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  1. David Micallef

    Windrush 14 For Sale

    For sale is a old GRP boat with: New race sails with custom battons used twice New tramp New rudder springs and knuckles No trailer The boat is in a sailable condition or can be used as a donor boat $2500 ono Located Mannering Park NSW Contact Dave on 0414921983 for more details. BOAT HAS BEEN SOLD.
  2. David Micallef

    Foam Sandwich Windrush For Sale

    well Phil, you must have a short memory because I took great pleasure in kicking your ass on plenty of occasions.
  3. Looking for a second hand square top main and jib for my 14' Windrush. Contact David 0414921983.
  4. David Micallef

    Foam Sandwich Windrush For Sale

    Thanks Rick love to see some pictures, great to see that the boats appreciated.
  5. David Micallef

    Foam Sandwich Windrush For Sale

  6. Windrush 14 FULLTILT, two jibs, square top main near new comes with registered trailer new sailbox, beach wheels and full boat cover!! $5,500 phone david -0414921983
  7. David Micallef

    for sale 13ft glider $1200 ono

    for sale 13ft glider can be sailed cat rigged or super sloop. ideally suited for a young lightweight sailor only glider with a metre longer wing mast with trapeze very light boat out points any other 14ft cat and runs well off the breeze. comes with beach wheels no trailer. If interested contact David by phone or email Email: dtandjmicallef@optusnet.com.au Ph: 0414921983
  8. David Micallef

    South west rocks regatta

    I will bring some fish alright and Ethan and Kyle are coming as well. We will probably camp with the yobbo Lamb family.
  9. David Micallef

    Sweet 16 for sale

    Sweet 16 4.3 maricat for sale has great history two main sails 1x red head radial cut sail and 1x cross cut sail registered trailer and beach wheels Ready to race Good for a light weight sailor $1500 ph: 0414921983