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    Maricat 4.3 Mainsheet rigging

    Yes - correct
  2. Pointed Reply

    Upper Rudder casting rivets. Fiiting

    Ask Darcy - he knows all things about old cats contact details on Sale Page or Maricat page
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    Keeping the rudders down

    Mick Colecliffe Lemon Tree Passage NSW 0419999785 mikecolecliffe@bigpond.com NSW Agent for Maricat
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    Keeping the rudders down

    These things are simple and tough and in my opinion are best ..... they take a bit of adjusting to get right. As standard the clamping force is too great and will not pop, and need trimming, but go slowly. Trim a bit test, trim a bit test. when set up they stay right for ever, they hold down firmly and pop if/when you hit something solid. now for the secret squirrel set-up - for the hold down rope or clamping rope use some cheaper stretchy stuff (BCF type) not the fancy non stretch - by pulling this tight the stretch will apply a positive tension/pressure to the rudder and keep it down tight against the rudder box. mick colecliffe can sell you the clams. PS: you don’t need that flex hose stuff for the rudder arm/ cross bar joint - make/buy a solid joint- one less thing to wear/rot/break.
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    Keeping the rudders down

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    Keeping the rudders down

    Third photo of open clam to follow —— when it will let me.....‘
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    Keeping the rudders down

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    Keeping the rudders down

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    Bridle wires length

    All measurements +/- 1%
  10. Pointed Reply

    Bridle wires length

    Quoting the class rule Bridle wire length 1010mm measured between the shackle to thimble contact surface at either end of the wire.
  11. Pointed Reply

    Sail age

    The sail number, assuming it is the original sail for the boat, indicates a Mark 1 boat and likely to be about 1980. If the boat has been well looked after then the boat could be fine. But sails do wear out. Good second hand sails are hard to find. Where are you located ?
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    Righting System - Setup

    Can’t find the pictures .. must have deleted them .. but will keep looking .. recharge an old phone ..
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    Righting System - Setup

    your new tramp should have a pocket just behind the mast, put the righting rope in that. The old design centre lacing tramps are rubbish and can’t be tightened properly the newer diagonal cut tramps are the go. make sure you pull the tramp tight - very tight - it helps stiffen the boat. Darcy at Lake Macquarie can help you with second hand parts for your Maricat and Mick at Lemon Tree Passage Marine is the NSW agent for new Maricat parts. Both Darcy and Mick are also dedicated Maricat sailors.
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    Righting System - Setup

    Found the topic righting line setup Sept 10 2012 ..... but it looks like the photos are not still stored ... I will attach again.
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    Righting System - Setup

    There are some photos on the forum somewhere but I can’t find/remember the topic. I have the photos (on an old phone) and will post them tomorrow but ....... many have done away with that complicated system. I’m assuming 1666 is a Mark 1 with the tramp with the centre lacing. Get a rope about 4/5 metres long, tie one end to the dolphin striker, and stow the other end in the centre lacing pocket. After a capsize pull out the rope and throw it over the upper hull and right the boat. With the rope going over the top hull it will create a much greater lever action than the under tramp system. Rope should be 10 mm thick and put a series of knots along the rope to assist with grip.
  16. Pointed Reply

    Cartwheeling (nose diving)

    Is your sheeting position for the jib right. You should have about equal tension on leach and foot. if the leach is light and the foot loose you will have a baggy sail. Rule of thumb is to measure one third up the sail. Draw an imaginary line from there through the leach/foot corner to the deck. That is about where the sheeting position should be. jib bridle should be 1100, with just small shackles, rack your mast as much as the sail cut will allow, ( the old multicoloured sails don’t allow much),
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    Cartwheeling (nose diving)

    You should make the effort to attend one of the regattas where the NSW Maricat guys will be. That way you can see what they are doing. The next best chance, without huge amounts of travel for you, will be the next NSW/ACT State Titles to be held in Canberra in October or early November.
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    Foam Mari, $4k neg

    No you don’t ...... You need a decent Mk2 with a reasonable sail.
  19. Pointed Reply

    Mast height - Which one ?

    Call Darcy ...... The fountain of knowledge.
  20. Pointed Reply

    Finding parts

    I think you have been sold a “pup” by someone who doesn’t know or sail a Maricat. The new proper ones are single piece, cut on the diagonal so they fit and can be tensioned to drum tight with no gaps in the middle or the stern for things like ropes to fall through. This tramp looks very complicated and untidy and will cause problems. There are a number of experienced Maricat sailmakers and trampoline people who can make you a better one that will work for about the same price.
  21. Pointed Reply

    Newbie Mark 1 on Central Coast after advice

    Darcy lives at Mannering Park and knows all things about old Maricats. 0243591729 Quite a few Maricats sail out of the Mannering Park Sailing club. Toukley Sailing club also sails cats including Maricats. CWSC is a sailing club - not sure from where. 1296 is the sail number which indicates a fairly old Mk 1. Age of the boat does not necessarily indicate the condition. Ring Darcy he can help with advise and has a stock of second hand parts.
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    Mk1 and Mk2 renovations

    I’m not sure you will be sailing at Lake Albert for a while ......... I live nearby and occasionally sail at Wagga. Give me a call for a chat 0428503126
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    Another newbie with a Mari in NZ

    Halyard must be cleated at the top with swag on the mast Your boat will not work if the sail in not cleated at the top. sail shape, mast bend, sheet tension, down haul will all be wrong
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    Another newbie with a Mari in NZ

    About 260-270mm
  25. Pointed Reply

    Main sail size

    Current cat rigged national champion is a 35 year old boat with a new sail —- and a good sailor ......