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    Hobie 16 for sale

    Great to see 15 people checked this out within 24 hours! If anyone wants to contact me directly to ask questions about the 16, it's 0413 482 505 or apursch@bigpond.net.au Cheers, Purschy
  2. alanpursch

    Hobie 16 for sale

    Forgot to say looking for $3500, or $2500 without the trailer. Cheers, Al
  3. alanpursch

    Hobie 16 for sale

    Selling a Hobie 16, currently racing at Great Lakes Sailing Club near Forster. "Wicked" was built in 1995 (I think) and is in very good condition for its age. The boat is stiff and the hulls do not leak. Sails are just a few seasons old, and the tramp only a couple of years old - not Hobie supplied but fine for club racing and fun. Has a fibreglass sailbox, and a registered, roadworthy Mackay trailer in very good order. Just give me a shout if you would like to take it for a test sail.