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  1. Rotech

    Tiller Joints for a Windrush 14

    Hi, Keep trying to get hold of Brett at Windrush Fremantle, he's your best bet. Without those proper joints you'll struggle with rudder alignment, sagging tiller etc etc. Freight can be pretty steep from WA.
  2. Rotech

    Mast float for a Windrush 14?

    Here's what I used when I was first learning, Especially when I had the kids onboard. Darcy is right, more weight at the tip requires more weight (x10) to right the boat. I'm 85kg 5'7" and I could right my boat with this arrangement fitted without too much effort. Remember the wind will do the righting, you just need get the top 1/3 out of the water. It's just a standard boat fender, go a light as you can, you don't need too much bouyancy. Nothing particularly aerodynamic about it, but it'll give you "piece of mind"
  3. Rotech

    Windrush 14 Mast fittings

    Hi, everything should go to the one fitting. Mine is a single forestay setup. A bow shackle will accomodate the 2 rear stays, and 2 fwd stays (or 1 single stay) Space down the jib top swivel with a long shake to give you a bit more room. It's a busy cluster.. The mast won't rotate properly otherwise. Some guys also run trapeze from here, Mine are on another tang 400mm further up.
  4. Rotech

    Advice on Windrush 14 purchase

    Hi, Those front forestay saddles can be fitted stainless screws and nuts, with a shaped washer under the nut to prevent them pulling through. Ive seen the actual saddle itself break before. Re tramp rails: its common for those Aluminium rivets to corrode and fail, they go all the way through, so gently drill them out trying not to hammer and punch them too aggressively (it will break the hole and structure around the hole). If the holes are OK, go with a Aluminium rivet that will grip at least 10mm and as larger diameter you can, that the head will fit down through the slot in the rail. (from memory 4mm). Put the rivets in wet with a 5minute type epoxy. you'll notice a standard rivet puller won't reach down into the slot far enough to form the rivet, I've used a 6mm Ronstan (or similar) pin with a hole in it to sit over the rivet stem before. If the holes are poor condition you'll likely not get rivets to grip properly. Couple of choices are, epoxy the hole and start again, or drill a new set of holes spaced away from the old ones. Make sure the rails and structure are clean and flat, any rise will allow the rail to rock which, in turn, set up another failure. Good luck, don't hit the hammer too hard.
  5. Rotech

    Roller reef code 0 on windrush

    Hi Tony, Well done so far, Adding off-wind performance while remaining single crewed is a great idea. I have a bunch of questions. How close to the wind can you get close hauled? What length bowsprit are you using, is it the same length as the factory Windrush kit? Does anyone know the factory bowsprit dimensions? It seems your bowsprit angle (height) is about 90degrees to the mast, is that what you were aiming for. What is the measurement from the head attachment to the mast stay hounds. seems about 1300mm, Is the mast coping ok with the extra pull? I've read elsewhere in these forums that when you have the code0 out, you should keep the main sheeted in and trim with the traveller to provide some back stay type support for the top of the mast, I noticed the luff length only just fits between head attachment and the furler, Could it possibly be a little shorter to give a little more mast rake adjustment room. How far back on the rails are you running the cleats? How are you getting on with the flapping leach / sail cut? I've attached a pic of a Switch Sails (of Brisbane) furling Code0 on a Windrider17 which has a 7.3m mast (only 300mm longer than the Windy), which has a very nice shape, and also one of the factory kite kits. I guess the the trick is, to have a few people and/or groups agree on some standard measurements, rather than everyone doing there own thing and having an array of different setups. (herding cats) Very keen to hear more, I've already bought my furler. Keep it up. R
  6. Rotech

    Windrush 14 renovation queries

    Rudder mounts. I made up small backing/anchor plates from 3mm thick Stainless flat-bar, narrow enough (20mm approx) to fit in though the bung hole (receptacle removed). I had my local welder tack two 5mm stainless plain nuts over my pre-drilled 6mm holes. You'll need to trim the plate ends quite close to the nut holes otherwise the plate will come up against the internal radius/corners of the hull. (I think from memory I rounded the edges also) Drill out the old rivets, fit the nut plate via the bung hole with a little silicon and it should hold there if you need to remove the screws and fitting at a later date. i used quality 5mm Allen head screws (with spring washers for locking). Put your screws in wet with a sealant. You'll end up with quite a strong mount. Bungs. Try taking the receptacle into your local marine shop. (Burnsco in NZ had them) Sorry no advise on the hatch holes.
  7. Rotech

    Windrush numbers at PKSC

    Thanks for showing us around today. really appreciate it. If you or any of the PKSC Cat crews are in Bankstown before 23 dec and would like a tour around the Erickson Skycrane, I'd be happy to show you around. I'll PM you my contact numbers.
  8. Rotech

    Windrush numbers at PKSC

    I'm a Windy 14 owner, over from NZ, would be keen to come down on Saturday and see how you guys do things.
  9. Rotech

    Windie SOS - failing hull supports

    Hi James, Where are you? If you're anywhere near Clarks Beach let me know. We have a small group of Windrush14 owners and we're trying to build up some numbers. The Windrush14 is good fun, economic sailing, especially with a group of them. If you still want to quit the boat, message me, I may be keen.
  10. Rotech

    Windrush 14 mast rake

    In regard to mast rake, has anyone measured actual rake in degrees (with a smartphone inclinometer) with leveled hulls. I'm trying to establish stay lengths for raking my standard mast setup and it seems 1.5degrees aft is standard/old setup and approximately 7.5degrees raked aft is max (preferred). If someone could confirm this it would help me out a bunch.
  11. Rotech

    Windrush 14 Mast head sheave

    Riley fittings RM286. http://www.arnoldsboatshop.com.au/http%3A-wwwarnoldsboatshopcomau-sailing-hardware-sheaves-plastic-83x16x8-sheaves-rm286/dp/3344
  12. Hi All (first post) Can anyone point me in the right direction to replace my masthead sheave. Mine has broken in 2. The original appears to be acetal (or nylon), 80mm diameter 14mm wide with a 3/8" (10mm) bore. no bearing I've searched the net for something similar but nothing seems to be exact. I've spun up a hardwood one for now which seems to work. but wont last for ever. Thanks