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  1. Go to the For Sale section to see this one with photos.
  2. Great clean and dry boat (no. 70) comes with: two masts brand new side and front stays (also spare stays and trap wires) two gal mast cradles (one single for weekly and one double to take to regattas and trips away) beach wheels gunnels (sitting area) recently stiffened licensed trailer with LED lights and two sail/gear boxes (with centreboard and rudder racks) Continuous mainsheet system 8-1 Harken mainsheet system Ackerman tiller assembly Ronstan thunder stick (fixed tiller) Dacron pintop sail in good condition tramp recently restitched so in great condition (two front pockets) Starboard descender system for lowering centre board while on port or vice versa (great for quick gybes at bottom mark This boat has been well looked after and has done well in our club competition (ist in 2017 and 2nd in 2018), NSW State titles (ist in 2018) and the 2019 Nationals (4th). $3750 ono Happy to help with the distance or discuss. Paul 0432 857 857 - Austinmer NSW
  3. This boat is ready to sail and perfect to get into single handed sailing for medium to bigger folk and to get a feel for the class. I've had a custom made aluminium trailer built for it a year ago (recently reregistered),the antiskid paint has just been redone,the tramp was restitched and strengthened at the start of this season,it has two mains with the best of the two recut into a square top (not class legal but goes really well),I put a new Ackerman steering system on so she tacks beautifully, boards and rudders were recently sprayedall rigging in good condition (I race each weekend)rudder travel coverssailbox.It was my first introduction into the class and I'm upgrading so that's why selling. $3,600 neg. Pickup in Austinmer (Nth Wollongong), NSW
  4. Paulo

    canvas covers

    Thanks for these comments. I have been using Bunning Tarps but as it is out in the laneway a little away from the house and people are often walking past etc, I thought to better cover it. The tarps are a bit of a nuisance to pull over each week and make it look unsightly (thinking of the neighbours). I have seen something on Murrays.com
  5. Paulo

    canvas covers (wanted)

    Thanks. Looks interesting.
  6. Does anyone have a good contact for a canvas or sturdy fitted cover (e.g. for a Nacra 16 sq) that doesn't cost the earth?
  7. Does anyone have a good contact for a canvas or sturdy fitted cover (e.g. for a Nacra 16 sq) that doesn't cost the earth?
  8. Paulo

    wanted Nacra 16 square

    Thanks Janey. I saw this just now on gumtree and have sent you an email. I need some more details. Thanks for responding.
  9. Looking for a good though not overly expensive 16 sq on the Eastern side of Oz. Only for club sailing so don't need a National title holder or the associated price tag. Don't want to spend or have to fix anything. Let me know if you have one or know of someone who has. Thanks
  10. Paulo

    Looking for 16 sq

    Looking to buy a good, light competitive 16 sq with nothing to spend or do up. Don't want to buy someone else's hassle but also not wanting to compete in Nationals either (so don't have big bucks to spend). Live in Wollongong area so Eastern coast only.
  11. Paulo

    Hobie18 rake

    I have an older H18 and am curious to know the amount of mast rake. I do have an older main that is not so tight (outhaul and downhaul maxed) but it was like a bag in a blow last weekend (couldn't hold the boat up with the jib so furled that) and the boat just wasn't going as fast as it should have been - even sometimes with the jib set. I was wondering about the side stays and forestay settings to get the right rake. Currently have too much weather helm as well although rudders seem okay. Any help appreciated.
  12. Paulo

    Wanted 5.0m catamaran

    Yes, different for sure. I want to sail single, go fast and at least be competitive and enjoy the sport. Also, it needs to be much lighter and easier to handle than my Hobie 18! Paul
  13. Paulo

    Wanted 5.0m catamaran

    Hi Kurt. I think you found your 5.0 if you are the Kurt at PKSC. I'm also looking for a 5 or slightly larger or an AClass. Any suggestions? Cheers
  14. Paulo

    Second cat ideas please

    A Hobie 18 would be ideal as I have had up to four people on it and still had them shouting with excitement when it takes off. I have been racing on Lake Illawara south of Sydney and am thinking of selling it. It's an oldie but a goodie but my partner and her teenagers don't want to sail anymore and I want to look for an A-Cat or something similar that I can sail myself and is a little more spirited. I haven't advertised it yet and was just looking around when I spotted this forum. These Hobies are basically indestructable but of course, other gear wears down. I've put a new tramp on at the start of the season, new job/main sheet and main halyard, refurbished the rudder cams and the jib furler, a few new cleats (e.g. downhaul and job furler sheet). The boat is on a registered gal trailer and has recently had a basic paint job. I want $2,200 neg.