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  1. beeky

    Wanted Nacra 16sq Square top sail

    I have bought a new one. Couldnt wait.😭
  2. beeky

    Wanted Nacra 16sq Square top sail

    Just ripped my sail again today. Do you still have sail available?
  3. beeky

    Wanted Nacra 16sq Square top sail

    Looks like repairing sail is my only option today
  4. Need sail to suit Nacra 16sq catamaran. 😞
  5. beeky

    Nacra 16 sq sail needed

    Hi Crazylemming. thanks for your reply. I have found a sail and waiting for the delivery. thanks again Beeky
  6. beeky

    Nacra 16 written off

    Hi Just on the off chance, would you have a spare 16sq sail you would want to sell?
  7. Wrecked my worn Nacra 16sq sail today. Does anyone have a good sail to suit my boat .
  8. beeky

    Nacra 16sq Mast Rake

    Hey Goose That's great. I have checked it out and remember when i repaired the rudders. they did go under and i changed it :-( I will fix that thanks
  9. beeky

    Nacra 16sq Mast Rake

    Thanks Men for your help. Great information. Sailed on Saturday but conditions were so light couldn't really test. I am still 30cm forward of my back beam with quit a bit of weather helm. Will play around with the info i received thanks again
  10. Can someone tell me how much mast rake i should have on my 16sq Nacra. If i place a straight edge over the cross beams and have them level,then check the mast rake, it works out that it is 165mm forward at the top.
  11. beeky

    yard stick

    I am off that weekend sounds exiting. dont know if it well happen though. Thanks for letting me know
  12. beeky

    yard stick

    Hi Hood You are correct. The leven yacht club is a great club. With lots of experienced sailers there. Very friendly too. Are you in hobart then? Where do i find out more about these races. I would be happy to go down there with my boat if i can learn something. cheers Ron
  13. beeky

    yard stick

    Thank for the offer Glen but i am in Tasmania. I guess ill keep practising cheers Ron
  14. beeky

    yard stick

    I have a 16sq Nacra. My yard stick is 79.5 I race against cobras, and mosquito how do others who have the same yacht go on races 1 1/2 hours long against these types of yacht