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  1. Quentin

    how to yahoo

    Got approval today!
  2. Quentin

    how to yahoo

    Hey, just signed up for the yahoo group for the second time, did it once about 2 years back and no one approved me , then everything timed out. Hopefully this time someone can log on and give me approval.
  3. Quentin

    Mainsheet systems

    Hi, I do not have any personal experience with boom sheeting systems but i know that some paper tiger guys use it. Some diagrams from there website are For Diagram A just move the Ratchet block up to the boom. These will then both be 5:1 systems, so you may want to use triple blocks instead of doubles.
  4. Quentin

    The second Olympic Cat

    look at the quote in the first post in this topic
  5. Quentin

    replace Hobie with MARICATS OWN COLUMN

    thanks for giving the maricats there own forum. Would u be able to move all the parst maricat posts to the new forum as to keep it altogether and help new people to find all the maricat info they need
  6. Quentin

    replace Hobie with MARICATS OWN COLUMN

    yeah the MARICATS r a great boat and derisive their own column. [This message has been edited by Quentin (edited 23 April 2004).]
  7. Quentin

    Nacra 14/16

    Hi, I believe when you said "Murrie cats 14" that you ment a Maricat 4.3 (correct spelling and use of the metric system like the makers). These are a good boat great for beginers, I started catsailing in a Maricat sloop. There is a Cat rig for sailing one up and also a super sloop. The super sloop has the full sloop rig(main and jib) with a trap, but they can become a bit of a handful when tacking and trying to change over the jib while helming in strong wind.