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  1. how did the boys go??
  2. Sundance 16.5ft (not 17) Boat located Lemon Tree Passage, 2319, 30 mins north of Newcastle 0427895014.
  3. Remo

    A class Flyer

    Thanks for all the enquiries but this boat has now sold.
  4. A Class Flyer for sale all carbon Includes nice gal no tie trailer Everything in vgc condition pm me
  5. Remo

    Sailing spares FREE

    Thanks for all the enquiries - everything but laser sails have gone to new homes. Laser sails in bin where they belong. thanks.
  6. A few asymetrical spinnakers A couple of Laser mainsails Hobie 16 jib Some old blocks 0409190404 No postage, located Lemon Tree Passage
  7. Thanks for all the enquiries. At this stage the boat is off the market until further notice. Chris
  8. Someones definately making it hard for people to enjoy sailing on such a great dam. The guys do such a great job there.
  9. Remo

    Cat trailer for sale Newcastle

    Sorry trailer has been sold.
  10. Unregistered but in very descent condition. no rust, 1 year old tyres. Lights etc. fitted a 5mt catamaran. has rollers on all four corners. Located Lemon Tree Passage. Give me $400 and take it away. Very good platform for any cat. 0427895014
  11. Thanks for all the enquiries but the wheels have sold sorry.
  12. Inflateable plastic beach wheels with production skids. Were made to fit F16 so could be adjusted to fit any size boat. $300 0409190404 Located Lemon Tree Passage
  13. Remo

    Maricat 4.8 for sale

    Bump 700 make an offer.
  14. $500 no trailer but everything seems to be in quite good condition. $800 on unreg trailer very basic but clean and in very good shape. Has VIN. Located Lemon Tree Passage. 0427895014
  15. Large hard yellow plastic, unsure of brand but came from Bris Cat Centre originally i think.
  16. Remo

    Maricat 4.8 for sale

    Descent tramp, kick up rudders in good nick. Ready to sail.
  17. Remo

    Set up time

    Definately possible. I had a 5.2 in canberra and could get the boat rigged and in the water well within 30 mins. Amazing what you can do between end of work and the sun going down on Lake Tuggeranong!!
  18. Boat is now sold
  19. F16. Light and easy to handle. Modern rigging. Can be sailed one up, two up with main only, main and spinnaker, or main jib and spinnaker... They cover off all cat options. Growing breed. And also i have one for sale in your price range!!
  20. $2900 ono Two descent sails.. one reasonably new. Take it to the States down the road!! On a registered trailer. Beach wheels. Everything ready to go. Located Lemon Tree Passage 30 mins north of Newcastle. 0409190404
  21. See ebay listing http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/270947043703?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649
  22. Remo

    16 for sale 18 wanted

    darcy has a very nice h18. cheap too.