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  1. phil_taipan117

    WANTED: Sail Box, South Australia

    Yes I have a sail box that I originally bought from AHPC, which I don't need. It is still rivoted to my trailer, which I also don't need. Contact me at phile(at)energyfocus.com.au
  2. phil_taipan117

    Mosquito catamaran project

    I'd suggest putting the same question to the mosquito forum on catsailor.com.
  3. phil_taipan117

    F18 and F16HP

    I agree with how the cat sailing scene has changed in the past 10 years. It was probably healthier then in terms of numbers of boats on the water. Hull and sail design has certainly progressed in that time. One point though, The Viper is not an Olympic class. It was entered in the recent selection trials but was not selected. The Nacra 17 was selected for 2016.
  4. phil_taipan117

    wanted F14 or f16 somthing modern

    AHPC has a great chance of getting the Viper selected as the mixed gender catamaran Olympic class in March. They are up against the H16 (what a retrograde selection that would be), Tornado, Spitfire, NACRA F16 and a newly designed NACRA 17 (actually 17.6') with curved boards.
  5. phil_taipan117

    Black wich photos?

    9 A class and 5 Tornados particapted in the 2011 NT Champonships. A better turn out than most southern clubs could manage.
  6. phil_taipan117

    Modified Stingray called a Black Witch?

    Both Ted and Sue Fowler were sailing in Darwin when I arrived with my A class (a rhapsody) in the early '80's. I recall only once sailing against Ted on his black witch. He blew me away on a reach. Sue was sailing an arrow. There were a stack of arrows and mosquitos at DSC in those days. Needless to say the 80's were the peak of cat sailing. Sue "shacked-up" with another A class mate and we all went to the A class worlds at Blairgowrie in '87. Unfortunately have lost touch with both Sue and Ted.
  7. phil_taipan117

    Taipan 4.9 Whitsunday Islands Cruise

    Please continue..... And more details on the 8 female PE teachers.....
  8. phil_taipan117

    Yasi - The Big One

    Looks like Cyclone Yasi is going to be a high Category 5 (wind gusts over 300 km/hr) by the time it crosses the coast near Cairns. This is the 1 in 50 year super storm that meteorologists always seem to reference. I remember a couple of cat 5 cyclones crossing the WA coast in the last 10 to 15 years but they did not cause much damage given the sparse population up that way. If I was living in or around Cairns, I would have packed up family, boat, dog, insurance forms and passport about 2 days ago and driven as far out of the place as I could go. I am dreading the destruction that this one will leave behind. I expect Joolia will need to introduce a cyclone levy for us southerns to pay. Good luck if you are still in Cairns and are preparing to sit this one out. Don't expect any sleep tonight.
  9. phil_taipan117

    A class nationals

    Thanks for the news, both here and on catsailor.com. I notice there are no Goodalls racing. Are they up at Harvey Bay at the Taipan nationals? Excellent representation from the Darwin boys......
  10. Now that the $AUS has hit parity with the greenback [i remember it touched 48 cents back in about 2003] out of interest I checked out the price of a F16 Falcon, made in Florida. Their website [http://www.falconmarinellc.com/falcon.html] lists 2010 prices. The base boat with complete F16 sloop rig (Glaser sails) is priced at $16,990. Packaging and container for shipping is $750. I have no idea what the shipping cost to Oz would be. Formula Catamarans Australia (http://www.formulacatamarans.com/pricing.html) lists the base price of a cat rigged Blade at $21,000. Both prices are based on aluminium masts. I haven't seen any recent Viper prices to include AHPC in the comparsion, but I expect they would be struggling to be competitive price-wise in the US, even though built in Asia.
  11. phil_taipan117

    New Forum!

    It would be polite if the adminstrator at least explained why it was off the air for so long. Catsailor.com is ok but is full of too many yanks.
  12. phil_taipan117


    Are you aware that there is a QB2/3 reunion planned in Melbourne later this year? A notice posted on catsailor.com by Storm Johnson 6 weeks or so ago. A remember John Mercel in Townsville around 1980.
  13. So who is the chick in the red dress?
  14. phil_taipan117

    New Viper great

    Sounds like you made a great purchase. Once you get used to it you should be right up there with the F18's. Don't be afraid to ask for advice from AHPC. I have always found Greg and co. to be most helpful.
  15. phil_taipan117

    QB2 Reunion

    Storm Johnson posted this notice on catsailor.com: http://www.catsailor.com/forums/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=211888#Post211888 [seems like this is the defacto QB2/QB3 BB].