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  1. trying_hard

    New Hobie

    I just bought a new Hobie 14 turbo and was wondering if some one could help give me some advice to tune it up or to give it that comeptive edge!!!!!!!
  2. trying_hard

    New Hobie

    I am the pround new owner of a Hobie 14 turbo and was wandering if anyone could give me some advice to to tune it up or to just give it that bit more competive egde!!!!!!!
  3. trying_hard

    Looking to Buy

    Could anyone one tell me which 14ft cat would be best to buy for a 1st boat Please
  4. trying_hard


    Sorry, you are too far away and can't come down to pick it up but thanks anyways
  5. trying_hard


    Where are you located State? City? I am in yeppoon Kepple Bay Sailing club
  6. trying_hard

    Hobie 14

    Rigging, And any other tips on how to sail it Please
  7. trying_hard

    Hobie 14

    I am just about to buy a 2nd hand hobie 14 turbo and in desperate need someone to get me started!!!!!!
  8. trying_hard

    14 for sale

    Is the boat still for sale Can you turn it into a turbo
  9. trying_hard


    I am looking for a second hand 14ft cat if anyone knows anythink please let me know