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  1. Hello, Loacated in Adelaide I am after a centre/dagger board for a 16’ Mosquito. Any assistance would be appreciated.
  2. Hi I’m after a Centreboard for a Mosquito, fiberglass preferred. Thanks. Paul
  3. psenior


    Hello all, I am wondering if anyone might have a reasonably priced jib available. Cheers' Paul
  4. psenior

    Looking for mainsail

    Hi, I have tried your number a couple of times with our luck . Feel free to give me a call on 0417 856 882 Cheers Paul
  5. psenior

    Looking for mainsail

    Hi, I'm looking for a used mainsail that is in good condition and suitable for club racing. it is to go onto my Mk1 4.3 and would prefer if it is cut to accommodate the rake adjustments. Cheers Paul. (Adelaide)
  6. Hi, I'm looking for a Rudder box. Im in Adelaide. Cheers Paul
  7. psenior

    Wanted: Rudder box casting- Adelaide

    Thanks. I'll give you a call.
  8. psenior

    14' hulls wanted - Adelaide

    Would Adelaide based Maricat work? If so what is your budget?
  9. psenior


    Hello, I am a new member to the forum and a new owner of a Maricat Mk1. I am after some information and any tips that people can throw my way. The cat is sloop rigged. Three questions to begin with: 1) Does anyone have the length measurements for the fore and side stays to increase the mast to the recommended rake? 2) It has been suggested that I look at getting some fiberglass work done on the lower half of the hulls around the side stay area; would anyone know of a suitable fiberglasser in Adelaide? 3) What would I expect to pay for a reasonable set of second hand sails? I look forward to hearing from those who may be able to help. Regards Paul
  10. psenior


    Hi Humungus2, I have been measuring my stays and I will need to take about 50-60 mm off my side stays, but would need to add abut 800mm to my forestay, which seems a little extreme. Currently my forestay for the sloop rig is 4700 to where it joins the bow bridle stays. So I was wanting to double check whether that measurement was meant to be 5500 or 5050, or am I measuring the wrong spots.. Regards Paul
  11. psenior


    Hello Thanks for those who have posted replies to my queries. Yes I’ll give Binks a try for the fibergalssing and other bits, thank you humungus2 for the measurements. I’ll get to it over the next month or so and will give a shout out about rudders when I get to that point. Cheers Paul