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    Great, thanks - just found it. Hope to make it there. I have let the other Weta's know about it too
  2. alistairking


    Hi guys Any info available about this race? I have looked at the Facebook page so far. I have a Weta trimaran - could I come and join in? I am hoping to do either this race or Batemans Bay regatta, depending on a few things. Cheers
  3. alistairking

    Weta tri

    Hi, that sounds like fun! Occasionally Gosford has a 'no race' day if they are hosting a big regatta (eg Etchell State Titles this weekend). if I can make it up there I will. My wife is about to give birth to our next crew (sorry, 'child') so I'll have to wait for the dust to settle after that. Cheers
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    Weta tri

    Hi again, little addition to my previous post...had 2 races at Gosford earlier today, it was the windiest we had been out in, probably 15-18 knots. beat both Fireballs comfortably, (by several minutes in both ~40 min races). 7 year old crew getting braver! Geez it was good fun, great days sailing.. so i think the Weta definitely faster as it gets windier, but on a light day, long square runs are its weak point. For me, its the best boat I have ever sailed, from a versatility point of view: take a small kid or 3 out, or go for a blast single handed.. My dad (58yrs) ordered one today! Hope he is not quicker than me!!!
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    Weta tri

    Hi all, just joined up to this forum so I could comment on this thread.. I have sailed a Weta at Gosford for the last few months, usually with my daughter or son (7/5 yrs respectively, so I'm not pushing really hard). From a performance point of view, if it is breezy we usually match or beat the best fireball in the fleet and beat the others. If it is light, the fireballs beat me and I finish a bit ahead of the NS14's. However, the courses are usually triangle/windward return/triangle/windward return and in light winds the others catch us on the downwind run. I think a yardstick similar to a Fireball would be about right - then it just depends on the wind conditions as to whether you are going to do well on handicap or not. I have sailed at Hobie 16, not as a regular thing, although I did do the Philippines Hobie Challenge in 2013 (awesome event by the way) and for what its worth, a H16 is WAY faster than a Weta. I had never sailed a H16 before this event and was surprised how quick they were! Anyway, that's my input, opinion only of course. I am yet to sail against another Weta to find out if I am quick or not