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  1. topscan

    Mini Nacra Knockout regatta

    Thanks for the pictures, looks like fun! Chris
  2. topscan

    NQ Sprint regatta

    Thanks Mick Didn’t get my jib setup finished in time… apologies for not being there! Cheers Chris
  3. topscan

    Which Boat?

    Ian, Buggar sold my F18 a couple of weeks ago….sorry. It did not get used often enough, boat now live on Magnetic island in care of an enthusiastic pair. I am now sailing a 4.5 with light blue sails, come and say g’day if you spot me. Cheers Chris
  4. topscan

    Organising a Regatta

    Maxim & Tony, Have you thought to affiliate yourself / your group /your event with an existing club? Run the regatta under there banner! Just a thought Cheers Chris
  5. topscan

    NACRA Sirocco comparison with other 14's

    Cruiser, Sorry I don’t know if there is any around in far north QLD. I guess you could check with the resorts around Cairns? You could also contact Mick or Nacra in Brisbane and ask them. I guess Siroccos are living a more anonymous life than models that is actively raced…. There is one for sale in QLD on www.boatsales.com.au search for Nacra. Otherwise you have to take your family/friends to Daydream Island and sail them there better check that they still have them first. Good luck Cheers Chris
  6. topscan

    NACRA Sirocco comparison with other 14's

    Have emailed Rob at the Port Douglas sailing club and asked for more info about the knock-out-sprint comp, would definitely come for a drive if its on and open to “southerners” Don’t wurrie every kid at the Port Douglas sail club beats me! Like to think its because they are 1/4 of my weight but I am afraid it has more to do with sailing skills… or lack there off My apologies to Cascade for getting this thread side tracked, In my book a 4.5 with main only is a much nicer package than a Sirocco if that ever was the question. Then you can ad jib, kite, front tramp, trapeze, in hull storage etc to the 4.5 and turn it in to whatever you want. Cheers Chris
  7. topscan

    NACRA Sirocco comparison with other 14's

    Sailed Siroccos at Daydream island a couple of years ago but I found them fairly “dull”. I don’t know but it could have been a “resort version” if there is such a thing. Fairly short mast from memory, I guess they would be the perfect resort cat. My 4.5 feels like a racer compared to those Siroccos…. And for the suitability of the 4.5 as a club cat you only have to look at the kids from Port Douglas sail club. I am also in the process of “souping” up my 4.5 so look out. Its great to here that the 4.5 numbers are building… Tell me more about “ mini Nacra knockout” is this like match racing on a 4.5? you get drawn a 4.5 and you race against another 4.5 in a knock out comp? Also what happens on the 6th June in Port Douglas? (that’s the same weekend Townsville holding there sprint regatta) Cheers Chris
  8. topscan

    Catamaran sailing DVD

    Can confirm its in English and French if you want to… Title is “The Catamaran sailing DVD” or “Le DVD du Catamaran de sport” By Mobilis productions elodie@mobilisproductions.com Of all books and DVD I have seen, this is the best so far especially if you are into F18 and kite cats. Cheers Chris
  9. topscan

    F16 Nats

    Thanks for taking the effort to write about the regatta and sharing with the rest of us. Makes for interesting reading! Often there is a NOR and some buzz leading up to a race but there is very little afterwards… This is a change for the better Thanks Chris
  10. topscan

    Purchasing New and Used Nacra's

    Tonka, What a great “problem” to have needing to choose what cat to buy! There are a lot of similar threads on this forum and I am sure you will find useful info. In the end it will come down to what suits you and what you want to do. Just returned from a Regatta at Tinaroo in North QLD there was 100+ boats up there. All up I guess there was 16-17 cats there. There was 6 x F18s, 2 x Hobbies 16, 2 x SQ16s, Tornado, Inter 17, 5.8, 4.5, Taipan in F16 configuration, Taipan and others. That gets you an idea what’s is “actively” raced in North QLD. All but one cat had travelled (Port Douglas, Cairns, Townsville, Whitsunday) Would think that F18 is the fastest growing class, locally, national and international. Hobie 16 would be the biggest one-design class in the world, but you don’t see to many locally. There is a regatta on in Townsville on Queens Birthday weekend in June, good opportunity to check out what is sailed. Check out www.tsvsailingclub.com for the Townsville sprint regatta details. Cant tell you anything about the 570 but I have a 2nd hand Nacra F18 for sale in Townsville. Since I bought a Nacra 4.5 my F18 have seen very little use and is more or less collecting cobwebs these days. It’s a 2003 boat with upgraded rig 2005, complete ready to sail with spare sails and parts on a basically new galvanised trailer with one fibreglass box. Pricing is very keen! Good luck Chris BTW why wasn’t there any SQ14 at Tinaroo Cruiser?
  11. topscan


    Who wouldn’t like to stay at this place and sail all day??? If I make it up to the May day regatta it would be a case of back to basics, that means camp at the sail club instead… Cheers
  12. topscan


    Tinaroo Went to Tinaroo dam for the first time last weekend. Stayed at B&B place called Lavender Hill a great spot! You could launch straight from there lawn very convenient. This was the first time that I sailed my 4.5 in fresh water, very different from the sea. No tide, waves or breaks to worry about you just have to be careful not to sail over any logs or platypuses. Also there was a lot of wind shifts as you went deep into the bays. Tinaroo Dam was much bigger than I had expected and I only got to sail a small part of it over the weekend, I guess I have to come back and check out the rest at a later stage…. Cheers Chris
  13. topscan

    Sydney to Melbourne by 14ft Cat

    There was also a pair that sailed a Hobie 18 from Cairns to Cape York, that was an interesting story. Found it on one of the Hobie www sites a couple of years ago but I cant seem to locate now..? The story was almost written like a manual for anyone wanting to do a long cruise in tropical waters on a beach cat. If anyone know where to find that story again let me now. Jessie Martin & Co Imajica website www.theimajicaexperience.com they don’t do any charters right now, Imajica heading to Australia for maintenance. Cheers
  14. topscan

    Which Boat?

    Forgot to mention the Mosquito with spinnaker and if you are lighter person the A-Class cat…
  15. topscan

    Which Boat?

    Chocko, Thanks for letting us know how you are going always interesting too see how it pans out. As Tonyj already pointed out if you are going down the full racer path you have to check out the F16 Viper by www.ahpc.com.au and the Blade from FCA. I also saw a brand new NACRA SQ16 at TSC last weekend, looked very nice. Cheers Chris