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  1. UPDATE: Boat sold 16ft Hydra for sale. Has new shock cords and new stays. Features trapeze, hatches with actual compartments forward of dolphin striker. Sails and tramp in fair condition. Includes two harnesses and beach wheels. Ready to sail with nothing to spend. Trailer has new tyres, bearings, lights and is registered. Includes a winch and sail box. The Hydra has been a good boat to me, I learnt to sail (or more accurately "still learning") with it and have no trouble out sailing other 16ft classes :-). It is designed for two but in heavy conditions I have had a lot of fun with 3 or even 4 adults on it (all the extra weight kept the hull down in 35 knot breezes :-P ). Even in light winds it is fun as the sail area seems a bit larger then other boats of this length. Plenty of other photos here: https://picasaweb.google.com/mrblenny/WivenhoenDamCampingSailing?authuser=0&feat=directlink Some videos here: http://youtu.be/J5PRrfmSmyY http://youtu.be/HazTSul9qpw http://youtu.be/aVPoYW3gnjM Selling due to interstate move, $2000 email mrblenny@gmail.com
  2. mrblenny

    Suggestions for Brisbane sail clubs?

    Thanks for the info - Lake Samsonvale is the cheapest so far (about $400 a year for new members) but still out of my range :-( There is a sail club at my university, might join them and sell my boat after this Summer season. Get one again when I am not a cashless student anymore :-)
  3. Hi, I have a 16ft Hydra and am looking for somewhere affordable on my student budget to store it fully rigged. Ideally I want it parked on rollers close to a nice sailing spot with the mast left rigged so it is only a case of raising the sails and rolling down to the water to get going. Is this a pipe dream? I have sent emails to a few places (Woody Point sail club, Manly etc) but only one reply from Manly Marina saying they are full for years (and I think they were talking about hardstands for "normal" trailer sailers anyway). It crossed my mind that there is a club at Wivenhoe but the website is a little flaky and google maps doesn't show me any boats left rigged on the grass anyway. Cheers, Damian
  4. Hi, I am trying to find something cheap to use as a shadecloth and thought someone might have an old jib or even a main from a smaller cat which would be suitable. Ideally I would just use my current sails which are pretty rubbish :-) but I can't afford to replace them yet. Thanks, Damian
  5. mrblenny

    Cobra 16 vs Hydra 16

    Hydra 16 setup Hello, I have owned a Hydra 16 for over a year and while I am by no means an expert on the matter it does seem a quite well behaved boat and I have no trouble sailing it. You can find quite a few pictures here: http://picasaweb.google.com.au/mrblenny As for setup I don't really see any problems, it has downhaul and some vang thing but give yourself an hour or two on your first setup and it will all fall into place. With someone helping me I normally have it ready to push into the water after about 30 minutes. And I find it much easier to take the mast down by simply lifting the boat on it's side and then disconnecting everything. I second the sentiment about money, just spend the bare essentials to get it going. No matter what you do it will still be an old boat and doubling or tripling it's value with new masts and sails will not increase the enjoyment (or it's resell value). I find it great to sail as is, even with dodgy sails I can beat most 16 ft cats on the water (bigger sail area helps) and it can even carry 3 adults without too much trouble. It is heavy though and even on beach rollers is a pain pushing back to car.
  6. mrblenny

    Repairing a rudder hinge (thing)

    Ah, thank you everyone for your replies. Looking at my hulls it seems there might be a panel that can come off if I cut away the sikaflex (?) bead. You can just make out one line in the top right of the photo. There is already a nice hatch (with attached compartment to keep things away from hull) but it is sitting forward of the dolphin striker. The job seems reasonably simple so I will give it a go when the maintenance season comes along in the winter months. Thanks again, Damo
  7. Hi again, Just when I thought a good weekend of sailing might be coming up a cyclone comes off the QLD coast! So I thought I should finally fix a minor leak on the Hydra, in particular the bottom rudder hinge point on both hulls eg http://picasaweb.google.com/mrblenny/March#5449339713552403730 You can see the cracks forming from the constant motion the hinge is under and I have no doubt a bit of liquid is coming in at that point. However I have no idea on the best way to fix. A previous owner just put silicone around the metal (it had perished so I just pulled it off) which makes me think it is harder then unscrewing it. Does anyone know if it is standard design to have some sort of metal backplate and a locking nut on the inside, or is just coarse screws straight into the fibreglass? I suspect there might be locking nuts as one screw turns loose but does not move in or out, in which case silicone around might be an option as opening up the hull sounds complicated for someone of my limited skills Cheers, Damo
  8. mrblenny

    Sailing near a Jetty

    I have being abused by fisherman at the Woody Pt jetty as well - was a few weeks back and I am not sure how many metres away we were but it was at least double the distance from the closest line in the water. This was in a NE wind as well where cutting as close as possible was a big help, will try to keep a min distance in future but I felt the tone was unnecessary. At least my hobby doesn't dump oil in the water and kill things for "fun". Damo
  9. mrblenny

    Welding a gooseneck

    Thanks for the info, I will give that a go myself
  10. Hello again, Another day of sailing, another little item to repair Not actually accurate since this has needed fixing from day one but have postphoned until it has completely broken: http://picasaweb.google.com.au/mrblenny/SailingAtVictoriaPoint#5396332953436261826 When I bought the boat the gooseneck (?) only had one clip on it, figured it had been that way for ages so it might last a little while longer but sure enough it snapped when I put a little too much downhaul (6:1 block) on the sail. This is the attachment on the boom: http://picasaweb.google.com.au/mrblenny/SailingAtVictoriaPoint#5396332934307099442 Too me the whole piece seems a little small to be taking the strain from a fully tensioned 6:1 block, perhaps that is why it was half broken when I got in the first place? Anyways I am not sure on the best approach to get some new stainless cut, drilled and welded back on, as you can see I have already drilled the rivets and removed the steel plate from the mast. Someone who is tooled up for stainless work could do it in 5 minutes but my first call to Brisbane Cat Centre got quite an short response. Completely unwilling to give me even a rough idea on price which is a little unhelpful imo. Any suggestions? Better off with entire new gooseneck fitting perhaps, although as a student cheap is best right now :-( Thanks for any help, here are some pictures from sailing last week around Victoria point, I just tied the boom to the mast with some spare rope. http://picasaweb.google.com.au/mrblenny/SailingAtVictoriaPoint#
  11. mrblenny

    Hydra Manual

    Hi there, I have recently got a 16 ft hydra as well. Quite fast for something so heavy! Pop me an email if you have any questions although I must warn you I am quite the novice but have sailed it 6 or so times now. I am happy to report it is very easy to recover from a turtle mrblenny@gmail.com
  12. mrblenny

    Rivet replacement

    Thanks for the info - will try 3/16 monels and I will be sure to caulk it up for protection. I will be a lot more confident once that is fixed as I can move the plate 4-5mm by hand over the loose rivet.
  13. Hello all, One of the rivets has pulled which holds a connector for the forward wire stay. There are two rivets holding the plate and one has half pulled so the mast hasn't come down on me yet but I figure best to replace that. I have not worked on catamarans before and wasn't sure what type of rivet I should buy to replace it. Cheers, Damo PS here is a boring video of sailing the hydra at Wivenhoe if anyone is interested
  14. mrblenny

    cheap masthead float?

    Do you think a 4L bottle would be enough? The Hobie-Bob has 30L of capacity so I was looking at floats around that size, I suppose I could just attach a 4L bottle and see how much it slows it down. Plan to be sailing this weekend at Wivenhoe Dam so will give it a go!