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    Thanks Humungus2 for the kind words. As we all know there is nothing more fiercely debated in mixed fleets than yardsticks/CBH! Add to that the somewhat quirky Weta and the argument gets even more heated it seems. Is it in the Multihull Division or should it be in the Fast Dinghy Division? In my limited experience I believe the latter is the best fit, but try telling that to "Fast DInghy" Division sailors! The Weta IMHO behaves more like a centreboard boat and a dinghy sailor would feel right at home. Interestingly the USA and UK experience has the Weta's participating with the Fast Dinghy Divisions. VYC suggest a tentative handicap needs to be applied using the SCHRS measurement method. This gives an unreasonable result, because it is not a catamaran, of 811 - Hobie 17 area - which in VYC 81.5. It has been suggested the Weta should be somewhere in the range between a 29er and a Fireball. At the recent USA Nationals a two-up crew won the event against one-up boats. So the one-up/two-up handicap argument might be a furphy. Admittedly the two up crew had a very fine pedigree, but as previous comments in the thread mention, the handicap is measured as if the crew were "World Class". I would suggest, to my knowledge, only the designer - Chris Kitchen - would fit in that category in the current fleet. Changing the subject slightly. As a wrong side of 50 sailor I do enjoy the stability of the Weta combined with its dinghy like performance. It is a good fun boat and I think it will appeal to more "mature" dinghy/cat sailors who want to stay in these classes but have something a little more forgiving. Only an opinion so don't flame me! Good sailing!