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  1. capriosca

    HYDRA Forestay

    Does anyone have the specs of the forestay for a Hydra please.
  2. capriosca

    H14/16 rigs, rudders and bits, cheap

    Hi Darcy, I need to buy a H16 mast head casting ( that holds the sheave for the main halyard). Mast got dropped and it broke. Its the original type. Do you have one? Also interested in boom gooseneck fitting c/w the part that slips in to the mast. Regards John
  3. Can supply photo and dimensions if you are still looking
  4. I am trying to help some local boys from the Vanuatu Island of Lelepa put together their Hobie 16. It is missing stays, all sheets and blocks and rudder pintles. Much of it is okay. If anyone has cheap parts they can help with it would make some kind people very happy!