've got it very close Darcy.
  7. Aido

    Mannering Park Regatta

    "When in doubt follow Frank." Thats what I did. Its something you get used to after a while.
  8. Aido

    Mannering Park Regatta

    Hi Guys, Had a great time on the Saturday shame about Sunday. I've never had the chance to sail in a fleet of 14s like this before and loved it. Might have to organise something similar in South East Queensland. The first race was a cracker with 14s of every brand battling for the lead at the last mark. Amusing to see Rohan on the Mari turn upwind for another lap after doing a good job to establish a small lead. Funny as. See you next year.
  9. Hi Guys is the 14 foot regatta at mannering park on this year?
  10. Aido

    Help on rules please

    Hi Pete, The proper course rule is always a tricky one. However you can come as high as you want before the over taking boat establishes an overlap to try and make them sail through your gas. If there is no overlap then you don't have to sail proper course. As soon as the windward boat is overlapped you are supposed to sail pretty much straight to the mark. By the time the windward boat is overlapped its pretty much too late to do anything about it anyway. Your better off letting them overtake and get to the next mark as quick as you can. Its worth remembering the windward boat is still obligated to give you right of way and definitely cannot bear away into you as they pass. So they must still keep clear of the boat sailing its proper course. Thats my understanding of it anyway. As a rule if someone is travelling faster than me on a reach I let them go past. You just end up losing too much ground yourself trying to stop them getting past. Aido
  11. Aido

    Flat spinnaker for Nacra 5.8

    PM'd you. Adrian
  12. Massive mistake on the date on the last thread. NOR can still be found here http://www.facebook.com/F16Australia. If anyone has any questions or wants me to email them a copy let me know. Adrian
  13. Notice of race for the 2012/13 F16 Nationals can be found at http://www.facebook.com/F16Australia. Thanks Adrian
  14. Aido

    Nacra F16 Info

    Heres a great video of the new Nacra F16 in action. Doesnt look too bad.