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  1. Pointed Reply

    Halyard pulleys and sail track lubrication

    And .... Most now use 3mm halyard wire and not 2mm. It is stronger and fatter and less prone to get stuck and the swage is bigger/fatter, to sit in the v notch better. And ... The swage needs to be about 270mm from the outside of the eyelet to the bottom of the swage to give enough length to un jam the swage. Your roller look ok ...
  2. Pointed Reply

    Halyard pulleys and sail track lubrication

    Clean the track and check it for any dings which may have closed up the gap if it has been dropped. Check that the halyard is staying on the roller. If it comes off and gets jammed down beside the roller it won’t go up or down. When raising check that all the battens are popped one way and the boat is pointing into the wind. (not that critical on an older sail). Your mast head should look a bit like this ....
  3. Pointed Reply

    Marie 4.3 New tramp required please

    Call Darcy1945 - he will know. You will find his number on other posts.
  4. Pointed Reply

    Mari 4.8 Sail

    I think NACRA 14 sq and 4.5s have a loose foot mai
  5. Pointed Reply

    Mari 4.8 Sail

    I think you will find it hard to find a M4.8 sail. I have not seen a 4.8 for many years. You may find a sail which is the same size - maybe an old Taipan sail. if you find a sail you should come to the Maricat Nationals at Wallagoot and become the National 4.8 champion again.... There are now about 11 M5.0 back sailing again around NSW.
  6. Pointed Reply

    Maricat 4.3 Mainsheet rigging

    Yes - correct
  7. Pointed Reply

    Upper Rudder casting rivets. Fiiting

    Ask Darcy - he knows all things about old cats contact details on Sale Page or Maricat page
  8. Pointed Reply

    Keeping the rudders down

    Mick Colecliffe Lemon Tree Passage NSW 0419999785 mikecolecliffe@bigpond.com NSW Agent for Maricat
  9. Pointed Reply

    Keeping the rudders down

    These things are simple and tough and in my opinion are best ..... they take a bit of adjusting to get right. As standard the clamping force is too great and will not pop, and need trimming, but go slowly. Trim a bit test, trim a bit test. when set up they stay right for ever, they hold down firmly and pop if/when you hit something solid. now for the secret squirrel set-up - for the hold down rope or clamping rope use some cheaper stretchy stuff (BCF type) not the fancy non stretch - by pulling this tight the stretch will apply a positive tension/pressure to the rudder and keep it down tight against the rudder box. mick colecliffe can sell you the clams. PS: you don’t need that flex hose stuff for the rudder arm/ cross bar joint - make/buy a solid joint- one less thing to wear/rot/break.
  10. Pointed Reply

    Keeping the rudders down

  11. Pointed Reply

    Keeping the rudders down

    Third photo of open clam to follow —— when it will let me.....‘
  12. Pointed Reply

    Keeping the rudders down

  13. Pointed Reply

    Keeping the rudders down

  14. Pointed Reply

    Bridle wires length

    All measurements +/- 1%
  15. Pointed Reply

    Bridle wires length

    Quoting the class rule Bridle wire length 1010mm measured between the shackle to thimble contact surface at either end of the wire.